How to Hunt Squirrels with a Slingshot | 5 Steps Guide

It’s easy to kill small rodents with a gun, but it takes squirrel hunting skills to nail a squirrel with a slinging. Who truly wants to squander bullets hunting squirrels when you can use a slingshot? However, you will need to try your best to hunt a small game like a squirrel in a real survival situation. In this guide, I will discuss how to hunt squirrels with a slingshot.

You have the urge to hunt squirrels, haven’t you? Carrying a slingshot will offer you an unfailing hunting weapon that you can utilize while hunting for food, provided you’re clever to use a slingshot for survival. For most people, a slingshot is nothing more than a child’s toy. Only a real survivor can recognize and understand slings as a means of massive hunting.  

However, when in a state of survival, a slingshot will always come in handy. It is, to a great extent easier and suitable choice in your pocket rather than a gun that is heavier. Slingshots are lightweight and can be hung around your neck or put in your pocket without losing weight.

It is an ideal weapon when hiking or doing something strenuous that does not require extra weight for you. This article is about the use of a slingshot as a weapon for slinger hunting. 

How to Hunt Squirrels with a Slingshot 

When talking about how to hunt squirrels with a slingshot, there is 1 issue comes to mind. A properly adjusted slingshot set up with the accurate ammo can exterminate a human if the shot is accurately placed so that hunting squirrels means no worry! 

  • Practice 
  • Always aim for the head
  • Choose large yielding trees and be patient. 
  • Select appropriate time to hunt Squirrels 
  • Try and lure in your Squirrels

Now, I will discuss each point in detail.


While some people find it strange to practice with primitive ammo on squirrels, most peppers tell you that it is always important to practice with any weapon. Tree squirrels are cautious, small, and fast, something that makes them very challenging to hunt. Select the top hunting slingshots along with practicing with cans in your backyard. 

The exercise of hitting the squirrels with the first shot is always important because they will always run away if they feel in danger. This leads us to the next step where to hit the squirrel and kill it immediately. 

Shooting slingshot for survival may seem easy while practicing, but remember that you are shooting a very small game in stealth mode. The small slingshot bag should always hold a little in the lower grip. However, most beginners grab the small bag very tightly and end up shooting ammo on squirrels everywhere. 

The slingshot should be horizontal for best results, pulling the edge of the slingshot back to the cheek. Release your shot and exhale at the same time. Slingshots never change shape, and you should always keep them in the center of the slingshot. This means that the squirrel’s head should be in the middle of the slingshot. 

How to Hunt Squirrels with a Slingshot

Always aim for the head

Squirrels have some tough skins despite their small size. You have to identify where to strike them to kill them immediately. A nice shot on the body does potential damage, but most squirrels will run away. The experience is not good because you will leave the squirrel in pain and miss the chance of delicious meat.  

Aiming a slingshot at a squirrel is not as easy as you might have imagined. You want the squirrel to die immediately? Then, you have to aim your head. When you get a chance to kill immediately, you don’t want to find a wounded squirrel and get stuck in the desert. The opportunity to hunt a squirrel can disappear as quickly as it presents itself. 

Slingshot hunting deer

Choose large yielding trees and be patient. 

Squirrels are more likely to land on large producing trees such as oak and conifers than anywhere else in the wild. Your instincts should tell you to hunt squirrels in certain places, but most expert hunters recommend a large productive oak tree. It won’t happen 100% of the time, regardless of weapons or niches. 

It is essential to identify where you can get squirrels. Unlike other rats during the day, the tree squirrel prefers trees and hunts, making them a perfect little game to kill with a slingshot. 

Gray squirrel-like squirrels are found on oak trees. Choose a place that gives you a good view of the oak tree but also keeps you hidden. You have to be patient and wait for your prey. As long as it is not hot, the squirrel will always search for food in the oak tree.  

Most squirrels are active. If you have an excellent spot a few minutes before dawn, then you stand a better opportunity of getting a kill. You will have to be silent and calm. Squirrels are not smart rats and will always pass even if they see you. 

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The appropriate time to hunt Squirrels 

You need to know the best chances of squirrels in search of food. Early morning and late evening are the best times to see squirrels. Squirrels are animals that enjoy nice calm weather, just like humans. You can easily get it when the temperature is cold. For finding the squirrels have a hunting GPS with you.

Try and lure in your Squirrels. 

The lure for squirrels may not be allowed in some states because of some limitations in their slingshot hunting laws, so; be sure to check before proceeding and placing the bait. Setting bait doesn’t imply getting the squirrel trapped in some bait but being fascinated to the point where you can have an accurate kill.  

Do you have some peanut butter with you? The squirrel loves this and will always want to lick. This will attract them to a better shooting position, from where you can shoot a certain shot into the head.

Types of Tree Squirrels 

Slingshot hunting laws

Fox squirrel 

The largest of all tree squirrels, the fox squirrel has predominantly gray fur with rusty orange stripes and tails. Unlike gray squirrels, which prefer forested habitats, fox squirrels live more often in small woods mixed in open areas? Fox squirrels are found from Pennsylvania to the Great Plains States.

Gray squirrel 

The most familiar family unit member, the Eastern Gray Squirrel, originated from New England to the Great Plains. The closely related Western Gray Squirrel is native to the Pacific Coast. Eastern Gray – which can be black, white, brown, or gray – is a medium-sized tree squirrel found in forest and urban dwellings. 

Abert’s squirrel                  

Easily identified by their long, gray-black ear tufts, Ebert’s squirrel is closely associated with the pond and Rosa pine forests in the western and southwestern United States. This species is unique to tree squirrels in that they do not store food. Instead, they eat different pine parts – including needles, bark, and cones – depending on the season. 

Pine squirrel 

The group includes red, pine, and Mearns squirrels native to the U.S. Found in the western part.

The youngest of the tree squirrels, their diet consists of pinecones and seeds usually stored under the den tree. It is the loudest voice of all squirrel (or squirrel) family members, so once your cover is blown, and then all their neighbors will know.

How to Hunt Squirrels with a Slingshot: FAQs 

What animals can you hunt with a slingshot? 

Slingshots are small and easy to carry, but they are also powerful hunting weapons that you can use to kill small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, geese, ducks, or even fish (provided they are close to the surface).

Can you hunt squirrels with a slingshot? 

Yes, you can! I’m sure you can do that; the slingshot will kill the squirrel. However, even if you want the squirrel to die immediately, you have to take the head. 

In which states are slingshots illegal? 

In New Jersey, slingshots per dangerous weapon are considered.

The following are some states and cities where slingshots are illegal: 

  • Massachusetts.
  • Duluth, Minnesota.
  • Lewis, Missouri.
  • New Jersey.
  • New York.
  • Columbus, Ohio.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Rhode Island


There you go with your squirrel hunting skills. Squirrels look simple but hunting with a slingshot is quite a difficult hunt. Nevertheless, you can’t be wasting valuable bullets on squirrels when a precise shot on the head by a slingshot can kill it instantly.

Slingshot hunting is quite fun, interesting, and challenging. However, with a good understanding of using the slingshot, you are always guaranteed a meal when stuck in the wilderness.

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