How to Download YouTube Video

How to download YouTube video Overview

If you love watching YouTube videos, then one of the best ways to ensure that you watch all your favorite videos uninterrupted is by downloading them. Although YouTube is an online platform that can be accessed at any time, sometimes you may find yourself with no internet connection, thus making it challenging to watch YouTube videos.

The best way to ensure you watch all your favorite videos on YouTube, even without an internet connection, is by downloading them. But how can you download videos on YouTube? Continue reading to find out.

Use a YouTube video downloader.

One of the best ways to download your favorite videos is by using a YouTube video downloader. There are multiple YouTube video downloading tools in the market, such as YTD video downloader and 4K video downloader. These tools will not only allow you to download your favorite YouTube videos with ease but will also allow you to download them in multiple resolutions and formats. Download a YouTube video downloader on the Play store for android users and Apple store for IOS users and use it to download YouTube videos anytime.

Subscribe to YouTube’s paid service

Most people are not aware that YouTube has two plans: a free plan that most people use and the premium plan. If you want to easily download your favorite YouTube videos in the comfort of your home, then you should subscribe to the YouTube premium plan. The premium platform has many benefits, including downloading videos from the platform with a click of a button and watching all videos ads-free.

Use a browser extension.

Another easy way to download YouTube videos is by using a browser extension. The most popular video extensions include video DownloadHelper by Chrome and video downloader Plus by Firefox. All you need to do is install these free extensions on your browsers and use them to download YouTube videos.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Your Phone

Whether in the wilderness, traveling abroad, or just out of Wi-Fi range, downloading YouTube videos to your phone can help keep you entertained. Plus, it can save you some money on data on your mobile plan.

How to Download YouTube Video

How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Phone

The official YouTube app for Android comes pre-installed on many devices and makes it easy to download YouTube content for offline viewing. It also lets you set a preferred download quality, such as Low (144p), Medium (360p), or High (720p).

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline with Video Downloaders

Another option is to use a third-party app like TubeMate, VidMate, Snaptube, or Y25s, which allows you to store YouTube videos for offline viewing. They are free to download and offer various options, including different resolutions.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Your Computer

You can download videos to your Mac or PC using various tools, including the free VLC Media Player and the WinX YouTube Downloader. Both programs are based on the same principle: paste a link to the YouTube video, and choose the format and resolution you want.

How to Download YouTube Videos on your iPhone

To download a YouTube video to your iPhone, open the YouTube app and search for a video you’d like to save. When you find it, tap the three-dot icon to open a share sheet under the video’s title.

Next, paste the link into JAYD, a shortcut created by Apple’s Shortcuts community. Then, allow it permission to access certain websites (to view the video), Scriptable (to finish the process), and your photo gallery (to save the file). Once JAYD is done, you can open the video in iOS’s Camera Roll or the Files app.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Without Premium

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Without Premium

With the help of a good YouTube downloader, you can save your favorite videos on your phone and watch them whenever you want. This is handy if you’re not on Wi-Fi or data and also saves you from constantly using the internet on your device.

How to Download YouTube Video tips

Luckily, it’s not as hard as you might think to download videos from YouTube. A few free and paid options will allow you to save videos offline, and you can use them on any iOS device, even the latest models.

First, open the YouTube app and locate the video you want to download. Then, tap the small white menu at the bottom of the screen; it looks like three dots.

Next, tap Download Video, then choose your preferred resolution and quality. You can also pause or cancel the download as needed.

You’ll then see a progress page showing your download size, how fast it’s downloading, and how much time remains. It’s important to note that downloading will take up a lot of your data and might slow down your iPhone’s performance.

The best option is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which lets you download all your saved videos. However, this requires a monthly subscription, and your downloaded videos will be removed if you cancel the service.

Downloading YouTube Videos on Android Without Premium

Video downloaders for android

YouTube has become a popular video streaming service with 2.6 billion monthly active users. Its popularity has also fueled a need to download videos for offline viewing. While it’s not illegal to do so, it’s against YouTube’s terms of service and opens you up to lawsuits from both YouTube and copyright owners.

Downloading YouTube videos on Android Without Premium

One of the most popular methods for downloading YouTube content is using a third-party app. These tools can save the video on your computer or phone drive, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or removed by YouTube.

However, it’s important to remember that these third-party apps aren’t always safe. They can lead to malware or a ban from YouTube, so it’s best to stick with official YouTube apps and avoid them entirely if you want to be sure your data is secure.

TubeMate is an excellent Android video downloader that allows you to save videos from various websites, including YouTube. It has a straightforward interface that lets you choose the quality of the downloaded file and view audio previews.

WinX is another free YouTube downloader for Android that enables you to convert a video to multiple formats. It requires that you paste the URL of a YouTube video in the program, and then it will offer a number of resolutions and file types to choose from.

The program also includes options for resizing and converting the videos you download, and it even allows you to share them with friends through a variety of methods. In addition to being a good YouTube downloader, this program is also a great choice for downloading videos from other websites, as it supports over 1000 sites.

Final thoughts

As discussed above, there are multiple ways to download videos on YouTube. Some downloading techniques, such as YouTube premium service, will require you to pay a certain fee, while others, such as browser extensions, are 100% free. It is upon you to choose a technique that suits you best.

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