How to use a 6’6” Medium Heavy Spinning Rod – Full Guide on 2021

Do you know how to use a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod? Fishing is one of the popular pastimes. People love to spend their holidays going on fishing trips. Your fishing trip depends on several things such as weather, season, location, the most important thing equipment. How to use a 6’6” Medium Heavy Spinning Rod – Full Guide.

If you can get all of these things in your favor, you will have an excellent and unforgettable fishing trip. But your trip can be ruin just because of inadequate equipment. So, carry the right equipment to avoid unpleasant situations.

Still, people find difficulties while using a fishing rod properly. No worries! This article will help you to operate a fishing rod for an unforgettable fishing trip.

How to use a 6’6” Medium-Heavy Spinning Rod?

When you are out for a fishing trip, a single incident such as missing the target or having a problem with your fishing rod can ruin your whole day. So, having a quality rod is necessary. A 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod is one of the good spinning rods then is perfect for fishing. Now a question comes to mind that How to use a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod?  Or where do I get a 6’6” fishing rod? Well, you will find this medium-heavy rod in any fishing accessories shop or any supermarket. The rod is reasonable in price, so you can easily.

Operating this 6’6” rod is not as hard as you think. All you need to follow some tips and tricks. Steps are easy, and by following this, you can make your trip more amazing.

Steps for using a 6’6” Medium-Heavy Spinning Rod

Get the right equipment

Before start fishing, you need to gather all the equipment first. Check your spinning reels, whether it is equipped with your rod or not. A 6’6’ spinning rod is designed to go with specific reels. So, you don’t need to worry about that. Then get a fishing line and a bait. The type of line and bait depends on what you are fishing for. Use different baits because fish prefer different baits at different times.

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Understand the parts of your rod

You need to grab proper knowledge about the equipment of your fishing rod. The rod is divided into four sections.

  • Rod Tip: The last 4 inches of the rod are call tips. It is the thinnest part of the rod that alert you when a fish bites the tip. 
  • Guides: The circles’ line passes through and keeps the line close to the rod is Guides.
  • Reel Seat: The reel seat is the puzzle piece that connects the reel to the rod securely.
  • Handle: Handle is the thing you might holding at the time of fishing. The handle is constructed with a softer material than the rod for a smooth and comfortable grip.
How to use a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod

Attached the reel to the rod

Connecting the reel to the rod is the most important part of using a fishing rod. First, loosen the reel seat to make it big enough to fit in the reel foot easily. After that, you need to place the reel foot into the reel seat to tighten it accurately. Keep continuing these steps until the reel becomes sturdy.

Putting line on the reel

Putting line on the reel or spooling is an essential step to fishing that can make or break your day. If spooling is not done correctly, it can create frustration while fishing. 

How to use a 6’6” Medium Heavy Spinning Rod – Full Guide

At first, open the bail and place the line around the reel. Then use two pieces to tie a knot. After cutting the loose piece of the line away from the reel and close the bailHold the line tightly a foot away from the reel and keep turning the reels until you get the desired amount line.

String the rod and tie a knot

The next step of using a fishing rod is the string of the rod. Take the tip line in one hand and open the bail with the other side. Place the line through guides and end it up. After that, tie a tight knot for pulling out a fish easily. You can go for a Palomar knot, Clinch knot, or other any knot you like.

Set the Drag knob

Setting the Drag knob is important while reeling in a fish. How tight the drag will depend on what size and type of fish you are fishing. Besides, what kind of spool you are using. Keep the drag knob clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen. Then pull the line to see how the drag has been affected. Repeat these until you get a perfect result.

Cast the Bait

Hang the line from the tip of the rod. Then hold the rod a few inches above the base. Open the bail with the other hand. Turn the rod backward and keep it away from your target. Then swing the rod towards the target and release the hand from the top of the cast.

Reel the line and start fishing

You can reel in as you like. You can reel in fast or slow, or at a constant speed. Now, close the bail and place the line on the roller. Then turn the reel handle, and you’re done with the final step. Now you are ready to catch fish with your 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod.

These are steps for using a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod. You can easily use it on your fishing trip to make it more memorable.

How to use a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod

Final Thought

6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod is perfect for your fishing trip. The rod is not too heavy and very much comfortable to use. But if you are still puzzled with the question How to use a 6’6” Medium Heavy Spinning Rod? I hope you have got the answer that you want to know.

Using a 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod is not rocket science. Keep in mind some easy steps, follow them, and you are ready to aim with you 6’6” medium-heavy spinning rod. Learn more about fishing rod here.

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