Ideas from SkateAdvisors to Find a Place to Practice Skateboarding

Today, when the population is growing rapidly, and the vacant land is shrinking, skateboarders have a harder time finding a suitable and safe place to perform tricks and indulge their passion for skateboarding. However, with a little effort and patience, you can quickly find a great spot. Here are some ideas from skateAdvisors to find a place to practice skateboarding.

This article will give you some amazing ideas, so make sure you read this until the last words. And for further information on this topic or any other topics related to skateboarding or even longboarding, I highly recommend SkateAdvisors

How to find a place to practice skateboarding

And here are a few places I’ve skated on some of them that will need your careful law consultation. 

Skateboard on City Street

Sidewalks and sometimes streets will be the places for you to perform tricks. Low-grade asphalts are the best, so you don’t hit rocks and fall. 

As I mentioned above, make sure the laws in your state allow you to skate on the street. And even though skateboarding on the street is legal in your state, you still need to follow the safety regulations stated by the experts to protect yourself:

Never ever grab onto the back of another vehicle to ride. This is extremely dangerous and can lead to fatalities.

Be aware of the surroundings, especially pedestrians. Please don’t make them hate skateboarders anymore.

Another option is to skate on the bike lane. If your city has a separate lane for bikers, this would be a great place to skate. Because, firstly, cars and pedestrians are not allowed to use this route, and you don’t have to worry about bumping into them.

Second, these lanes are usually well-maintained and well-constructed, so they have a fairly smooth surface, which is very suitable for skateboarding.

However, again, you must make sure you are allowed to use these lanes. Consult the police whether you can do that. 

Talking about skateboarding law, I guess you may want to read more. If so, take a look at

SkateAdvisors. Since the site covers different boards, those concerned about longboarding will also find various posts on this site. 

And even though you are skateboarding on an uncrowded route like a bike lane, you still have to follow some safety rules.

Comply with government safety regulations regarding the use of bike lanes

Always ride on the right-hand side. In case you need to pass a person ahead, you need to pass on their left-hand side. Don’t forget to warn the person in front of you are approaching them and want to pass. The simplest way is to yell “on your left.”

Skateboard at skate parks

The skateboard population is increasing in big cities. The government has started to pay more attention to taking care of skateboarders by building more skate parks. This helps protect skateboarders and helps protect public facilities and owner properties from being damaged by the skater’s grindings. 

The city of Arlington, Texas is one of the most active cities in building skate parks to build 15 skating spots throughout the city and is in the process of building. The skateboarders in this city are so lucky; they can now perform the coolest tricks and enjoy their skating without any worry. I believe other cities will soon follow Arlington’s lead.

Skateboard at local schools

Schools often contain ideal terrain and objects such as ramps, stairs, long handrails, parking lots, and a large concrete schoolyard so you can practice your skateboard tricks.

Would you please ask for permission before skating here? If you are not allowed, then consider the next place in this list.

Skateboard at skate parks

There is one thing I’m pretty sure about is that every city has parking spots and you can also use them for skateboarding. However, to skate here, you have to wait until there are no cars there, and you must get permission from the parking owner. On his website, Robert Parker, an experienced skateboarder, shared how to skate in parking lots safely. You can read for more information.

Skateboard at public parks

There are quite a few public parks, but to choose a park that can skate, you need to make sure it has the following features:

Large paved bike trails not very crowded skating approved others also, skateboard there

Skateboard around your neighborhood

As long as there is a smooth concrete area/road with some rails, ramps, and stairs for tricks, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. Your neighborhood is an ideal place to start learning skateboarding. 

Was this article helpful to you? Hope it can give you more ideas to change your skateboarding spots for more new experiences. If you have any problems with either skateboards longboards, you can find instant helps on SkateAdvisors. Hope you have learn about the ideas from state advisors to find a place to practice skateboarding.

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