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Planning a party is not the easiest thing to do. You, however, have already completed one of the toughest levels, deciding a theme. You may have recently got into fishing, are planning a party for someone passionate about it, or are just into it virtually, i.e., in a video game. Now that you know the theme, let’s look at what your next steps could look like. In this guide, I will discuss some ideas for a fishing themed party.

Ideas for a Fishing Themed Party

Creating a Budget

This depends entirely on how much you want to empty your pockets. A good starting point would be determining how much it would cost for each guest, combining individual food and entertainment costs. 

Choosing the Date

You could give your guests a choice between a couple of potential dates in the invitation cards and pick the one with the majority of votes.

This will make life simpler for you by helping you avoid spiralling into the dark abyss of indecision. 

Deciding on a Venue

You need to book the venue in advance, maybe even a month before the party. Then, look into places that align with your theme without breaking your bank. For example, since you are planning a fishing-themed party, you could maybe find a venue with a water body or at least a partial view of it. 

Arranging Activities

There is a whole section on this below, but always remember to try doing things yourself before deciding to place an order.

The activities you choose will largely depend on your target guests as well. For example, what you would prepare for toddlers will differ from what you plan for your gym buddies. 

Inviting Guests

If you are not planning to make, your guests choose a date, make sure to give them a heads up about your schedule.

For example, you could provide them with a detailed timeline once they RSVP to you to give them a better idea of how much time they should allocate for your party. 

Getting the Required Supplies

This should be your last step before getting into the actual decoration. This is extremely important as you need to make sure your products arrive on time and not break the bank’s paying shipping duties. Cesar Soto of Life of Interest recommends the funny fishing products they offer; you place an order and get your delivery completely hassle-free. You can allocate one whole day for shopping if you prefer to buy things in person. 

Now that you know how to go on with the preparations, read on to find more about perfecting the fishing theme.

Fun Activities for a Fishing-Themed Party

Fishing-Themed Games you can Prepare Yourself

This is mainly directed towards your little guests. However, small tweaks here and there in each of these games could make them pretty suitable for your adult guests as well. 

Using a Tackle Box: A Game of Relay

First of all, divide all your guests who are interested in playing into two teams. Each team will have a tackle box with nothing in it.

There will be items inside a tackle box on the other side of your party venues, such as lures, bobbers, and various other fishing tools. If something seems hazardous, i.e., it’s sharp, you could try looking for a toy version of it or getting a paper cutout. Members from each team should take turns running and bringing an item from that side and putting it inside the tackle box. The team whose tackle box fills up first wins.  

Using Bobbers: Everyone gets something.

Don’t want to make anyone feel left out from the joy of winning a game? This game will ensure everyone goes back home with something they won:

  • You have to get a couple of small gifts and fill plastic eggs with them.
  • You have to place them in a shallow enough water body; it could be a baby pool or even a fish tank with no fish, of course!
  • Ask your guests to choose eggs from there at random.

It’s okay if they don’t want to use their hands; a net or a scoop could be used instead.  

Fishing: Whose Catch will be the Biggest?

This involves quite a bit of work on your part. First, you have to create fish of various sizes from paper. Then it would help if you folded them into the same sizes and put them into envelopes. Next, you should attach a strip of magnet to each envelope. You can find it at almost every store that has a crafts section. You can then arrange the envelopes randomly in a box and give your guests fishing rods with magnets tied instead of fishing hooks. The guests would love to indulge in a bit of ‘fishing’ at a fishing-themed party. The one who catches the biggest fish could be given a special treat.  

A Team Game of Relay 

This is arguably the most fun and physical activity-intensive game out of all of the ones suggested here. First, pile up a bunch of fishing gear on one corner of your venue. Then, divide your guests into two teams. One member from each team has to race to the corner and wear all the fishing gear, pick up the tools and run back to their team. They then have to take their gear off and pass it on alongside the tools to the next member of their team, who then has to run back to the corner, remove them, and pile them up again. This has to be continued until every single member from one team wears and carries the fishing gear and tools. The team that does it first is the one that will win. 

Who can cast the Farthest?

This is ideal if you are holding your party outdoors since it requires quite a bit of space. You could make your guests cast either on land or in a water body if it’s available. They should all stand in a row at the same distance from the target area. After that, ask them to cast their reels one by one and let their bobbers remain wherever it lands. It is fairly obvious who the winner will be – the one who manages to cast the furthest. 

Tossing: Who will have the Most Worms?

Make your guests stand in front of a starting line and place their buckets at appropriate distances from them. Next, give each of them a packet of gummies or a similar sweet. You can set a timer to give the whole thing a more competitive edge. After the time is up, a count who has the most gummies. They are the winner! 

Fishing-Themed Decorations

To create an ambience according to your theme, you could purchase a net and incorporate it into your decor. You could hang fish key-rings or toys to show its purpose. Thinking of how to recreate bobbers at home? Use honeycomb paper balls. You can easily find tutorials on creating them if you want to make your own at home. Your entire cutlery could be fish-related as well.

You could make banners of various phrases related to fishing, such as ‘Catch of the day. This could then be used to decorate a photo booth or maybe the snacks table. You could utilize an actual fishing tackle box to place one of your food items. Wreaths are not only for Christmas; you could get a budget-friendly one and attach it to a cake plate. Then you could use your creativity to serve yummy treats; it will give a unique touch to your decor.

Fishing-Themed Refreshments

A party is incomplete without food. Depending on the number of guests and your budget, you have first to decide if you need to hire a catering service or it would be okay to cook by yourself. If you hire a catering service, planning the menu will not be too laborious. Once you provide the details of the theme, they can suggest meal or snack ideas. 

On the other hand, if you plan to arrange the foods yourself, more effort is required. You have to strategize and do just about everything from scratch. Even though it is not a birthday party, you can never go wrong with a cake. 

If you plan to provide the main course, it must include fish! You could have different snacks such as cupcakes, chocolate bars, cookies, and ice cream with little fishing-related elements. While choosing foods to feed your guests, keep in mind their preferences. Any experience can be enhanced with delicious food. 


Throughout the planning, keep in mind that your priority should be enjoying the whole process, especially if this is your first time preparing for a themed party. You need to make sure you don’t get so drained that you cannot enjoy the party yourself!

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