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Moving to Kansas checklist Overview

I can imagine the kind of joy you are having now that you have chosen to move to Kansas. There is a better than that you would be part of other than Kansas. The recreational activities in Kansas make the best one of the best. Well, you might not be going out for fun, but then you can practically not miss some fun moments once you are there.

However, any perfect place must have some minor issues that can make one rethink their decision. The extreme temperatures in Kansas are the only thing I have heard people complain about. The temperatures can go as high as 100 degrees delicious. It can also be freezing in Kansas to the extent of snow development. However, this is a challenge that you should not struggle with as long as you pack many clothes for all two seasons. Do not ignore this claiming that you will buy clothes once you get to the city.

However, impressing your decision to move maybe, if you do not plan well, you might end up struggling through the whole process. This is why we came up with a checklist to help you know what you need to make the transition a smoother one. Have a look!

  1. Transfer your basic services
    Some services you are used to obtaining from your current State might be needed once you cross to the other side. For example, you will still need banking, insurance, and home services, among others in Kansas. You, therefore, need to cancel some of your current services and transfer what you can.

Services like banking as not things will cancel. All you need is to transfer them to another bank in Kansas so that you keep having them. However, this is dependent on the type of bank that you were using previously. If your bank has a branch in Kansas, you are a lucky one. All you need to do is inform that bank about your relocation so that you do not continue being treated like it happens in your current State once you choose to leave.

Other services might have to be canceled altogether. For instance, your insurances will not be applicable in Kansas. You might need new ones. This means that you should not allow your payments to accrue, which happens when you relocate but do not cancel the services. Let not your premium payment multiply when you no longer need the services.

As you cancel them, remember to get new ones in Kansas. This will ensure that you keep enjoying services even as a visitor in your new State. Find out the insurance service providers in Kansas and choose one that can work best for you. There are some insurances that you cannot operate without. For instance, there is no way you will survive without medical and car insurance. You really need them. To your information, the Kansas government has basic medical insurance as a statutory service. You only need to advance if you need more. The government insurance does not fully cover dental and optical needs, so you might need to pay more to get the services. This is also the time to get new medical service providers.

  1. Address change notification
    I believe your choice to move from your State to Kansas is legal and that you are not trying to run away from people. You need to notify different bodies about your relocation and change of address. For instance, your post office should know that you have changed your address for easy delivery. The same applies to your credit card companies. It would help if you let them know your new address. Do not ignore your family as well. You don’t want to create enmity with your people simply because you have subscribed to a change.

If you successfully change your address, you will be surprised how the stay in the new State will be fun. As you notify the interested parties about your change of address, be sober enough not to be discouraged. Not everybody considers a change as a positive thing.

  1. Get a driving license.
    It would help if you did another thing even before your actual relocation day. I guess you are not moving before doing a pre-visit to find out where exactly you should live. Once you get cleared to be a citizen or resident of the State during your pre-visit, you can register for a driving license. It is not something that will consume your whole day. You only have to carry with you an up-to-date driving license from your previous State and do some straightforward exams. You will be taken through an eye test requested to provide your current picture. Do not fear being taken for a road test, especially if the road rules in your current State are similar to Kansas.
  2. The packing
    Moving can expose you to many thoughts to an extent you forget what you need to carry with you. Whether you have hired professional movers to opt not, there are some things that you need to have within your reach during the move. For instance, you should remember to carry your documents with you. This is because the Kansas government is so strict, and you might be asked to produce all your documents before entry. You should have all of them at your reach so that you don’t have the excuses you have forgotten them home. Also, carry some cash just in case you need to buy some things on your way.


Moving to any state can be fun. Maybe you are reading this article, and you have not decided to move to Kansas because you have thought that you cannot obtain a residence in Kansas. I wish you knew how easy this is.

To gain a residence in Kansas, all you need is to buy a house or an apartment in the State or get registered as a voter. Having a business can also help. Once you accomplish this, getting a residence permit will be very easy.

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