How to Get Started Mountain Biking | Expert’s Skillful Tips for All Beginner’s

Many of us are attracted to mountain biking. Although it is not necessary to be a professional to ride this type of bicycle, we must not forget that you cannot jump on the bike and start pedaling without proper enlightenment and preparation.

This sport requires a combination of strength, endurance, and skill, and to get there, you need minimal training to get started a mountain biking that depends on how seriously you take this sport. If you want to become a professional, you would need months or even years to perfect the techniques involved.

Furthermore, mountain biking is a physically demanding sport requiring equipment that can quickly become expensive, but it provides so much pleasure. If this outdoor activity tempts you, but you do not know where to start, then this article would help you make the right decisions, as well as give you some tips that will save you time and stress:

How to Get Started Mountain Biking

Invest in a decent mountain bike

Trying to find the mountain bike that is right for you may seem daunting, but it depends on the type of ride you are going to do and what kind of bike is right for you. Large bikes are great for beginners because of their large tires, making it easier to ride on new terrain or in unique conditions. While a rigid bike is designed without suspension, it will help you control your comfort and control over rocks or bumps. If you are unsure which bike will work for you; it is recommended that you go to your nearest bike shop and ask them for advice before making a quick decision.

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Equip and protect yourself with sports insurance

The sports insurance should be an element of the backpack for anyone who engages in mountain bicycling or other forms of sports adventure. Most sports insurance usually covers the practice of mountain biking and many other lands, winter, water, and air sports. This policy is ideal for those who occasionally move to practice sports or several times throughout the year, as it can be contracted on single days or annually. Sports insurance usually comes with the necessary coverage to protect you. At the same time, you enjoy your mountain bike through medical assistance for accident or illness (with the option of covering the costs of rehabilitation treatment), search and rescue in the mountains, damage to sports equipment, etc.

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Invest in the right mountain biking beginners gear

Once you have a bike in your possession, you need to prepare to protect yourself and stay safe on the road with the right mountain biking beginners gear. As for the clothing, the padded shorts will allow you to be comfortable during long trips. It would help if you also took into account weather changes, so a waterproof jacket is a must.

Also, in case it gets dark, you should add a reflective t-shirt to your outfit. The knee and elbow pads will help protect you from scratches and falls, and the gloves will help keep your hands warm and avoid blisters from the handlebar grip.

Choose an approved mountain bike helmet that fits well and won’t move when you tilt your head. It will increase the air circulation in the head and keep you if it is equipped with vents more relaxed. If you have clipless pedals, you will need shoes that fit them perfectly. They should be comfortable and have a hard sole to help you pedal efficiently. It is also vital to wear cycling socks to avoid blisters. The sunglasses will protect you from ultraviolet rays and be a barrier against dirt, wind, and insects.

Water is mandatory to avoid dehydration. Check that you drink every 20 minutes or so, even if you are not thirsty. If you don’t want to continually grab the bottle while pedaling, get a unique backpack for water. Also, take a snack with you, such as an energy bar or piece of fruit, which will give you the energy to continue.

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Check your bike properly

Check your bike carefully before setting off for a ride. If you find funny noises, cracks, or anything is worn out, get it fixed, as it could affect the safety of your vehicle. Also, make sure your bike is set up correctly for you. Ensure that the seat is at the correct height, the bars are level, or you may find your bike more difficult to control on the trails. Failure to maintain a mountain bike could result in an unexpected trip to the emergency room. 

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Get fit

Mountain bike fitness for beginners is quite vital to avoid sudden breakdowns and accidents. Usually, it’s also unwise to ride for 100 kilometers through uneven terrain on your first attempt. Instead, work diligently on your fitness, gain resistance, and step up your capacity to withstand long runs and complex trails. 

When running up and down hills, alternating your speed intervals on straight stretches would also be perfect. Your goal is to have a heart rate of 50% to 80%. 

Every time you want to get started mountain biking, firstly warm-up for some time. This will increase the flow of your blood to the muscles, and there will be less risk of injury. You can also start with light pedaling and then increase resistance. If you are confused with something then click here and read a full guide on how to train for mountain biking.

Choose a path

The trails can range from soft and smooth to hard and rocky. When choosing a way, choose wisely according to your level and the distance of the route.

Beginners should start on natural terrain – flat trails with few sharp bends and no steep descents. These trails should be very similar to the roads. Advanced cyclists can try more technical trails or longer distances. Professionals looking for a challenge can opt for rocky paths, climbs, falls, and sharp turns.

How do you know that you have found an excellent way to ride a bike? A right path should have signs that indicate where you are going and the level required; as for the ground is not made of clay, and it alternates more technical lines and sections.

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Make use of beginner mountain bike trails

When you get started mountain biking, make sure that the mountain bike trail you are using is at your comfort level as a beginner. Browse popular routes on Google, ask your friends for recommendations on beginner mountain bike trails. You can follow a club to find the best routes. Mountain bike-specific trails will often be marketed with a skill level. Such as beginner to expert or a color system such as green, blue, red, and black. If you find yourself on a trail that is too difficult or technical, stop, descend, and walk on this part of the section. Please do not sign up for a second expert course unless you have finished training, as it could end up being risky for you?

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Learn some mountain bike skills

The key to a high mountain bicycling experience is to be able to master some necessary skills before hitting the trails. Mountain biking requires the right balance, self-confidence, and the ability to move forward, backward, or out of the terrain. Start by rolling flat and develop more complex skills such as going downhill or uphill as you gain confidence. Learn to jump a mountain bike, ride better, use your brakes, and practice crossing small obstacles such as rocks or roots before going off-road. Globo Surf provides valuable information about mountain biking.

Furthermore, you have to practice as much as possible to perfect your skills. You can go to the local cafe, work, or other places of interest while taking a quick ride on a mountain bike. The more you ride a mountain bike, the better off you will be. Also, you will improve your physical condition while you are at it. By spending more time on your bike, you will get used to small obstacles and look to the future. Try to practice the hill climbs as much as possible. Because you will spend a lot of time climbing the hills to be able to descend to the other side. 

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Who are you going to ride with? 

Do you have people around you who practice mountain bicycling? It is certainly possible to ride alone, but it would quickly get boring. On the other hand, it would be much more fun to go out with others. You will also have the advantage of mutual motivation during riding sessions. If you don’t know anyone, find out if there is a club or informal group that organizes outings near you.

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In conclusion, get started mountain biking is a recreational sport that seduces many bikers worldwide. Every weekend more and more people join the trail. And it is that cycling and mountain are a perfect combination to enjoy from the first route, regardless of the practitioner’s level.

Thus, if you are a beginner and want to get started mountain biking, following these tips highlighted above. These will help you avoid bad experiences and resolve every possible doubt.

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