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The Hunting Horn is the least popular weapon among Monster Hunter World’s player base. It’s not as stylish as the Longsword, daring as the Dual Blades, or intimidating as the Greatsword. After all, you’re bringing a musical instrument into a hunt against an apex predator. Because Hunting Horn users are primarily seen as support in the Monster Hunter universe, wielding these weapons is like being in the bleachers.

Monster Hunter hunting horns aren’t completely useless. As it turns out, you can use every weapon in Monster Hunter World in any endgame content. Isn’t that shocking? Of course, this does not imply that any Hunting Horn will suffice.

Best Hunting Horns

Hunting Horn

Safi’s Hellhorn

Safi’s Hellhorn is a standard endgame and Master Rank weapon that is as bizarre as it sounds. The weapon is dropped by Safi’Jiiva and has an infernal appearance, which will undoubtedly satisfy the needs of some co-players or role-players in the game.

In terms of statistics, it’s not bad. It’s an excellent replacement or alternative to any other endgames weapon that’s too difficult to build around or find due to rarity or monster difficulty. The melody effects are all positive and aimed at restoring health or defense.

Taroth Pipe “Sleep”

If you’re creative or resourceful enough, you can use sleep in a variety of ways. The most common is to place a metric ton of explosive barrels near a monster’s head once the weapon has lulled them to sleep. Following that, the fight devolves into a cheese-fest, complete with some hilarious bomb shenanigans worthy of a gif.

Demonlord Wardrum

The Demonlord Wardrum is an even more visually disturbing weapon, and for a good reason: it drops from a Furious Rajang. He’s one of the most difficult monsters in Monster Hunter World or any Monster Hunter game for that matter.

Its sharpness is better than the Safi Hellhorn’s, and the melodies help a lot because the Demonlord Wardrum’s melody bonuses combine health restoration and attack boosts. Those bonuses were appropriate for Rajang’s profile.

Lightbreak Timbre

Lightbreak Timbre is a wonderful gift from a Raging Brachydios and it’s ideal for those who enjoy focusing on base damage. For starters, Lightbreak Timbre has innate Blast damage that can easily stun or stagger monsters.

It has good sharpness statistics at purple. Meanwhile, the melody bonuses aren’t for daring players because they primarily increase attack, movement speed, and evasive defenses. This is not recommended for those who are new to hunting horns.

Taroth Pipe “Water”

Don’t worry if you don’t get the Kjarr Pipe “Myth” because Kulve Taroth will most likely give you the Taroth Pipe “Water.” Water is also poorly resisted by Monster Hunter World foes. In addition to regular damage, it has a whopping 700+ Water damage.

The weapon also includes an Affinity stat. The Taroth Pipe “Water” balances out all that damage potential with defensive and elemental resistance melody bonuses. It’s also simple to upgrade with Kulve Taroth materials.

Kjaer Pipe “Myth”

Thunder elemental weapons have long been a popular all-purpose weapon for those who prefer elemental damage. This is because it is the least-resisted damage type. The Kjaer Pipe “Myth” allows players to go ham with as much thunder damage as they want in the Hunting Horn category.

This weapon is obtained through the Kulve Taroth weapon roulette, which can be a challenging grind. The Affinity stat, combined with the Thunder damage, makes the weapon well worth the agonizing farming repetitions. Players can then upgrade the weapon to Rarity 12 by gathering enough Kulve Taroth materials.


If you want this ice-cold Hunting Horn, you must hunt Frostfang Barioth over and over again. Bringuiro is a solid option with a nice long white sharpness and a decent purple sharpness for maximum DPS output.

To support this, the Bringuiro Hunting Horn provides some offensive bonuses in its melodies. It’s jam-packed with attack boost buffs and a few resistances to keep players safe from fires.

Alatreon Revival

The Alatreon Revival is another good option for those who don’t need the most damage output and wants a badass Hunting Horn that does the job. This one drops from Alatreon and is ideal for farming the monster repeatedly.

Aside from having good damage and purple sharpness, the Alatreon Revival makes the players as tough as possible. Its melody has a ton of resistance and defense bonuses and can be used to boost elemental attacks.

Fatalis Menace Wailer

Now, if you’re looking for one of the coolest-looking Hunting Horns on the market, look no further than the Fatalis Menace Wailer. It’s designed to resemble an electric guitar, so it’s not a bad choice for displaying endgame weapons.

Despite having a negative affinity and lower attack potential than other Hunting Horns, the Fatalis Menace Wailer is also popular. It will make up for it with offensive playstyles-focused melody bonuses that will make DPS players and speed runners laugh.

Rasping Ballad

Because its sharpness ends at blue, the Rasping Ballad doesn’t look particularly appealing in terms of damage. However, it has high damage stats to compensate. Furthermore, the Rasping Ballad is unlikely to irritate players who despise sharpening their weapons.

It drops from Acidic Glavenus and does not appear to be a Hunting Horn at first glance. This makes it appealing to those looking for some cool-looking weapons. The melodies boost the attack while also providing some significant resistance and defenses for the players.


Kaiser Crown elevates this builds by increasing critical damage and critical rate.

To maximize affinity, wear one of the talismans listed below. Of course, if you don’t have it, swap Attack Jewel 2 for Tenderizer Jewels 2 to obtain Weakness Exploit Lv 3.

Weakness Exploit Level 2 Weakness Exploit Level 1 + Level 2 decoration slot any skills + 2x Level 2 decoration slots.

Recommended Armor

HeadIzuchi Helm S
ChestKulu-Ya-Ku Mail S
ArmsKulu-Ya-Ku Braces S
WaistBaggi Coil S
LegsBaggi Greaves S
Kaiser CrownCritical Eye Lv 3
Critical Boost Lv 1
Vaik Mail
Sinister Gauntlets SHellfire Cloak Lv 1
Handicraft Lv 2
Anjanath Coil SAttack Boost Lv 2
Hunter Greaves SAttack Boost Lv 2
Stun Resistance Lv 1
TalismanWeakness Exploit Lv 2

We recommend Kamura Chorus II as a weapon because it can provide you with a good attack buff. There aren’t many additional skills that work well with the Hunting Horn at the 2 rank levels, so for the time being, you’re best off focusing solely on increasing damage.

Best Hunting Horn Skills

Horn Maestro
A skill made for the Hunting Horn and improved the Hunting Horn’s general performance for 1 skill slot.
Increased stun rate and is a valuable skill for solo and a great skill for multiplayer as well.
Attack Boost
Increasing the Hunting Horn’s base attack is one of the most efficient ways to increase DPS.
Weakness Exploit
Increased affinity when hitting enemy weak spots. This is perfect for Hunting Horns because they should always prioritize the head.
Evade Extender
Improves the Hunting Horn’s ability to dodge out of harm’s way and reposition.
Critical Boost
Amplifies critical damage by 30%/35%/40% per level.
Speed Sharpening
Increased sharpening speed means you can return to the fray faster!
Flinch Free
No singer or musician likes interruptions. Don’t let allies cancel those melodies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hunting horn a heavy weapon?

A blunt weapon that is used to smash monsters with powerful attacks. The hunting horn is a blunt weapon that can grant you and your ally’s positive status effects. Use it to create melodies that increase attack power, restore health, and provide other benefits.

Is hunting horn a good weapon?

Arekkz, one of the biggest and best YouTubers covering the series, called the hunting horn “one of the best weapons that you’re not using.” And it now excels at it even when not accompanied by a full party of hunters.

Is hunting horn a support weapon?

Monster Hunter Rise includes a slew of new weapons, the best of which is the redesigned Hunting Horns. These so-called “support weapons” have always performed far better in frontline combat than many new players believe.

What is the best hunting horn in MHR?

The Best Hunting Horn in Monster Hunter Rise is Rampage Agitato V.

Can hunting horns cut tails?

They can break things more easily, but they can’t cut the tails required for many things.

Is hunting horn good solo rise?

Many people think of the Hunting Horn as a support weapon for team hunts, but it’s easily one of the best weapons for solo play in Monster Hunter Rise.

What is the strongest weapon in Monster Hunter rise?

The Hunting Horn is now one of the most powerful weapons and is very easy to use. Many people think of the Hunting Horn as a support weapon for team hunts, but it’s easily one of the best weapons for solo play in Monster Hunter Rise. The Hunting Horn can be used as a self-buff weapon and a heavy-hitting melee weapon, making it a sort of enhanced Hammer if you can get used to its unusual application.

Bottom line

The Hunting Horn is now one of the most powerful weapons in the game and is very easy to use. The combos are now very simple, so even a beginner can master this weapon!

Yes, you read that correctly: when using a Hunting Horn, notes can now play automatically. To activate the effect, enter the same note twice in a row. Gone are the days when you had to figure out exactly when to play your attack Up notes!

Alternatively, you can return to the original playing notes (lining up notes and then playing) using the Switch Skill Melody Mode: Echo. Even though it is similar to the old Hunting Horn, it is faster, and the playing action has damage! Connect your earplugs, and start playing!

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