How to Make a Spear | Make 5 Different Type of Spear In One Guide

Whether you are in a troublesome situation or in a forest and having a shortage of food, start making a spear as it is a “hunting tool as well as help you to protect from wild animals. It will help you hunt, fish, and give you protection from wild animals. In ancient times, people use a spear for different purposes such as protection or “targeting” animals, especially in forests like places.

The first spear was a sharpened “stick” with a “fire-hardened wooden” tip. Before starting, you must know how to make a spear if you are caught in a dangerous situation. I will explain the different “process” of making a spear with brief details.

What is Spear?

A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft with a pointed head. It is usually made of wood. While the shaft is made of bone, flint, iron, steel, or bronze, it may be the sharpened end of the shaft itself. The most common design for hunting since ancient times has a metal spearhead shaped like

  • Triangle
  • Lozenge
  • Or leaf.

The heads of the fishing spears usually feature edges. Throughout human history, the spear has been used as a fishing tool, hunting, and weapon. Along with other weapons, the spear is the earliest and most important tool developed by early humans.

How to Make a Spear

How to Make a Spear for Hunting

One of the earliest spear killing prey for humans, hunting game with a spear and spearfishing, continues to catch food and cultural activity. Maga fauna was the most common prey of early humans, such as mammoths hunted with various spear kinds.

Types of Hunting Spears

Barred Spears

Barred spears has a crossbar beneath the blade to prevent deep penetration into an animal.


Javelin is primarily designed to throw as a ranged weapon, but now it is serving in sports.


A harpoon is a long spear-like instrument used in hunting big whales and other marine mammals, fishing, and sealing.


A trident is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spearfishing and historically as a polearm. Nowadays, farmers use it as a decorticator to remove leaves, seeds from the stalks of plants such as hemp. It is also used in martial arts in Korean martial arts.

The spear has many types, including:

  • Wooden spear
  • Bladed spear
  • Knife spear
  • Bamboo spear.
  • Spear-head

How to Make Spear from a Branch or Pole

“Step 1”: Aquire branch or pole: 

  • When you are looking for a branch or pole, make sure you find a “inches taller” stick, then you as it gives you a better approach.
  • The pole you will choose must be 2-2.5 “inches in diameter.”
  • When choosing a “tree” for getting hardwood to make a pole, you can choose the following tree branches as these poles will give you the best results:
  • Oak
  • Maple 
  • Hickory
  • Ash

These are the best for this project.

  • Find a rough surface such as “stone” or sidewalk or brick wall to sharpen the spear. Rub it against the surface; in this way, you can sharpen it very well. This method will give you the best-sharpened spear than using a knife grinder. 
  • If you are making a spear in a forest, then search for a “maple sapling,” if available around you.

Step 2: Shape spear tip: 

  • Use a good and full tang fixed blade knife.
  • Please don’t use a folding knife to damage the pole or ruin your knife. So it’s always better to use a sharpened and a fixed blade.
  • Use small and even strokes and always cut away from yourself to avoid any injury.
  • It’s maybe time-consuming task even with a sharpened knife.

Step 3: Fire Hardening:

  • Once you carve the spear, hold the sharpened end above the flames until it changes its color.
  • You must remember one thing; wet wood is soft and dry wood is harder.
  • Fire hardening makes the wood dry, which makes its tip sharpen.

How to Make a knife spear

Step 1: Find a limb or sapling:

  • When making a knife spear, you need to find wood that will be easy to cut and sturdy enough to use as a tool or weapon.
  • The trees that are recently deceased are ideal.
  • Search for a stick that is 1-inch in diameter.

Step 2: Clean the limb:

  • Trim any branches to make a clean handle.
  • Remove some of the bark to make the grip easier.

Step 3: Create a shelf for the knife:

  • Select any side end of the branch on which you want to make the attached knife.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut long, thin, and verticle strips until you make a place for the knife.
  • Creating a shelf lends support to the spear; it will help in handling the spear.
  • To make the process safe and easier, brace the branch.

Step 4: Attach the knife:

  • To attach the knife, find cordage or rope. But if you find a long string especially used to fly a kite in the air, use the long string to secure the knife’s branch.
  • 1st tie the string on a tree trunk.
  • Wrap the other end around the branch and knife.
  • Walk away until the line is tight.
  • By keeping it tight, start wrapping the string around your knife.
  • Now start wrapping the rope in the same way as you wrap the string around. This double layer will make your spear stronger.
  • You can use it as a hunting and “fishing tool.”

Hafting a spearhead:

Step 1: Purchase a spearhead:

  • Spearheads can be purchased from the bladesmiths market or online.
  • It may be possible you get it from a knife shop.
  • It’s quite possible the spearhead you bought is not sharpened, so “sharpening” the spearhead by yourself or many local knife sharpener experts available in the market who will sharpen for you. You can get the best knife sharpener for hunting with our expert guide.

Step 2: Find a suitable haft:

  • Before starting, you must understand the term Haft and Hafting:
  • Haft is the pole on which you have to attach the spearhead.
  • Hafting is an act of attaching the spearhead to the pole.
  • Once you spent money on a good quality spearhead, you will try to find the best quality “piece of wood.”
  • Make sure you carve enough to make the spearhead fit on the haft, as if you carve more, it will result in a gap in the haft, and the spearhead will give the haft a loose fit.

Step 3: Check the fit of the spearhead:

  • Put the spearhead on the haft make sure the close-fitting.
  • Your spearhead may have holes on the back that will fit on the haft. To make it strong fitting, drill a small hole in the hollowed end to fit over the haft.

Step 4: Attach the spearhead:

  • The hole you drilled, now put a nail or a pin, or you can use epoxy to make it tighten.
  • If there are already multiple holes inside the socket, then drill according to holes.

How to Make a Bamboo Spear

  • This method makes an excellent spear.
  • Select a wood piece of 1.2 – 1.5 “meters” and 4-5 feet long.
  • Sharpen the edges and make only the inner layer smooth while keeping the outer layer the hardest.
  • Now start from the back point, and make 3-4 inches carve, shave out the end at 45̊ angle.
  • Penetrate the blades by “splitting” the bamboo ends and separating them with a piece of wood, then sharpen them.
  • A stick with this will give you multiple, spread blades which you can use for spearfishing.

How to Make a Spear for Food and Self-Defense

Step 1: Prepare your pole:

  • Cut your pole.
  • Once you finished, saw off the fat end to make the surface flat and even.
  • Take cordage and wrap it around the pole.

Step 2: Split and Sharpen your spear:

  • Now start cutting spear 8-10 inches straight down.
  • Turn your knife and split the spear and repeat the batoning process.

Step 3: Hardened the spear with fire:

  • Now hardened the tip of the spear on fire and make it’s tip sharp.
  • When you use this method, the fire will completely dry the wood, making the spear strong and sharp.

Step 4: Reinforce the spear:

  • Once the spear is removed from the fire, now let it be cool.
  • Now set your cordage vertically against the shaft of the spear by making a loop.

Step 5: Finishing Touch:

  • When you finish, make sure you did the hafting process correctly.
  • You can also sharpen the other end of the spear, but you must learn how to handle the spear after sharpened another side.


Making a spear is not difficult to conclude this topic, but it needs a sharpened knife and all tools that make it sharp.

Many spears, such as bamboo spears, make knife spares, make a wooden spear, hafting spearhead, bladed spear, and spearhead. All types are used for different purposes. After reading this topic, now you know how to make a spear for different purposes.

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