How to Whiten Socks- Try The Best DIY Laundry Hacks At Home

Many of you are asking yourself how to Whiten Socks? According to the Centers for Disease Control, disinfecting surfaces with bleach and other disinfectant products is among the ways to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Your fresh socks smell like grass stains from the summer afternoons when we took off our shoes. And young people are even worse off, returning from playing with friends or from festivals with friends, throwing their brown socks into the laundry basket at this time.

In spring and fall, they’re jumping in mud puddles with rain boots that aren’t 100% waterproof.

If the people at your place of living are wearing enough white, you will probably wash their linens with a lot of continuity.

Over time, they have a chance to turn grey or yellow, and they don’t even remotely have the color white that they originally had. Adding “mystery elements” to the water throughout the wash will help you keep the original color. Let’s see how to get whiten dirty white socks.

In the beginning, the initiative is that you learn the correct procedure to use those white socks.

Socks are closet items that frequently accumulate dirt stains, making stain suppression development fundamentally complicated when the socks are white.

The stains quickly dull the appearance of the socks, making a few very new socks look old.

Whiten dirty white socks, follow a simple cleaning procedure.

How to Whiten Socks

Simple Rules

Before choosing how to wash your white socks, you should understand the vital precautionary points of these items:

  • Do not use white socks for well over one day.
  • Wash them very commonly.
  • Choose a washing procedure according to the material of the socks.
  • A high rubbing will damage the product’s shape, mainly if it is abundant in cotton-threads.
  • If you clean the socks with soap or soaking them before washing them will increase the chance that the washing machine will be pure white col6r.
  • Always wash white garments separately from colored clothes.
How to Whiten Socks

Choosing the right detergent

It is of utmost consideration to understand choosing the right detergent according to your clothes’ fabric type.

Dishwasher cleaner

To wash your hands, use the recurrent amount of laundry detergent, and add one tablespoon of dishwasher detergent. Soak the socks in that satisfaction and then pass them in a brief period in a washing machine. The remedy is easy and useful, but it runs the risk of damaging the fabric.

Tennis Balls

Put some tennis balls attached with the socks in the washing machine, similar to washing a jacket. They will create a more significant mechanical effect and will pass the whites better.

how to whiten socks with baking soda

Baking Soda

It has always been known that you can whiten socks with baking soda, but how is it done?

Washing white socks in the washing machine as a practice, but add 150-200 ml of baking soda in the rinsing dispenser. As a result, your clothes will be white as snow.

how to whiten socks with vinegar

Laundry Detergent

The usual soap will help wash the white stuff.

The use is simple: moisten the dirty socks with warm water and soap them well with washing soap.

Leave overnight in the container without water or tied up in a plastic bag. Take them out and wash them in a washing machine in a quick wash or agile wash mode in the morning.

Use the same start with the stain remover.

how to whiten socks without bleach


The outdated effervescence procedure could help clean the dirt from a white sock.

Pour water into a pan and add a quarter of the lemon and a piece of laundry soap or some laundry detergent. Put the socks in. Boil for 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, wash the socks by hand in a washing machine or a container.

Wool socks will not survive the boil. It is preferable to wash them in not too hot water with shampoo.

Squeeze by hand without twisting, subtly squeeze a sock ball, and then dry on a flat area.

how to clean white socks with baking soda

Boric Acid

Before washing the clothes, soak them in a satisfying boric acid. Take one tablespoon of boric acid per liter of water. This product can be found commonly in pharmacies with the appearance of powder or alcoholic satisfaction.

Soak the white socks for a couple of hours in that mixture. Some dirt should be simple to remove after this regimen.

Start the recurring wash period in a washing machine.

Lemon Juice

Add freshly squeezed lemonade to a container of water and soak the grey elements in it. Soak for 2-3 hours.

If the socks have not been cleaned after this time, treat the fundamentally neglected surfaces with pure lemonade, sprinkle or pour, if liquid, detergent over them and gently rub in.

Wait at least 15 minutes and machine wash. After that, the stains should be hidden.

how to clean white socks with baking soda


You can whiten socks with vinegar. This is within the most effective procedures currently.

Four Monks™ Cleaning Vinegar is made with distilled vinegar from corn, water, and a natural flavor, and gets this – it’s 20% stronger than traditional vinegar!

In one liter of water (or better results, heated the water up to 40 degrees), (9%). Soak a few socks in the mixture for half an hour, then wash them (manually or in a washing machine).

how to clean white nike socks


An ammonia and alcohol satisfaction softens the water, disabling magnesium’s effect on the fabric and preventing the white elements, including the socks, from turning yellow.

A few spoonfuls of ammonia are enough for a liter of water. Soak the clothes in this mixture for 2 hours, then wash them.

How to Put the White Socks Back?

If you have not used your usual intelligence and have washed your socks hopelessly, then both natural remedies and elaborate household chemicals will come to your assistance.


  • Such a mixture will restore a fresh white look to faded grey socks, whose white color was lost a long time ago.
  • Dilute three laundry detergent spoon measures and three measures of turpentine spoon in a bucket (10 liters).
  • Stir the mixture well and place the socks. Please leave it to work for a day and then wash it as a practice.


Products with chlorine bleach, liquid for cleaning a toilet, will help remove the grey or yellow tone in the living area. These products can only be used for cotton items.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, disinfecting surfaces with bleach and other disinfecting products is one way to help stop the spread of coronavirus. (

Dissolve a few spoonful’s of one of the detergents in 2 liters of water and add 0.1 kg of powdered detergent.

Leave the stockings in satisfaction throughout the night. In the morning, wash, as practice.

Do not dry the items in direct sunlight after this regime of the opposite. The yellowish color can return and will be unfeasible to wash. After using these products, acceptable ventilation is commonly needed, so it is preferable to dry them outdoors.

Ammonia and peroxide

The homemade bleach can also be made from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.

When starting a load, pour 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide straight into your detergent or bleach dispenser.

Combine the elements in proportions 1: 2, use the mixture on your socks, and leave it on for 30 minutes. After that, wash as practice.

Hang the socks outdoors to remove the smell of ammonia.

Whiteners and Stain Remove

Store-bought remedies to restore whiteness to socks also work well.

When using them, first read the rules carefully and follow them carefully throughout the opposite’s bleaching development. You may burn a hole in the product.

Some remedies are applied in pure form; some have to be diluted, which is also a considerable aspect of successful use of store-bought satisfaction.

Temperature conditions must remain precisely as suggested on the pack.

Whichever form you choose, don’t be discouraged if the result is not exactly what you expected: Not 100% out-of-the-package white y whites, but I think it’s a heck of a lot whiter than before sliding to second base.

Maybe the color of your socks is unfeasible to put back on. Try a different procedure and, if it doesn’t give excellent results, get a few new socks and wash them with media that contains the white fabric from the beginning.

Bleach and baking soda together

Whiten socks with bleach can be useful. However, it has a strong smell that you may not like.

The highlight of baking soda on clothing is its ability to act as a natural bleach maximizing agent.

You can use 1/2 cup of bleach and 1/2 cup of baking soda together for white loads. The baking soda masks some of the lye odor and makes the lye even more efficient. As a result, the linens come out whiter and cooler.

How to Put Back White Socks without Bleach

  • Big pot
  • Water
  • Lemon slice
Step 1

Put filthy socks in a container filled with 1 gallon of not too hot water and 1 cup of lemonade.

Lemon is a natural whitener that can remove dirt stains from your socks without damaging the fabric. Leave to soak for 1 hour.

Step 2

Put the socks in the washing machine, using a period of not too hot water. Pour a cap of your regular laundry detergent into the wash, enclosed with 1 cup of lemonade and two tablespoons. The combination of these elements will simultaneously lift and remove dirt stains that will restore the color white.

Step 3

You will need to let the machine complete the wash cycle, then dry and check to see if all stains are removed. Repeat the procedure if any colors remain after washing.

Other procedure

Things you will need

  • Lemon juice
  • Washing machine
  • White vinegar

Step 1

Wash your white socks between each use. Do not wear a few white socks much more than once, as this will cause sweat and dirt to build upon the fibers.

Step 2

Wash your white socks only with other whites. Avoid washing with colors, even if the garment claims no bleeding or was washed with white clothes before.

Step 3

Treat stained white socks first by soaking them in a two-part satisfaction of lemonade through a section of water over five minutes to help lift and whiten the stain.

For a practical application, pour the satisfaction into a spray bottle and spray widely over the stained surfaces.

Step 4

Wash white socks with cold water and laundry detergent. Pour a bowl of White vinegar when the rinse period starts in your washing machine.

The vinegar will help calm and whiten the socks, but it can also prevent the water’s chemicals from clouding them.

Avoid hot water washings, as heat can dirty the fibers of the socks. Dry your socks in the dryer or let them air dry.

If you have filthy white socks that have stains, soak them in a satisfying two-part bleach section of water for 10 minutes, then wash them alone with detergent. If they are still dirty, throw them away and invest in a new pair.


There are several cleaning procedures for your socks on this day. In the same way, some products can guide you to remove the ugly stains.

It is considered that you know what procedure to use before starting and verify what type of fabric you plan to clean. Otherwise, you can damage the fabric. Read how to wash wood socks here.

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