Moving to Illinois Checklist

Moving to Illinois checklist

There is usually some form of fear whenever you think about relocation to a different state. This happens even when you are sure about your decision about the relocation. You want to ask yourself several questions that you cannot even answer in most cases. Many issues come to your mind, and you wonder whether your decision is the best.

Because of such thoughts, we are here to help you plan as you move to Illinois. This article assumes that you have already chosen to make a move, whether voluntary or by coercion. All we want is to make a move to be the best that you can ever think about. Okay, let’s go straight to the checklist that you need for a smooth relocation and which can guarantee you a lovely stay in Illinois.

1. Illinois driving license

When you hear about the Illinois driving license, I am sure you tense a bit. No, you are in safe hands. Well, you might have to do an exam to prove that you are eligible to use the roads in Illinois. The exam is on theory anyway, so you don’t have to panic since nobody will make you hit the road for a road test.

However, there are some mandatory tests that you must pass. First, you need to produce a valid driving license from your previous state before the check is done. Afterward, you will carry out some simple eye tests, take a new picture and make payments. The payment is made through the driver service department of the secretary of state. Do not make any transaction with another agency if you don’t want issues in your new state.

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is not something you are going to ignore. The insurance cover from your previous state might come in handy in Illinois. Some states have mandatory state medical insurance while others do not have. Illinois is open for all types of health insurance, depending on what you need. Visit the official Illinois health insurance website and find a good plan for you.

This is also the chance for taking an alternative turn when looking for health service providers. Here, it would be best if you did good research. Consult to get the best dentist, optician, doctors, and any other health service provider that you might need depending on your health condition.

3. Car insurance policy for Illinois

Do you want to move out with your car, or are you planning to purchase a new one once you get to Illinois? Whether you move on your own or plan to buy a new one, you really might need to register your car. If you had an insurance policy from the privies state, you might need to produce it to ensure that the insurance takes a shorter time. However, keep in mind that states differ regarding insurance, so do not shy off from taking a different dimension for your insurance.

We cannot state the exact amount you are likely to pay for your car insurance since people own different cars. The amount depends on your type of car, the number of people you have listed as drivers of the car, as well as your driving habits. Get prepared to pay a minimum of $ 20 000 for your car insurance in Illinois. We hope you get the best service provider for this.

4. Voter registration

Whether you want it or not, the political factors in Illinois will affect how you operate in the new state. Before you choose to make a move, you consider how favorable you are to survive in the state politically. You have a role to play in being politically available to vote. You don’t need to wait until the voting season to register as a voter.

When you are still overworking your mind to relocate, you also got to stretch to make a move to register as a voter. You will have to carry out some simple search about the polling stations you will register for, your districts, and your voter representatives. Once you register as a voter, you can proudly move and hope to vote in any upcoming election.

5. Address update

You will need to update your address to simplify your operation in Illinois. You don’t want to get to a new state then start struggling with the issues like home delivery services. Remember, when you are a new resident of Illinois, you will likely look for new services. In such cases, you don’t want to risk giving the wrong direction when you are not yet conversant with the region.

Well, updating your address is very simple. You only need to visit the USPS change of address website’s official website and follow the simple prompts there. This service is likely to cost you $1.05. The website will automatically forward your emails from the previous website for about one year, so you will have time to update your friends and any relevant entity of your new address.

6. Pet licensing

Most people, especially those who do not have young children at the moment of their relocation, tend to forget about their pets until the exact day of relocation when they realize that they have not registered their pets with the new state. So they cannot move with them. Who wants to leave their pets behind? It is actually like choosing to leave your babies behind.

Do not make such a mistake. The only solution you have is to ensure that you register your pet as early as possible for a smooth transition. Find out if you need to register the pets and do so in good time. This will give you a chance to find and engage a new vet in Illinois. Just as you anticipate having some health challenges because of the new climate, your pet can also be sick. You need a vet even before you settle in the new state. Do not forget to carry your pets’ medical reports from the previous vet. Learn more about Illinois here.


Moving to a new state can either be full of fun or stress. It is you to choose what you want to experience. Proper planning, however, kills the chances of stress and replaces it with joy.

All you need is the checklist above. Well, there are more than you can have on the list depending on the life you are subscribing to once in your new state. Whether primary or complicated, the above must never be missed in your list. Read about moving to Another state.

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