Lorex Camera Wiring Color Code

Lorex camera wiring color code

Lorex Camera Wiring Color Code

Lorex provides an impressive variety of security camera systems, from 4K,1 8-channel NVRs to wire-free floodlight and spotlight models. Their Fusion bundles even offer smart home compatibility allowing their systems to integrate seamlessly with other devices.

Installing these security cameras is relatively straightforward once you understand their wiring color code – once that step has been taken, setup becomes much simpler!


Lorex cameras tend to offer simpler features compared to some other camera brands that include more complex ones, but Lorex remains innovative and offers plenty of great home monitoring features such as sound detection. You’ll receive alerts if anything in your yard or home moves unexpectedly such as birds perching on branches or glasses falling off tables – not as advanced as motion detection but still very useful nonetheless!

Lorex Camera Wiring Color Code

Adjusting the sensitivity of motion sensors is another great feature, helping prevent unwanted alerts that plague other security cameras. Doing so is immensely helpful, as some parts of your house might require greater or lesser sensitivity than others.

Lorex provides wired security systems with a variety of cables designed to connect cameras to either a DVR (digital video recorder) or an NVR (network video recorder). Lorex’s two primary types are RG-59 coaxial cables and CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cables – these provide data and power transfers necessary to support surveillance cameras.

Siamese cables combine data and power wires into one cable for ease of use and troubleshooting; CCTV cameras typically come equipped with 100ft RG-59 cables, while digital IP camera kits often include 60ft CAT5e or CAT6 cables instead.

Installation is generally easy for most cameras; if you prefer, however, professional services may be available such as home improvement stores offering installation services for their cameras. Another alternative would be InstallerNet which has nationwide technicians specially trained in installing home security systems.

Lorex not only offers an impressive selection of security cameras, but they also offer bundles and add-ons designed to make installation simpler – for instance, their smart home integrations enable users to view live feeds of Lorex cameras from any smart speaker or television compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.


If you’re concerned about someone knocking on your door when you are absent, a Lorex video doorbell could be handy. These cameras offer night vision and motion detection to deter criminals or unwelcome guests. Plus, you can set it to illuminate when it detects movement – or simply set a certain time of day when illuminated!

These video doorbells also integrate seamlessly into smart homes. Simply connect your Lorex doorbell to a smart display or Alexa device and view live video and activate its siren; they even work with third-party smart locks and doorbell chimes so you’ll know when visitors arrive at your home!

Lorex doorbells stand out from other smart doorbell brands by not requiring monthly fees to store footage locally on DVR or NVR recording media, eliminating subscription costs every month for storage services.

If you want a doorbell with advanced features, consider investing in a 4K camera. 4K cameras provide four times more detail than 1080p models and produce crystal clear images even in low-lighting environments. However, keep in mind that higher-resolution models take up more storage space and may need faster internet connections to upload data successfully.

Video doorbells come in indoor and outdoor models to meet your needs. Indoor models are discreet enough to blend into any decor seamlessly while still answering calls at your absence. Use indoor video doorbells to monitor baby or pet, answer doors when away, monitor baby sleep, or answer phone calls when you can’t be there yourself, as well as answer them when someone is waiting outside your door!

Outdoor models tend to be bulkier, making them visible to anyone passing by your house. Capturing detailed images even in difficult conditions like snowy yards or Florida homes, these cameras can capture detailed pictures with incredible clarity even under adverse conditions such as snowfall or heat waves. Not only can these models record HD video, but they also come equipped with loudspeakers and two LED lights that can be programmed for different colors; when receiving calls, they flash a particular hue when answering as well as activate loud sirens if an intruder is detected.


If your home has internet connectivity and compatible smartphones, the Lorex app allows access to any camera feeds installed within it. Depending on which model it is installed on, cloud recording may even enable for continuous video storage.

The app also boasts other useful features, including remote zooming and tilting controls, motion detection, active deterrent lights, night vision capabilities, and siren functionality for some models.

Lorex cameras are designed to be user-friendly, including quick start guides that make setup and use as simple as possible. Plus, many can connect directly to smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Nest Hub for live feed display!

Lorex offers an assortment of cables that are suitable for purchase, including CAT6 and CAT5E ethernet cables rated to support 100 megabits per second (Mbps). In addition, CMR riser or plenum cables from Lorex may also be utilized in buildings without air-circulating systems for heating or cooling, providing convenient options when ceiling space does not circulate environmental air for heating or cooling purposes.

Installing an ethernet cable requires taking care not to bend or pull its wires too tightly, as doing so could cause its copper conductors to separate, leading to loss of connectivity and connection issues. Also, when cutting, leave some extra wire so that rerunning may still be an option if necessary.

If you use a CAT5E cable with Power Over Ethernet (POE), its female RJ45 in-line jack will have four wires attached to provide power for your camera. These four wires may also be cut off unless necessary to run local networks.

Lorex cables are all UL-certified, meaning they have undergone rigorous safety testing to meet industry standards for security. Many are also covered by lifetime warranties; should any issues arise with one of its products, simply contact Lorex’s customer support team for help.

Data or Control

Lorex cameras are simple to set up, especially if you purchase a complete system bundle containing everything needed. Installation typically takes 15-30 minutes depending on where and how many cameras are to be installed – eliminating the need for costly installation professionals to assist.

Lorex boasts an impressive list of features that includes 4K surveillance systems with 8-channel NVRs, wire-free floodlight and spotlight cameras, wire-free floodlight cameras, bullet and dome camera styles, as well as much more.

No Monthly Fees: Most Lorex models record locally using DVRs or NVRs, eliminating the need for monthly subscription fees to operate properly. You have the flexibility of recording continuously or only when motion detection occurs so you always have access to footage when needed.

Video Quality: Lorex cameras are known for producing crystal-clear videos and crisp imagery, offering up stunning 2K and 4K resolution options, both offering stunning detail. Plus, with enhanced night vision capabilities that offer up to an 8x zoom range for clear visibility even in dim conditions.

Smart Home Integration: Lorex cameras can be controlled via voice assistants and smart devices for effortless surveillance of your property. Use the app to remotely check in with them from anywhere and get notifications when someone approaches. Plus you can set schedules and geofence zones.

Sound Detection: Lorex cameras feature sound detectors that can listen out for footsteps or doors opening – enabling you to keep an eye on your property when away easily.

Lorex models feature a one-year warranty. Should any problems arise with your system, contact them directly for support; their team of customer support agents is here to help quickly resolve them efficiently and offer troubleshooting steps if required.

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