How to Recess a TV (Step by Step)

In-wall, screen fixations are the gold standard for screen displays. Preceding methods to wall displays are wall mounting. The forerunner gave way to recessed TVs.

Wall flushed displays, however, require guidance to avoid damaging your walls. As more users clamor for recessed TV displays, it is noble for us to guide you through it. Here’s a do-it-yourself guide on recessing a TV into a wall.

How to Recess a TV

Materials Required For Recessing a TV

Here are the essentials you need to recess a flat-screen TV completely:

Tape measure

Circular saw

Reciprocal saw


Pneumatic nail gun

¾ inch plywood birch

TV wall bracket

Drill bits


Buy cantilever brackets with full motion swing instead of a flat bracket. Masonry drill bits are the best for recessing TVs.

How to Recess A TV (step by step)

  1. Choose an area and cut an inspection hole. Use a circular saw to cut the test hole to check pipe fittings and electrical installations. If there are none, you are safe to proceed.
  2. Make rectangular cuttings on the wall. Use a tape measure and mark the dimensions. Cut through the wall and remove the material to create a rough opening.
  3. Build a box using birch plywood. Cut the plywood to size (3/4 of the TV) and use glue and nails to join the edges. Fix the box in the rough opening. Depending on your preference, you can paint the box to match the wall or TV color.
  4. Drill holes into the box to run cords and television components. Attach the bracket and fix the TV into place.
  5. Finalize your recess by installing moldings around the wall cavity. Use masking tape to isolate the recessed area when painting the molding.

How Much Does it Cost to Recesse a TV?

Using a professional television installation company is an excellent choice, and can save you time and money. They will know where to put the television to avoid the risk of it falling and will be skilled in dealing with heavy televisions.

They will also be able to hide any wires or plumbing in the wall. This service is recommended by If you want a professional installation, contact a local business.

How Can I Hide My TV Wires?

A tangle of cable hanging from your TV behind the wall is an eyesore. Not only does it look bad, it also poses a safety risk. It also attracts dust bunnies that can be difficult to clean. To hide your TV’s wires, you can use cable wrap or cable management raceways. If you don’t want to spend money on cable wrap, you can even use fabric cord covers instead.

Panelboards are an inexpensive way to hide wires and can help you cover up wires. They come in different colors and sizes, so you can choose the one that matches your decor. You mount the TV through the panel board, and the cables run up its back. The board fits flush to the wall and conceals all the wires. And if you have a large TV, you can use a panel board to mount it.

For a more sophisticated look, you can paint the panelboard and then conceal the wires. Depending on your carpentry skills, you can make the cover yourself and paint it to match your walls. Be aware, however, that the success of this project depends on your skill level. It might take an hour to cover a few wires, but it’s a DIY project and will pay off in the long run.

Important Tips and Tricks

Check the maximum dry weight your wall can support. Brick walls support the more dry weight. However, many houses employ plywood walls. Ideally, your TV recess installations should not exceed ¾ of your wall’s dry weight.

Try to get the TV as close to the wall as possible. Skilled carpenters use cantilever brackets. The fixations allow you to adjust the TV to avoid glare. It would be a daunting task to try that with a flat bracket.


Impart elegant displays in your house using recessed TVs. Our handy installation guide acts as a reference for the job. Contact us for expert help. Read about how to mount tv on a wall here.

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