How to Skateboard Faster? | Important Tips for Skateboard Lovers

Being a skateboarder will change the way you look at the world around you. Skateboarding will take you anywhere and everywhere on a never-ending quest for fun and adventure.

If you meet someone for the first time, you will instantly look like old friends because you both skates. You will enjoy more when its speed gets faster. But the question is that how to skateboard faster? What techniques should we use to make it faster? Let’s discuss this topic. 

How to Skateboard Faster

While learning skateboarding, you can’t go directly to the hard tricks, but you have to make yourself perfect in basics. If you are a beginner skateboard than the first thing you have to see

  • Are you physically fit?
  • Your guts
  • Your age 
  • Start from basics 
  • Learn how to balance yourself on a skateboard
  • Push properly

Check out this guide of Safety Tips for skateboarding

How to Skateboard Faster

Skate Shoes

Before buying skate shoes, the buyer must have enough knowledge to differentiate between skate-wear Vs. Skateboarders wear.

  • Skaters wear boots and blades/ wheels
  • While the skateboarders wear athletic footwear.

The selection of good skate shoes can make movements easy, make a strong grip with a skateboard. It has a flat bottom and sturdy sides.

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Selection of Skateboard

Well, first, you have to find the proper size of the board. There are many size charts on the internet based on your shoe size and your body heights. There are a variety of sizes available online and in your local stores. Most of the skates available in 31″ or 30 “long and 8 “wide.

How to get good at skateboarding fast

Good vs. Cheap skateboard

A good quality skateboard makes a big difference than a cheap skateboard. 

  • Quality wheels 
  • Bearings
  • Trucks 
  • Deck 

This equipment is going to help you to level up.

If you buy a cheap skateboard, it may give you big trouble. How poor quality skateboard impacts your riding? The problem is that it has a poor quality of wheels, and poor quality skateboard will break on a minor fall. Even your wheels can have a hard time if its bearings are not good.

For good quality skateboards, there is a wide range of skateboards like electrical skateboards most wanted these days, wheels, and bearing you can easily buy it from Amazon now. Providing you with the best quality material. It’s totally up to you to buy good quality material or cheap, but amazon giving you the best skateboards at a good price. These products will help you in making your skateboard faster.

Skateboard Motorized Electronic Hub-Motor

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Skateboard Wheels

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 Skateboard Bearings

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Physical Stunts

In skating, you must be aware of your natural movement like Goofy or regular. After knowing your physical stunts, it will be easy to utilize your physical movements according to your stunts.

How to get comfortable on a skateboard

Safety Gear

When you are starting skateboarding, then it’s for safety reasons to wear a helmet; wearing a helmet will make your head safe if you fell.

  • Knee pads will helps your knee to be protected. 
  • Helmet: When you went to buy a new helmet, make sure it fits on your head.
  • Knee/ Elbow Pads: It’s important to protect yourself from serious injuries and accidents. After many years you will see a difference in your knees and your friend’s knees if you wear pads.

Place Selection for Skating

The beginner of skateboarding must choose flat places for skating, like concrete roads, parking lots, or even your home on the carpet. When you get comfortable on a skateboard, then choose other places but mustn’t have much traffic. If you see any stones or pebbles, on-road try to avoid it because it can cause crashes on your skateboard, and you will fell and have injuries.

Now let’s discuss some techniques through which you will understand how to skate and ride on a skateboard. 

How to get good at skateboarding fast

Flip On

It’s very easy to learn about Flip on trick may be heelflip trick.

  • Put front foot in pointed as if you’re about to Heelflip, only place it slightly further behind the front set of bolts.
  • Now put your back foot in the ‘Pocket” if you have been around; you will know what that means. That’s enough to where you can feel the right spot to get a nice snap.
  • Keep your shoulders nice and parallel to your board, neither leaning too far forward nor too far backward.
  • Distribute more weight to your back foot but still give your front foot some weight so you can flick the board easier when you pop the trick.

You are standing straight in simple words, and the skateboard is on the floor but in the opposite direction. Now you have to jump like that the board flip to upward. And you are on the top of the skateboard. Just see this video, then you will understand this step.

Nose Bleed or Nose Stall

In this step, you have to flip up your skateboard towards the height that first, it’s up from the front side. Please watch this video then you will understand nicely.

Kick Flip

Some people think the Heelflip is easier than the kickflip. As in the Heelflip, you only have to turn over the skateboard. While in kickflip, you have to completely turn over the skateboard to 1 and a half flip. Some beginners take 3-4 months to learn this trick. But once you learn you will enjoy it in your whole life.

How to get better at skateboarding Reddit

Ollie Pickup

In this trick, you have to put your whole weight on your back foot while both are on the skateboard so that its nose goes up in the air, and suddenly in a moment, you have to jump and flip the skateboard. This is a difficult trick, but you must see professionals what tricks they use before trying.

Kick Turn on a Ramp

Whenever I went to the skateboard play area, this thing always wonders how they skate their board on a ramp. First of all, move your skateboard up to the hill, then slightly turn your body down. For more, watch this video in the link.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to get good at skateboarding?

Skateboard is not that difficult to learn, but it only needs practice. While practicing, you may get it early or later depends on your physical stunt. But according to the report, it takes 3-6 months to learn a trick.

Why is my skateboard so slow?

Sometimes, a skateboard needs to be clean properly. When you clean it deeply, you will see the difference.

On the other hand, when the wheel and bearing get older, you need to replace it.

How do you push better on a skateboard?

To push better, you must be familiar with these things:

  • You must be comfortable on your board.
  • Mostly, people push by their right foot.
  • Do it like you are walking, push hard on the ground, then bring your foot back and then push hard again. It will make your skateboard to move faster.

Is 40 too old to learn to skateboard?

Yes, you can learn skating at any stage but:

  • You must be physically fit enough to skate
  • You must be healthy.

If you are 40+, 50+, then you can make small moves through this. You will learn skateboarding fastly and easily.

Is Heelflip easier than kickflip?

Mostly, people say Heelflip is easier than a kickflip. This is because, in Heelflip, you only have to flip on the skateboard like your foot is on the board.

But in kickflip, you have to turn the skateboard by one and a half Flip; then it flips on the front-side. It isn’t easy because you have to do it while you are on the ground.

Is it bad to skateboard on wet ground?

It’s not bad to skateboard on wet ground. But I don’t recommend you for the following reasons:

  • If you skate on wet ground, you will fell.
  • Your bearing and bolt will get rusty.
  • If you use it on a wet floor, you must clean it nicely.

How can I make my skateboard wheels spin faster?

If you are talking about a skateboard wheel to make it faster, you are talking about its wheels.

  • On bearings, you can put oil.
  • You can buy new bearings.

How can I make my skateboard cheaper?

If you are going to make a skateboard on your own, you can make it of wood. But you have to buy wheels, bearings, bolts and decks separately.

You can buy it from Amazon.

Is there a wrong way to ride a skateboard?

I don’t think so there is a right and wrong way. But it depends on how you ride a skate. How are you useful to your stunts? You must know to make a difference in all kinds of techniques. Isn’t you mix all techniques and say it’s kickflip while it’s not.

What foot do you push with skateboarding?

The answer to this question is you can use any foot depends on your physical stunt. 

There are two ways:

  • Regular
  • Goofy

On regular, you have to use your left foot while in goofy; you will use your right foot to pushing the skateboard.

Can I learn skating at 40?

Yes, you can learn skating at any stage but:

  • You must be physically fit enough to skate
  • You must be healthy.

If you are 40+, 50+, then you can make small moves through this. You will learn skateboarding fastly and easily.

Last Words

To summarize, a skateboard is a recreational and outdoor sport that is very interesting.

Once you start skating, I am sure you can’t leave because when you start it becomes your passion. One thing you must remember that you can be best in skating by following proper rules and techniques.

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