How to Use a Camping Percolator – Ultimate Guide to Use Percolator

A considerable amount of people annually asks themselves how to use a camping percolator?

Camping means different things to different people. For many, it is a chance to examine the surrounding countryside. For others, it is a time to disconnect from communities. And others see it as the impeccable explanation for catching up with family and friends.

Regardless of why you decide to go through nature, you probably want to make sure you have caffeine at all times, especially if you are a coffee fan.

There are no fancy coffee shops in the middle of a forest or the rugged mountains’ prominence. So, if you don’t want to depend on instant coffee, it’s good to be ready.

A campsite coffee maker is the simplest way to make a decent cup of coffee on the go. It’s what their parents used on their camping trips and their parents before them. Continuing this tradition will provide its fruits in a big way.

Making coffee in the wild can be a complicated thing to do if you are not a professional? Why? Because cooking over a campfire is not like cooking over a stove.

Beyond the fact that making coffee outdoors can be a problematic purpose, it is not difficult.

What do you need to hold your campfire coffee?

  • A source of heat
  • Coffee maker
  • Ground coffee or coffee beans and a grinder
  • One cup for each individual who drinks coffee (ceramic is chosen. Tin tends to cause burns on the lips)
  • Water
  • A handle or towel

How to Use a Camping Percolator

Light your fire

Before making coffee with your camping coffee pots, you must first light the fire with your fire starter. Let the flames go out until they turn into bright red coals.

This is because beer preparation with a coffee pot is more straightforward when held directly over the red-hot coals.

It has numerous configurations about how to modify the coffee maker. You can hang it over the fire with high frames, place it over the fire pit’s grate, or even place it near the coals.

If you choose to place the brewer over a fire, make sure it is permanent enough and in a position to control the methods.

How to Use a Camping Percolator

You choose a portable gas burner.

Make sure the flame is high enough to heat the bottom of the brewer effectively. If you use a portable electric burner, it is preferable to use a significant fire.

If you are a classic camper, you probably want to build a fire. In the case of a modern trailer, you might actually like a portable gas stove.

Keep in mind to place it in the most prominent spot to avoid burning the coffee or to make the water evaporate rather quickly. You can also make a small fire to combine your coffee.

The other alternative for making a good coffee cup is to build a fire and let the wood burn until it becomes charcoal. Prepare a charcoal bed and dig a small hole about 15 cm (6 inches) deep and 30 cm (12 inches) wide by the fire. With a shovel, move the hot coals into the hole.

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Several people use modern heating equipment, such as batteries or fuel-burning burners. This is suggested since they will generate controlled heat in front of the fire. However, the essential thing to remember is to watch out for fires when brewing coffee in the wild.

how to use coffee percolator

The bonfire is for romantics.

Making a bowl of coffee over a fire sounds romantic, at least supposedly. Anyway, it’s irritating, exhausting and needs some custom. But when you master it, you’ll want to do it again and again.

Start by building a small fire that is simple to watch over. When the fire starts, you have to use coffee percolator in a fireplace grill. Place the grate as prominent as you can to avoid ruining your coffee.

When the water inside the coffee maker gets excited, it will start to seep upwards. You need to move the pot to the side of the fire and let it rest for a few more minutes. It will indeed require some custom to know how to make the brew impeccable for you.

how to use an electric percolator

A gas stove is for pragmatists.

Brewing coffee on a portable gas stove is similar to brewing over a campfire. The only distinction is: when the water starts to filter upwards, you want to reduce the fire to a flame and let it rest for many minutes before it becomes useful.

tips for using a percolator

Add a small amount of water.

Step 1: add water.

The proportion of cups you prepare will determine the ratio of water you need to pour. 

In most cases, I think you will have to add at least half to a plus cup of water, much more than you are doing since it evaporates or is retained in the coffee grounds throughout the development.

If I am improving 1 cup of coffee, I usually need to use 2 cups of water. In the case of applying 2 cups of coffee, must use 3 cups of water and so on. I use 3 cups of water and so on.

Please don’t fill the coffee maker too much or it will start spitting out and escaping from the lid. In most cases, there is a higher fill line located inside the brewer.

To achieve that impeccable elaboration, you must add the right amount of water. Generally, it is six to eight ounces of water per cup.

Your brand of coffee matters

If you want a good cup of coffee at your camp, choose a good brand of coffee. Selecting a high definition of coffee taste is good when camping because it will be more difficult to ruin the like if you don’t list it.

There are even some brands that have been made just for use with a camping coffee maker. One of the unique coffee collectors on the market is the Coleman percolator.

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Step 2: Add the coffee
  • Coffee enthusiasts suggest using medium-roast beans in coffee machines.
  • The volume of the grinding also matters. A bulky grind will make a preferable cup of coffee.
  • Finely ground beans result in a cup with a rough and bitter taste.
  • This is where your priority and the type of coffee maker work in harmony.
  • It’s going to take you a few tries to find the exceptional coffee and water stability that fits your way. The type of basket in your brewer and the type of coffee you plan to use will determine whether you need to use a filter.
  • If the coffee maker’s basket has vast holes and plans to use a fine ground coffee blend as espresso, you will need to use a circular coffee filter paper to cover the basket.

However, if you use a medium to heavy ground coffee, it should be sufficient by merely putting the coffee directly into the basket.

Step 3: Boil and taste

If you are using a camp stove gas, then bring it to a boil and then lower the heat and cook at medium too low for 10-15 minutes until ready.

If you are using a campfire, things are a little more complicated, and again, you will find the procedure most remarkable for you.

Step 4: Relax and enjoy

Remove the pan from the heat and allow the mango to cool slightly. Pour it into a cup, add your milk and sugar if that is your thing, sit down and savor the taste and perfume. There is nothing like it.

Adding condiments to your coffee to enhance your liking’s taste adds a massive twist to the drinking experience. You can also add flavorings such as chocolate medicine or coffee liqueurs. Just remember that anything you bring to camp is something else to carry, and you have the possibility of spilling liquids.

Campground Coffee Maker Options

Campsite coffee makers come in two basic types: those with a transparent glass knob on top and those without.

Both work the same way, but the ones with the transparent glass knob are somewhat simpler to use.

You can use an electric percolator. You will need to buy it at camp by going to the campground part of your local department store or purchasing an electric stovetop coffee maker from the kitchen part of that same store.

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There are some facts to be considered while going camping. Click here to read the full info guide on facts to consider while going to a camping site.

Percolator Supplies

A coffee maker will work efficiently or slower, depending on the material it is made of. Most coffee makers are made of metal. The special drippers are made of titanium and iron since these two metals adjust well to extreme heat.

The media are made of aluminum and chrome and can exist at high temperatures. Lower quality coffee machines do not survive at high temperatures for a long time and have to be avoided. It would help if you prevented Tin coffee machines since they usually do not give the right results.

How to Use a Camping Percolator: FAQs

How long can coffee be filtered on a camp stove?

After a while, it will start boiling. You will know because the water will begin to filter upwards and you will see it through the “bubble point”.

When that starts to happen, adjust the stove flame or move it away from the centre of the fire. Let it continue to seep for 10 to 15 minutes.

How long do you let coffee percolate?

It depends on how strong you like your coffee, but anything longer than 10 minutes will burn the brew and make it taste bitter and dry. 5-8 minutes is optimal, but this varies depending on the percolation procedure you use. The time is not as considerable as the caution you take with the development.

Do you use a filter in a percolator?

Most coffee makers usually have built-in filter baskets that filter the coffee grounds for you. However, the coffee beans sometimes make their way through the holes in the basket, which is a common criticism that percolators fight. External filters claim that they only pass through the texture of the coffee slowly.


To study how to use the campsite coffee maker, you have to train with it until you get it right. You can try making coffee outdoors on your grill or in a campfire if you have one in your backyard. If you can control how to brew coffee with your coffeemaker, you will be the most regular person on your camping trips.

If you follow the simple procedures above, your campsite will be abundant in the perfume of sweet-smelling coffee, with a camping coffee maker. It is a requirement that you have the best camping percolator at hand for this to be successful.

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