Moving to California Checklist

Moving to California Checklist

Not knowing what to expect in California can lead to some major surprises.

Many things need to be considered before moving here, and we will list a few of them for you in this moving to California checklist:

  1. Climate – This is probably one of the biggest concerns people usually have when moving to another state. As said in several TV shows like The Hills, living in Los Angeles means always having a tan! However, almost everywhere else around the state has a different climate; there might even be four seasons! Make sure you do your research and learn about the places you decide to live in before making any final decisions on where you want to settle down. Also, consider if you are used to a humid or dry climate.
  2. Cost of Living – This is another important factor that you should consider when moving to California. The cost of living in the Golden State tends to be higher than in other states, but there are ways to reduce it. One way to do this is by choosing to live in certain areas of California; for example, the Central Valley has a lower cost of living than coastal towns like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Another thing you can do is get a job that pays well; although this may not always be easy, the average salary in California is much higher than in most other states.
  3. Housing – It is no secret that housing in California is expensive, especially in popular areas. If you are moving to California with your family, make sure you budget enough money for a monthly mortgage or rent payment. You may also want to consider living in a suburb rather than in the city; this will help reduce your housing expenses.
  4. Traffic – This one is something you need to factor into your decision on whether or not to move to California!Los Angeles and San Francisco have some of the worst traffic in the country, and it can often take hours to get from one place to another. If you are not used to sitting in traffic for long periods, you might want to reconsider moving here.
  5. State Taxes – California is one of the few states with income and sales taxes. The income tax varies depending on the income level, and it can be as low as 1% or as high as 12%. This is something you should consider when considering your salary; this is especially important if you work for an international company and they will need to send you a paycheck.
  6. Cost of Utilities – Last but not least, we arrive at another major cost that anyone who decides to live in California must deal with: utilities! Electricity and natural gas are more expensive than most other states, so if budgeting is one of your hobbies then moving here probably isn’t for you.
  7. Recreation – California is a great place to live if you love spending time outdoors. There are so many amazing places to explore, from the beaches of Malibu to the mountains in Yosemite National Park. You will never run out of things to do here, and that is one of the perks of living in this great state.
  8. The Culture – Finally, one of the unique things about California is its culture. This state is a melting pot of different cultures and religions, so you will never get bored here. From the food to the music, California has something for everyone.
  9. The Weather – We saved the best for last! Although the weather in California can be unpredictable, it is mostly sunny and warm. If you are tired of cold winters and snow, moving to California may be the right decision.

Another thing to consider is the quality of life. California has high pollution rates and high traffic. You may also find it hard to find a good job that offers an appropriate salary, especially if you are moving here from another country as some companies prefer local candidates.

Another thing about California is that it has the best weather in all of America. The climate can be very unpredictable at times, but usually, you will experience sunny days for most of the year. If you are tired of living in a cold state where it snows six months out of the year, then moving to California might be right for you!

Another thing about California is its culture and diversity. You will never get bored here because there is always something new to learn or try out, such as delicious cuisines from all different backgrounds and cultures. This also includes religion; so many people enjoy living in this state because they have the freedom to practice whatever religion they believe in without feeling discriminated against.

Another best thing about California is its natural beauty. It has some of the most amazing places to explore, from national parks to beaches. With over a million miles of shorelines and 7,000 different kinds of flowers, you will never find yourself bored here.
Some additional considerations before moving here include the fact that this place has high pollution rates and heavy traffic. You may also find it hard to get a job if your skills do not match what local companies are looking for; some organizations prefer hiring local candidates.

Moving to California Checklist

One more thing about California is that it has some of the highest utility costs in America. Electricity and natural gas are extremely expensive because there’s no easy way to transport these resources into or out of the state. This means that any appliance you use will significantly increase your monthly bills.

As you can see, there are many things to consider before moving to California. However, if you are prepared for what lies ahead, you will be just fine! Make sure to research the areas you are interested in and ask around to see what other people’s experiences have been like. California is a great place to live, but it’s not for everyone; only you can decide if it is the right fit for you. Read about moving to Alaska here.

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