Moving to Ohio Checklist

Moving to Ohio Checklist Overview

From the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, no other place in the US compares to the fun and games you can enjoy in the Ohio state.

Whether you’re looking to relocate there for work or vacation, you likely wonder what you’ll need and how to navigate your stay. Here is a checklist to make your stay comfortable:

Becoming an Ohio resident

If you’ve decided to make Ohio your place of residence, you will need to declare that you want to be an Ohio resident by:

· Obtaining your Ohio’s driver’s license

· Providing proof that you have lived there for at least one year

· Providing proof of financial independence

First, you should get a driver’s license and register your vehicle from your previous state to Ohio with your local BMV office in person. The office may also require you to pay the registration fee to process your details and recognize you as an Ohio resident.

Establishing your residency in Ohio also requires you to rent or buy a house/apartment. You can also register to vote in Ohio and establish a business.

The state of Ohio also considers you a resident if you spend more than 183 days or 6 months out of a 12-month period. Essentially, you should do anything that portrays that you’re in Ohio to stay.

Moving to the Ohio checklist

It takes significant changes when deciding to move to a different state. You will need to plan your packing, cleaning, lifting, rental agreements, mortgage, jobs, and even moving company. Once you’ve taken care of all these factors, it would be best if you also considered the following:

· Updating your address so the state knows where you live

· Getting your Ohio driver’s license

· Registering your car

· Obtaining a new car insurance policy according to Ohio’s standards

· Obtaining health insurance

· Enrolling your child(ren) in your new Ohio school district

· Complying with Ohio tax requirements

· Obtaining a license for your pets and locating your local vet

· Overseeing your financial details such as loans and investments

· Streamlining your utilities

You might find all these overwhelming, but these are the factors you should consider if you want to make your stay worthwhile.

Enjoy your residency in Ohio

Popularly known as the Buckeye state and the place where the first man walked on the moon, Ohio is the home to many attractions and interesting facts. Once you’ve established your residency, get ready to have the following experiences:

1. Immerse yourself in the Buckeye environment

While in Ohio, you will notice Buckeye trees growing throughout, particularly near rivers and streams. The Buckeye title came due to the tree nuts that mimic the color and shape of a deer’s eye.

The Buckeye trees were officially planted in Ohio in 1953, and they are used to identify Ohio residents to date for their resilience. So, if you’re planning to be among the number, get ready to enjoy the privileges that come with Ohio’s rich history.

2. The home to a Christmas story

Ever wondered where “A Christmas Story was filmed? It may sound too good to be true, but this film was inspired by the rich Christmas events that happened in Ohio. In Ohio, everything about Christmas plays out perfectly all year round. You can start by touring the house and museum located in Cleveland, Ohio.

3. Get ready to rock and roll

Are you a music diehard? If yes, then Cleveland is the place to visit. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is popularly known for its interactive exhibits, performance spaces, and costume displays. It’s all fun, games, and a myriad of activities. All you need to do is to find the shores of Lake Erie to catch a glimpse of how music aficionados rock and roll.


Whether you’re looking to settle permanently in Ohio or vacationing, knowing what you need is vital. Like other states in the US, Ohio is home to many attractions and job opportunities.

Provided you stay on the good side of the law and pay your taxes on time, your stay in Ohio will be like any other place. While there, take time to visit some of these attractions to understand the rich history this state has.

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