Moving to Indiana Checklist

Moving To Indiana Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

Moving to another state is never an easy task. First, note that you are relocating to a new state; it is different laws. This means there are a few changes that you have to make to become a resident of Indiana, a state that sits on ‘the crossroads of America.’

The secret to a successful and easy move to India is a checklist. It ensures that you have everything you need to make the relocation smooth. Compile the list in advance, to avoid getting stranded once you land in Indiana. Being organized is vital for any move, and the way to do that is planning ahead. Start packing and also apply for anything that you need as sons you to Indiana such as cable TV.

Start by Determining What You Need

It does not make sense to move with clutter miles away. Instead, take the opportunity to de-clutter all that you do not need. This will reduce your items and leave you with things that you need in your new home. You can choose to sell, donate or simply throw the unwanted items away.

When you de-clutter, you will have an easier time moving. Besides, this is a great way of ensuring that you do not carry your baggage from one state to another. The best part is that since you will have reduced your things, which can reduce transport cost and time spent unpacking. So not only will you make money from the garage sale, but it will also help you save significantly.

Start Packing Early

You can choose to pack your DIY packaging or use professional movers. Hiring a moving company to the work for you makes things easier. They are experienced and have the right tools and equipment needed to move things easily.

Besides, they use quality boxes and reduce the risk of damage to your items. In case you decide to do the packing yourself, shop for quality packing boxes. They are the beginning of success moving from your current state to Indiana.

Update Your New Address

Before you move, it is important to have your updated address and forward all your mail to your new home. The best part is that you will not have to physically visit the USPS offices; you can change the address online. Note that you might have to pay some fees for this process.
Once you update, your mail will be forwarded to your new emails for 12 months. This gives you enough time to update your email address with any company, friend, or business associate.

Apply For Your Indiana Driving License

The other big step that you can take is to apply for an Indiana Driving license. Note that when you move to the new state, you have to apply for the state license within 60 days after moving. This process will require you to visit the local driver’s license office and complete the application.

Transferring is easy as long as you pass an eye exam, driver’s license exam, take a new picture, and pay for the fees.

Transfer Vehicle’s registration and titles

In addition to getting an Indiana driver’s license, you must also transfer vehicle registration and titles after moving to Indiana. You have 60 days to do the registration. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

• Start by visiting the local DMV offices
• Fill an application form
• Provide proof of vehicle’s ownership such as your previous registration
• Pass the required different VIN inspections, emission, and car safety inspections tests.
• Pay for the registration charges and taxes

After completing the steps above, you will get your Indiana license plates. Check if your old state requires you to send the previous license plates back to them. Besides, send a notification to your other state’s DMV to let them know your vehicle’s registration has changed, alternatively, you can wait until they send you a renewal notice and respond accordingly.

Register As an Indiana Voter

When you get to Indiana, ensure that you register as a voter. You can do this when updating your Indiana driver’s license or address. If you do not register as a voter, you cannot participate in any elections. The best way to get started is by visiting the government website and filling in your information.


It is important to ensure that all your utility services are coordinated. You should notify various utility companies that you have been using before contacting your new services providers. Pay any pending bills and end your contract with them. Some of the utility services that you must coordinate include:
• Water
• Internet
• Electricity and gas
• Trash collectors
• Phone services
• cable

Update Your Financial Information

Your finances are important and you should therefore update when you move to Indiana. Let your bank, lenders investment companies, and credit card providers know your new address. Even though you will receive forwarded mails from your financial institutions, you request them to update your address as soon as you move to Indiana.

Update Health Insurance

You should not forget to update your healthcare insurance. You must also get another doctor in Indiana along with specialists such as dentists and optometrists.

Some employers will help you do so. But in case you cannot do it through your workplace, go to the Indiana health insurance site and update it. Learn more about Indiana here.

Register pets and find a good vet

Remember to register your pets. It is not easy for your favorite fur babies to adapt to a new environment. Check if any pet registration is required in your new city. You may be also required to prove that your pets are vaccinated and pay for the licensed pet if required.


Take enough time to plan your move to Indiana. It may be too hectic and time-consuming if you try to rush at the last minute. Besides, with a checklist, you will be sure not to forget anything.

This simple list will prevent unpleasant surprises. This means you will be happy and relaxed on the day you move to Indiana. It is a beautiful state to live in, and you will definitely have a great experience and enjoy your new move. Read about moving to hawaii here.

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