How to Keep Warm in a Tent | Beginner’s Guide to Stay Warm in Tent

One of the points to take into account when we go camping is the type of climate with which we will live in that experience.

The best way to be comfortable is to take the appropriate clothing for the weather, without forgetting that this way we are in winter, the nights are always cold weather. Studying how to keep warm in a tent is the best way to do this.

How to Keep Warm in a Tent

Aspects to take into account not to be cold in a camp

Before seeing the equipment that we can assist with and heating an operation tent in winter, we will check some points.

First of all

What is genuinely indispensable is to have an excellent operating tent to insulate us from the cold air. It is essential to have an optimal closed cell, or maybe a 4 or 5 season resting bag.

Luxury item

The bag and the operating tent are indispensable. We would have the possibility of considering a tent inside a tent heater as a luxury item for a winter camping trip. Still, we would appreciate it to warm up when it may seem unfeasible with shallow temperatures; it belongs to the only ways of heating an operating tent and heating a sleeping bag.

Wearing the right attire

Both the clothes and the sleeping bag have to have the right conditions to take care of the cold. You have to wear dresses and socks that provide useful heat to avoid having intense colds.

How to Keep Warm in a Tent

Location of the store of operation

You have to build the operation tent in a location where it is cared for by the wind and preferably carry out a windproof element and that the entrance is in front of the fire, as it will provide heat and this will help to heat the operation tent.

how to keep a tent warm without electricity

Raise the body temperature

You can have a hot drink before you proceed to rest, rub the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet with warm ointment and also put on more clothes than you would typically wear to relax.

how to insulate a tent

Insulate the mat or mattress to warm the sleeping bag

The more insulated the area where you will rest, the less cold you will feel. So, if you have a way to insulate a tent through plastic elements or a double mattress tentatively, it is undoubtedly one of the only ways to warm sleeping bags in winter. As less cold, you are going to feel.

how to heat a tent with a candle

Use a hot water bottle.

This is an excellent tip for heating your sleeping bag, and also for heating a tent operation in winter, you can use a bottle in which water, soda, or juice is bottled.

You leave it at a temperature it can tolerate and place it in the middle of your legs.

This way, you will feel a warm sensation, and you will have the possibility to handle the most practical temperature when resting.

tent inside a tent

How to Keep Warm in a Tent: Products to Warm up Tent

In the market, some utilities work well, and that give us resolutions to take into account in the instant of understanding how to heat a tent:

Military heaters

Soldiers are always exposed to any environment and temperature. They are the ones who have more initiative on how to heat an operation tent.

Tents need utilities that genuinely provide the conditions they require to sustain the right temperature. The H-45 operating tent heater offers up to 45,000 BTU’s (1,300 kcal) of heat.

  • Its performance makes it possible to burn a variety of fuels.
  • It is used for small, medium, and large tents.
  • They also use the SHS model for a minimum proportion of people, precisely five people, providing 12000 BTU (3000 kcal) of heat.

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Coleman Tent heater usually suggests two of the most popular and tent safe heaters for heating an operating tent.

The Black Cat weighs approximately 1.8 kg and can produce 3000 BTU (750 kcal) of heat.

This heater, which does not work by flame but with propane, emits a low carbon monoxide proportion and is suitable for a tent that houses six to ten people.

The other model given to us by Coleman is the PowerCat, which uses the same methodology as the previous one. It has a built-in fan with two batteries and uses an 8-ounce (236 ml) propane cylinder. Maybe you can use a blanket.

It also can heat a tent for six to ten people; the virtue you can find is that its fan causes the burning air to circulate better.


According to the professionals’ critics, it was one of the qualified specials all this, for its capacity to offer heating in stores of up to 9.3 m2.

They are professionals in understanding how to heat an operation tent. This series has some models that are handled in a portable way, and Big Buddy, Little Buddy, and Portable Buddy. The previous models use 1 pound (450 gr) cylinders of propane gas, producing heat that has no flame inside.

This line has sensors that are safer for enclosed spaces.

Alternatives for not being cold ground in an operation store

Pay attention to the next tips to rest pleasantly when we go camping and fully exploit this experience:

Carry a correct bag

If we have a bag that does not assure us enough, the cold night of insomnia is guaranteed.

When you acquire a resting bag, please do not pay attention only to the model; besides the quality and tranquility, it analyzes the temperature that will offer so that you do not remain frozen in the dawn.

It would be unusual to have a bag that offers comfort between 10 and 15 degrees more than the temperatures you will be exposed to while camping.

Urinate before going to bed

After we empty our bladders, our bodies burn less energy to keep warm, so it’s good to pee before we go to bed.

Another positive point is that if we go earlier, we will not have to get up in the morning and, therefore, we would not interrupt our sleep.

Pad your mat more

It will be enough to place a plus set under the sleeping pad so that there is more cushioning between the person and the floor.

As the initiative is to go prepared, but not excessively loaded, would be of enormous tool an inflatable mat or foam, which provides excellent isolation. We will have the possibility of finding a massive variety in the market.

A bottle of burning water

It contributes to the fact that the sack will be hotter for longer, beyond the cold that the operation tent can be. Get the right tent.

Serve a plastic bottle, one of those that bring water, juice, or soda. We place it between your legs, touching the femoral artery, and at a temperature, your body can tolerate. This translates into a safe rest.

Suppose we don’t feel like placing a bottle of water between our legs because it’s annoying. In that case, there is also the option of pouring boiling water into a plastic bottle, close it, and put it at the bottom of the bag, which may be covered with a cloth, so that it keeps the area warm and we don’t feel cold.

Secure your bag from moisture

Keep it dry. If we have carried out a walk in the rain, think about your bag and protect it not to acquire humidity.


If at midnight, the cold wakes you up, eat a chocolate bar to start your metabolism.

Do not sleep in wet clothes.

Whether it is water or sweat, we have to get the wet clothes out of our bodies.

If we want to rest and feel warm throughout the night, we must sleep in dry clothes.

Thermal or synthetic clothing

They are ideal for keeping us warm and not subject us to the low temperatures that freeze the body. These will help us to rest warm.

Clothes with numerous layers are perfect for resting in operation stores and still be hot.

They are warm for a pleasant rest, from jackets to pants and socks—numerous subtle jack clothing brands. Maybe long johns, johns, and jumping jacks!

Balaclavas, gloves, and long underwear help retain heat when sleeping in operating tents.

Keeps the circulation going

Beyond the fact that we need to protect ourselves from the cold, we also have no chance of hindering circulation. Remove from your body any garment that contracts the blood flow and does not allow you to rest conveniently.

Branches and leaves also work.

If the matter is that among what we carry, we do not possess enough material to insulate the bag and that this one burns us while we sleep, then exploit the kindness of nature and opt for dry leaves and branches.

Pile up a little under the tent. The results are promising.

Exercise yourself

One way to hold the burning bag is by making a round of squats and later lying down, whenever you are cold, the exercise slows down the sensation.

Fill in the blanks

The less space left in the bag, the less chance there is of getting cold. If the bag is big enough, let’s use some clothes to complete it so that the layers help provide warmth.

How to Keep Warm in a Tent: FAQ

How do you keep warm camping at night?

It is expected that when you arrive at the campsite, you want to take off layers of clothing, to be more practical; on the other hand, if you do this you run the risk of losing heat. The best thing is to play with your layers to keep a recurrent burning temperature since it is straightforward to lose body heat but very complicated to get warm.

Build a fire: The campfire provides warmth for any occasion and light throughout the night. Keep in mind to understand how to light a fire, and it is always good to understand what type of fire is the most remarkable for each circumstance.

How do you keep a tent warm without electricity?

Take into account the cold issue since you prepare the backpack to go. Add some extra clothes to help you fight the cold, as well as enough spare socks, gloves, and a scarf. You should wear thermal and synthetic clothing. So, that’s how you heat a tent without electricity.

Thick socks and a well-configured winter hat also matter.

Since we lose the most body heat from our head and feet, these surfaces are the most attackable when camping in winter. We commonly put on my winter socks and hat to proceed to bed when it is frigid.

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What temperature is too cold for camping?

For temperatures below 30°F, be sure to dress in the appropriate base layers: Avoid tight clothing (socks, underwear, gloves) that will restrict blood flow to your extremities.

Avoid running too hot (moisture will get trapped in your bag and cause a general drop in body temperature as it cools).


Camping can be an unforgettable experience for many people. There is no doubt that it is an activity that can be done with the family, alone or only with friends.

Moreover, keep in mind this before you go camping.

Everything can be fine during the day, but many people worry about their safety and security when the night comes. The cold can often be an obstacle to keep the heat in your operation tent; follow our steps.

First, you must check that your safe tent heater is in perfect condition so that everything has triumphed. Sometimes it is required to know if you have a tent inside a tent.

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