Moving to Mississippi Checklist

Moving to Mississippi checklist Overview

Mississippi is renowned for its rich history, fantastic culture, hospitality, and beautiful views. Besides the low cost of living, Mississippi has more than 50 technical schools, thus attracting many people.

If you want to move to Mississippi, you will enjoy long summers and short winters, making favorable weather conditions for people who don’t like cold weather. You should know and prepare for a few things before moving to Mississippi. They include:

Finding a reliable moving company

Moving can be stressful, and finding a reliable moving company can make your ordeal stress-free. Check reviews, moving cost, level of experience, and specialization to determine if a moving company is ideal. However,

if you get a referral, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything will be handled professionally.

Forward your mail

If you are moving to Mississippi permanently and you tend to receive many mails, consider signing up with the USPS mail forwarding service. This service enables mail redirection to the right address for a period. Typically, the fee for forwarding your mail is around $1 for six months. However, if you want to extend, you will have to pay $20 for 6 more months. How do you forward your mail? Sign up on the United States Postal Service’s website or visit your local post office.

Become a resident

Establishing residency in a new state is vital. After becoming a resident, you can register your car, get a driver’s license and get access to local discounts and perks like Mississippi resident access to universities, in-state tuition, and parks. Here are some of the ways you can establish residence:

Register to vote
Rent or buy an apartment or house
Getting employed/working in Mississippi
Owning a business
If your children study in the state
Due to legal and tax purposes, you become a permanent resident of Mississippi if you live in the state for at least 6 months a year.

Getting a driver’s license

Even if you have a driver’s license, you need to apply for another driver’s license within 60 days. The process of surrendering your driver’s license is straightforward, but it entails the following:

Apply for Mississippi’s driver’s license

Provide proof of legal presence, for example, your out of state driver’s license
Proof of residency and address. You are required to provide two documents, for example, utility bills, lease agreements, pay stubs, and bank statements.
Pass a driver’s eye exam
Pass a written driver’s test exam
Get a new driver’s license picture.
Pay application fees
You might not need to take a road test because you already did one (from the previous state). Remember, you have to register and title your car in Mississippi within 1 month.

Voter Registration

After moving to Mississippi, remember to register as a voter to participate in the next elections. You can do this while updating your address or applying for a driver’s license.


You need to update your car insurance, health insurance, and other insurance policies. States have different requirements, and it is crucial to adhere to these requirements by updating your insurance policies.

Finally, check with the county to determine whether you need to register or license your pets. You might need proof of vaccination and pay a licensing fee (if you are required to license the pets). Do not forget to coordinate all your utility services to avoid any inconveniences. Read about moving to Montana here.

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