How We Review

How We Assessment Our Products

At Easy Trip Guides we all have been enthusiastic about having outdoor and taking advantage of the fantastic outdoors. Most outdoor activities require some form of equipment and our goal would be to help you choose the best gear and tools to your requirements. While it a sleeping bag, pair of footwear of scuba fins want to assist you to choose the right product you need efficiently.

Do you Buy and Test all of the Equipment Recommended?

While we at Easy Trip Guides are experts inside our particular activities we cannot buy each and every product we suggest. We do own lots of the products and when we don’t professionally buy it, we speak to other people with exactly the same interests and obtain their opinions in order to be assured what we have been recommending will be the best available products. We always pick products that have good customer reviews on We highly pick 5-star product rating and before picking we used to read all reviews from the customers. So in Easy Trip Guides, you can pick any product according to your demand without any doubt and hesitation. We always try to maintain our quality.

Doing our reviews in this manner we can evaluate as many products as you possibly with the source of people that are experts within their field to be sure what we have been recommending will continue to work as promised.

What do you mean with the term “Best”?

We execute our evaluations over a cost/performance basis. Just what exactly that means is certainly our “Editors Option” is the better product or service at its price. So it may not the very best item you can purchase at any value.

When you can buy a product or service that’s 90% as effective as the incredibly best product that prices 3-4 times just as much, why take action if you don’t completely need to have the extremely best item at any cost?

A lot of people don’t, so that is why we carry out our reviews over a cost/performance basis in order to be assured you’re getting the best item at its price.

Will there be a Conflict of Interest Obtaining a Commission on Goods Sold?

Like we mentioned since we don’t advise the most high-priced products we have been of course restricting our commissions. Because you can include recognized is not an advertising and marketing or banners on Easy Trip Guides there, our goal isn’t to make just as much money as you possibly can but to supply the best assistance to our visitors.

If you go back to the merchandise we don’t create anything, so it is in our ideal interest that you will be thrilled with the merchandise you buy. When you have other viewpoints of items we review, please tell us.

Products change, businesses acquire purchased out and in some cases the merchandise high-quality alterations. We welcome your input.