Moving to Massachusetts Checklist

Moving to Massachusetts Checklist Overview


Massachusetts is a state in New England located in the northeastern United States. It borders Rhode Island and Connecticut to the south, New York to the west, and Vermont and New Hampshire to the north; at its northeast corner is Maine. The capital of Massachusetts is Boston.

It’s the most populous city in Somerville. According to U.S Census Bureau, it’s estimated that around 6,646,144 people live here. This state has one of the highest rates of college graduates (55%) compared to other states’ rates (22% on average). Also for business reasons, there are more than 2 million students enrolled at colleges across this state which make up 43% of the population.

Moving to the state of Massachusetts can be a great adventure, and it is important to know everything you need to know before moving here.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of 10 things you should consider when planning your move:

The first thing you should do before moving to Massachusetts is find out if your college or university will still accept the credits you’ve earned at your previous school. If not, you’ll need to start over so be sure to check with your new school.

You will want to know what the housing market looks like in this state checklist. There are good deals so don’t rush it but don’t eat up all of your savings either because there are some great places listed here on breve that would make fantastic homes for your new life in Massachusetts!

The weather can change pretty rapidly for this state checklist so keep an eye on the forecast and always have a raincoat, umbrella, and boots handy—just in case!

Maybe the biggest thing to think about before moving here is what do you plan to do for a living? Massachusetts has several Fortune 500 companies including Liberty Mutual, State Street Corporation, Gillette, Reebok International Ltd., EMC Corp., and Staples. Newer ones are Wayfair LLC and Akamai Technologies Inc.

When it comes time to move your belongings, call around for quotes from different movers in this state checklist because there are many options depending on how much stuff you have. And don’t worry—you’ll be able to handle this checklist easily!

If you have pets, then you’ll need to check with your veterinarian about any needed vaccinations or other health requirements before moving here.

New Englanders are known for being extremely polite—so make sure you are too! Being courteous is key in this state checklist because people are very conscious of how their actions could be perceived by others.

There are some incredible houses listed on breve that would make fantastic homes for your new life in Massachusetts so don’t bother looking at anything else—these listings will blow your mind!

The first thing you should do after moving into your new home is start looking for a place to eat out. Try different restaurants and see which ones fit best with your tastes and budget because there are some great places in this state checklist.

Finally, before really diving into the culture of Massachusetts you should find a good radio station to start your day with—and keep it tuned that way for a while! The people here love their music and the radio is where they get their fix.


In conclusion, it is important to be ready for anything when moving to Massachusetts. These 10 tips will get you started on the right path but always keep your ears open and listen to what other people say because they might have some great info too. Read about moving to Rhode Island checklist here.

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