Kayak Camping Trips – How to Get the Best Kayak Camping Trips

best kayak camping trips

Kayak Camping Trips – How to Get the Best Kayak Camping Trips

Kayak camping trips provide a fun, interactive and exciting way to experience nature with your family. These excursions combine the best elements of kayaking and camping to allow for days spent paddling before sleeping under the stars.

Before setting out on a kayak camping adventure, make sure that all your equipment is prepared. This includes items like dry bags that will safeguard against weather-induced risks.


Kayak camping trips can be one of the most satisfying outdoor experiences you can have, providing you with both peace and freedom from daily city life. However, to maximize the pleasure of your adventure it’s crucial that you use an exhaustive checklist to make sure that everything necessary for your kayak camping journey has been brought along with you – this way reducing chances of forgetting essential items!

Multitools are another essential kayak camping accessory that will save both time and money in the long run. These handy devices feature multiple tools in a compact design for easy use; use it to open beer bottles, cut wood, or fix your kayak; this multitool makes the ideal addition to any kayak camper’s tool kit!

Water filters are essential gear when kayak camping. Assuming that nature provides unfiltered, potentially polluted water can make for an uncomfortable camping trip; bring along a filter to help stay hydrated and avoid stomach parasites threatening to ruin it!

Sunscreen should also be part of your kayak camping supplies. Sunburn can not only be painful, but can quickly dehydrate you as well as reduce effectiveness in kayaking skills. Therefore it’s recommended to use high SPF sunblock and apply it regularly.

Finally, two-way radios should be part of your kayak camping gear. These devices will enable you to communicate with your group and avoid getting lost in remote places, and may even help emergency services if required.

If you are new to kayaking and camping, it is advisable to begin with shorter trips of one or two nights in order to gain experience and understand which equipment needs to come with you. Furthermore, practicing paddling skills prior to your actual adventure will prepare your body for physical demands of this activity.


Kayak camping trips provide a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors and discover local wildlife, but you must ensure you come prepared by packing all the necessary equipment and supplies – such as sleeping bag, food, water and first aid kit in case any emergencies arise.

Another key tip for kayaking is avoiding overpacking. Overstuffing can add unnecessary stress during kayaking sessions. To keep things organized, pack dry bags based on usage to help track everything that has been packed away – this way there will be less risk of items going missing during your adventure!

Before setting out on any kayak trip, it is wise to bring a map and review it before departing on your adventure. Furthermore, checking weather reports and water temperatures before setting out will help you prepare appropriately and prevent any dangerous circumstances from emerging during your kayak adventure.

As part of your kayak camping safety measures, bear spray may also prove invaluable. This effective means of deterring bears is quick and safe: its harmless spray releases capsaicin containing liquid that deters predators while remaining easy for anyone to use – plus most outdoor stores sell this type of device!

Make sure you bring enough water for the duration of your trip in order to prevent dehydration and keep you feeling energetic throughout. A portable water filter could also ensure clean drinking water.

If you prefer, guided kayak camping tours provide all of the equipment and supplies necessary for a successful camping adventure – kayak, tent, sleeping bag and cooking supplies among them – along with basic kayaking knowledge as well as tips and tricks for an enjoyable kayak camping adventure.

Beginners looking to kayak camping would do well to start out small; an overnight trip should give them ample opportunity to practice their camping skills and determine if they’re prepared for longer excursions.


Kayak camping is an immersive combination of kayaking and backpacking that allows you to spend days at a time on the water, without distraction from cell phones, televisions, or any other modern conveniences. It provides an incredible way to enjoy nature while pushing both yourself physically and mentally – but there are certain key considerations you need to keep in mind before embarking on such an expedition.

One key takeaway is to keep in mind that kayaking and camping require much more gear than your typical tent and sleeping bag combination; additional necessities may include camp stove, cooking supplies, food and a food budget plan. Thus, budget planning for kayak camping can become quite costly quickly!

Make sure to get a kayak with ample storage space if you plan on embarking on multi-day expeditions; in this instance, something like the Old Town NEXT would make an excellent choice as it can hold all your gear while providing ample room to maneuver on the water.

While it may seem obvious, always wear a life jacket when kayaking and camping. This essential piece of safety equipment could save your life in the event of rescue efforts or accidental falls. Furthermore, bring along a first aid kit just in case any injuries arise from kayaking/camping adventures.

Make sure your kayak camping trip includes some kind of navigation system – be it something as basic as a compass or more sophisticated like GPS – that can assist in helping avoid becoming lost or off course while paddling and will make the experience far more pleasurable.

Your gear needs a waterproof storage option, such as a dry bag. This will protect it from getting wet or damaged on your journey and is an investment worth making – make sure it lasts!

Final Words

Kayak camping is an enjoyable way to discover new areas. By staying longer in one spot, kayak camping enables you to see it from different perspectives and gain a deeper sense of geography around you. Furthermore, kayak camping allows access to more remote and peaceful spots you may otherwise not be able to reach. In order to fully appreciate kayak camping it’s crucial that you have access to an appropriate vessel – one which can carry all your gear with ample storage capacity; such as Wilderness Systems’ Tsunami 145 which was specifically designed specifically to handle long camping expeditions while providing plenty of storage capacity and gear space – for ultimate fun!

If you’re seeking a more challenging kayak camping trip, Idaho’s Main Salmon River may provide the ideal backdrop. Renowned for its Class III rapids and intense water flow, this river makes for a thrilling kayaking adventure for experienced paddlers only; therefore it would be wise to bring along a guide who can show you around this stretch of river.

Lake Chelan in Washington State provides another great kayak camping trip option, boasting one of the most picturesque freshwater lakes in America and boasting an abundance of aquatic wildlife including seals, orcas, sea lions and bald eagles – not forgetting its sandy beaches and abundant colorful fishes!

Brunet Island in North Carolina offers one of the premier kayak camping locations. It is home to herons, egrets and ospreys; making this spot an unforgettable destination for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers.

Koreshan State Park in California offers kayakers of all ages a relaxing and rejuvenating kayak camping experience, set near Estero River (once home to pioneer communities). This place can help them escape their busy lives while immersing themselves in nature’s beauty.

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