How to Transfer Data from Android to Android using Smart Switch

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android using Smart Switch Overview

Changing mobile phones is normal nowadays due to the improved upgrades coming up each day. This makes data transfer crucial since no one wishes to lose data from the old phone.

There are many ways to transfer data from android-to-android phones. One of the methods used is the smart switch app which follows a series of steps. Best Amazon Prime Deals

Materials needed

• Both phones
• Smart switch application
• Wi-Fi connection


  1. Make sure the smart switch app is installed on both devices. If not, it can be downloaded from the google play store.
  2. Ensure the devices are connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  3. Start the smart switch application on both phones and tap on the start button.
  4. On the device, you are transferring from, press the send data button, while to the recipient, press the receive data button.
  5. If you are using an internet connection, select the wireless transfer option.
  6. Select the data intended to be sent to the other device on the sender device.
  7. The phone will show a notification on the size of the data and the time taken to transfer.
  8. Tap the send button after verifying the data you have selected.
    Tips, tricks, and warnings
    USB cables can also be used in place of Wi-Fi. In this case, the transfer cable needs to be plugged into both devices using an OTG adapter. A stable wireless network is also required to allow a quick and smooth transfer.

How Do I Transfer Data From My Samsung Smart Switch?

If you’ve backed up your Samsung Smart Switch before, you’re probably wondering, “How do I transfer data from my Smart Turn?” Here are a few simple steps to follow. First, open the app on the new device. From the Home screen, tap Settings. Then, tap the Share menu and choose the option for the Smart Switch. Select the data type you’d like to transfer. Once you’ve selected the format, you can move on to the next step.

Connect all of your devices to the new Samsung Smart Switch using Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Then, open the Smart Switch app on both devices and begin moving your files. Ensure that your devices have a minimum of 30% battery power. You can also transfer photos, videos, and music to your new device. Make sure that your devices stay connected to the internet. If you lose the connection, the transfer will be interrupted.

If you don’t want to use a USB cable, you can use the software to transfer data from your Samsung Smart Switch to your PC. You can download the software from the Samsung website or your Mac. After installing the software, connect the two devices using the USB cable. You can select which files you want to transfer, and then choose a location to transfer the files to. Then, click on the backup icon in the left corner of the screen to begin the transfer.


This application ensures that your data is backed up on the new device. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the smart switch app is installed on your phone. Best Amazon Prime Deals

The app is easily downloaded from the play store and is an efficient data transfer method.

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