How to Get Rid of Bad Smell From Mattress – Apply These Secret Methods

What’s the best way to conduct mattress cleaning? Interestingly, we sleep about one-third of our lives, so it’s critical to keep our mattresses as clean and tidy as possible.

Over time bacteria, stains, and odours can build up, which can cause potential health issues. The good news is you can take some basic steps to make your mattress looking and smelling fresh. You can even use some natural stain removers that are both safe and effective. In this guide, you will learn how to get rid of the bad smell from the mattress.

What Causes Mattress Stains & Odors

There are several different causes of stains/odors on mattresses. They include:

  • Body odor
  • Spills
  • Pets
  • Urine
  • Mold/Mildew

It’s quite common mattresses pads to start getting funky over time. In the situation of bed-wetting, you might have to deal with urine odors every week, for example. There are various other causes of stains/odors, including sweaty partner, smoker, or pets.


This process of cleaning a mattress through deodorizing might seem like a super-easy problem to fix. One of the main issues is picking a method that’s both safe and effective.

Many cleaners have strong artificial chemicals. They can cause a lot of unwanted issues like skin irritation. It can especially be a problem for people like me with sensitive skin.

There are other possible issues triggered by strong cleaners. They can give off fumes that can cause breathing issues. 

This can be worse for people with various conditions like asthma. Such people have a more sensitive respiratory system, so they’re more likely to have issues.

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Natural Cleaners 

A better option is milder cleaners that contain organic ingredients. These are less likely to cause unwanted side-effects, and you can also enjoy fresh scents that will help you get a good night’s sleep.  

You should still contact your mattress’ manufacturer about safe substances to use on the mattress. This will help to make sure the mattress won’t be damaged when applying various cleaners.

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DIY Mattress Cleaning

Top Causes of Smelly Mattresses

New Mattress 

This might be surprising since a brand new mattress causes it. The gas-like smell is some synthetic materials that function as fire retardants. These are added for the consumer’s protection, so they’re designed to be beneficial.

Another problem is that plastic bags that cover the mattresses trap the chemicals. So when the bag is removed, this causes the strong smells to be released.

These chemicals are referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Besides creating a strong odor, the VOCs can also trigger respiratory events like allergic reactions or asthma attacks among people with those conditions.


We love our pets but don’t always like the smells they produce. Cats and dogs can make smelly mattresses in different ways. For example, if it’s been a while since you’ve bathed Fluffy or Fido, then that could be the cause of a funky mattress.

Another possible explanation is the Proteus bacteria. The smell is somewhat like a corn tortilla and gets stronger when dogs sleep. Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator is the best pet odor and stain remover.

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The cause could be different ones, including children or baby pets. This is easily one of the most potent smells to deal with. If your mattress has a urine smell/stain, it’s critical to take some basic steps to make sure they’re removed effectively.

It’s not surprising how smelly urine stains are when you consider a few things. It consists of waste products and has an average pH level of 4.5 to 8.0. For reference, the lower the number is below 7, the more acidic a substance is. Simple Solution Pet Urine Destroyer is the best urine odour stain remover.

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Top Tips to Remove Mattress Odors

Make a Natural Cleaner 

You can easily make an all-natural cleaner for your mattress. It only takes some basic items, including:Distilled Water

Distilled Water

White Vinegar

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Tea Tree essential oil

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Just combine all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Then to do mattress cleaning, spray onto the mattress top. Let it dry completely before you make the bed. Next, store the cleaner in the dark/cool place for up to half a year.

Air Out on Sun 

This can be an effective method for removing mattress smells since the air can flow through the mattress fibers. Besides that, the sunlight can also help to kill microbes trapped in the mattress.

Baking Soda 

If you want to impress your friends and family, the fancy name is bicarbonate of soda. Just combine the baking soda with a little water. Spray the mattress then let it sit for a couple of hours. 

The soda will absorb the odour. Next, vacuum off and use a damp cloth to wipe off the mattress. This option is especially useful for sweat/vomit.

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Hydrogen Peroxide 

Here’s another way to clean your mattress naturally. There are various benefits to using hydrogen peroxide. Besides being natural, it’s also relatively easy to find. You can combine it with other stuff like white vinegar to get the best results.

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This involves wiping the mattress using a piece of lemon. Make sure to wipe/scrub all over the mattress. After you’re done, let it dry for several hours to help ditch odours. Lemon contains antibiotic properties. It’s a good option for sweat/stains.

Tips for Removing Odors Naturally


This is a critical first step to take. It helps to remove lots of stuff like dust and dead skin. They can build up over time. Use a clean upholstery attachment. This can help to remove lots of particles from the mattress surface. It would help if you also considered vacuuming the mattress’s foundation.

Besides cleaning the mattress itself, be sure to clean the vacuum attachments. This will help ensure they’re functioning as effectively as possible, which is needed when vacuuming your mattress and other stuff.

How to Vacuum Your Mattress


This is a crucial step when cleaning to help remove any funky smells, whether from body odor, pets, or urine. Baking soda is a good option since it will help to neutralize the smells.

Just sift baking soda over the mattress. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then use an upholstery attachment to vacuum. 

If you want an even sweeter smell, then add some essential oil to help the mattress smell fresher—the choice is yours about which one. Just use about five drops.

Stain Removal

There are lots of different recipes for DIY stain removers and include other ingredients like:


Hydrogen peroxide

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White vinegar

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When picking a recipe, one issue to consider is the stains/odors you’re removing from the mattress. Some work better than others on particular stains/odors.

Treat Immediately 

This is critical to help prevent stains and odours from seeping deep into the mattress fibres. For example, if you’re dealing with stains, make sure to blot instead of rubbing to prevent the stain from worsening.

Top Tips to Extend Mattress Life

Wash linens regularly

When you sleep, your body is giving off oils, sweat, skin cells, etc. If you eat in bed, it can also cause small crumbs that attract tiny critters. So it’s a good idea to launder your beddings every week besides cleaning a mattress.  

Use a Mattress Protector

Make sure to take this step to protect the mattress from the get-go. It’s a simple and effective way to protect your mattress, so it lasts longer. You also get other benefits like waterproof protection from accidents, spills, etc.

You can also reduce how much dust/debris is on your mattress. This is especially critical if you have respiratory conditions like asthma. If you do not have one get now.

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Keep Mattress Well-Supported

You might want to go with a box spring to pair with a memory foam topper in some situations. Even if you don’t take that step, it’s critical for the mattress to be well-supported. It helps to reduce wear & tear and also protect the materials.


It can be tough to deal with stained or smelly mattresses. Luckily, cleaning a mattress can be quite easy and include some basic procedures and materials. Hope now you know how to get rid of bad smell from the mattress.

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