Moving to Maine Checklist

Moving to Maine Checklist

There is a lot that involves moving to a new state, this is after you finish with all the rental arrangements, packing, lifting, the moving companies, and mortgages. After accomplishing all that, there are some more things that you are required to do. When it comes to moving to Maine State there is a checklist you need to check off before moving. This Moving to Maine checklist includes:

i. Updating your Address with USPS
The first step to take is making sure you update your address with USPS and also send your mail. This should not worry you since it’s an easy step. All you need to do is

• Visit the official USPS website
• Fill in your contact details
• Choose a date to begin forwarding mail.
• Give you old and new address
You will be sent a confirmation message once you finish setting it up.

ii. Transferring Out-of-State Driver License to Maine
You need to surrender your out-of-state driver’s license and apply for a new Maine license. This should be done within 30 days you establish your new residence. To do this, you will have to visit the local office of driver’s license that is near you. Here you have to;

• Fill in an application for your new Maine license
• Show proof of citizenship and your identity
• Show proof of your residency and address in Maine
• Pass written exam of driver’s license
• Pass eye exam
• Take new picture
• Pay application fee

iii. Updating Health Insurance for Yourself
When you move to Maine State you will have to update your health insurance and look for new providers of healthcare such as dentists, doctors, nurses. Maine has an official website for health insurance where you can easily change your health insurance.
It is also advisable to get copies of your health records and give them to your current doctors or else communicate a way of them getting your records if copies are not available.

iv. Updating Any of Your Financial Information, Loan, and Banking
Your finances are very important. When you get to a new residency you need to update your new address with
• Your banks
• Investment companies
• Your lenders
• Credit cards

When the USPS sends your important mails from any of the above institutions, they will need to have your new address.

v. Be ready to File Tax Returns in Maine
A state tax is not something that anyone expects to find, but it is very important to think about it and be prepared for it. In Maine State, you will find a progressive state tax income that ranges between 5.8% and 7.15% across three tax brackets. Higher rates apply for income above $53,150. Don’t forget that even after moving you will typically be needed to file a tax return for the old state.

vi. Coordinating All Your Utilities
Set up all your utility services which include; water, internet, Gas, trash services, phone services, cable, and electricity.
Always notify your current provider of utility the date you will end your service and make sure to pay the final bill. As well, contact your new service providers, set up an account with them so that you find your services when you get there.

vii. Title and Register your car in Maine State
In addition to getting a new Maine State driver’s license, you have to transfer all your vehicle titles and registrations to Maine. This is done within 30 days of moving. To do this, all you need to do is;

• Go to your local DMV office
• Fill an application for new vehicle title/registration
• Show proof of your ownership documents
• Pay registration fee
• Give any required inspections of VIN

This enables you to swap from old number plates to new Maine number plates.

viii. Insurance Policy of Your Car Needs to be Updated as Well
Every State has slight car insurance requirements differences. This means the old policy may not cover you in Maine if you are involved in a road accident. Therefore, you must get the Maine car insurance policy.

ix. Find and Enroll your children in Maine District School
If you have kids it’s very important that you find a new school for them. Ensure you get all their transcripts and school records from their previous school. This will get you ready for them to get started with the new school in Maine.

x. Update Other Insurance Policies That You May Have


The Moving to Maine checklist is very important when relocating. It helps you comply and get a clear understanding of the new State. Always ensure that you check off your checklist before moving. This will ease the process. Read about moving to Rhode Island here.

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