How to prevent a Visio tv from Turning Itself Off

How to prevent a Visio tv from turning itself off Overview

Materials or Products required for this job:

  • 1 Haribo Gummy Bear
  • Visio TV.
  • Double-A battery.
    How to do this job without missing any step:

1) Remove the name of your favorite show from Visio TV’s “Favorite Shows” list by pressing the “-” key, then use a marker to cover up the name on the screen and place a label on top of it saying “oops”.

2) Apply sticky tape/duct tape to the TV’s power button, so that it does not work anymore.

3) Supervise The Visio TV, and place a piece of wool over the screen.

4) Place a full battery inside the Visio TV and make sure it is positive and negative sides facing outwards. Make sure there is enough space between them and the battery should fit in. This will prevent the Visio TV from turning on.

How to prevent a Visio tv from Turning Itself Off

Why Does My Vizio TV Turn on by Itself?

There are a number of different reasons why your Vizio TV may turn on by itself. In some cases, you will notice that the screen starts blank and no video plays, and this is often a problem caused by low batteries.

In other instances, a malfunction in the sleep timer may be to blame, or it could be interference from other devices that are constantly interacting with Vizio’s wireless connection. In any case, the best solution is to keep the TV turned off while you are not using it.

How Do I Stop My TV From Turning Off Automatically?

A common problem with TVs is that they turn off by accident. You might notice that it is on and then turn it off again. Often, this happens when you have a remote on the couch. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to fix this problem. First, you may need to disable the HDMI CEC feature on your TV. This feature enables other devices to control your TV, so it can automatically switch to the correct input when you connect it to the internet.

How to prevent a Visio tv from Turning Itself Off tips

Alternatively, you can use the factory reset feature to solve this problem. A factory reset is a way to restore the default settings on your television. To do this, use the menu on your TV remote to choose the option. If that does not help, try changing the settings one at a time and see if that helps. If the problem persists, you should contact your manufacturer’s technical support.

In some cases, a TV may turn off automatically without a signal or user interaction. If this happens, you should try to disable the TV’s Sleep Timer, which allows it to turn off after a specific amount of time. If this does not work, your television may have an internal issue. To fix it, you should check your Operative System update or brand website. If the problem persists, try disabling the CEC option on the device.


This trick is effective, inexpensive, and fast. It will prevent the Visio TV from turning itself off until you remove the battery.

This method should be used in areas that have a high level of humidity and moisture, like wet bathrooms.
Note: Make sure to remove the battery before you sell your TV to someone else (if you do not want to keep it anymore). Read about mounting a TV on stone here.

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