Moving to Oklahoma Checklist

Moving to Oklahoma Checklist Overview

Is Oklahoma your dream area of residency? You’re not alone. The state credits its growth to inbound migration.

So, whether you’re moving States or from another country, there is a lot to learn about navigating life when you relocate to this magnificent state. Here is a checklist for moving and tips to make your transition easier:

Establishing your residency in Oklahoma

Like in other states, Oklahoma welcomes anyone looking to establish their residency provided they fulfill the following requirements:

Rent or buy a house/apartment
Landing a job in Oklahoma
Applying to register as a voter in Oklahoma
Setting up a business in Oklahoma
Enrolling your child(ren) for Oklahoma primary or secondary school
For you to be declared an Oklahoma resident, you should prove that you’ve stayed there for more than 183 days or 6 months. When you adhere to these requirements, your stay in Oklahoma will feel like home sooner than you’d expect.

Moving to Oklahoma checklist

Relocating to Oklahoma can be easy and difficult at the same time. It starts by coordinating your packing, cleaning, rental agreements, job, and moving requirements. For example, if you’re relocating from Ohio to Oklahoma, you’ll need to:

Update your home address so that all your mails and deliveries reach your new area of residency
Obtain your Oklahoma’s driver’s license
Register your car
Obtain a new car insurance policy for Oklahoma
Obtain your new Oklahoma health insurance
Find out the tax requirements
Obtaining a license for your pets and getting a local vet
Streamlining your Oklahoma utilities
To be on the law’s good side and get recognized as a resident by the Oklahoma state officials, you’ll need to fulfill all these requirements.

What to expect while at Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the home to countless attractions, educational centers, and job opportunities. As a newly-registered resident, you can take advantage of your stay by enjoying the following opportunities:

1. Enjoy football during fall

If you’re an avid football fan and Oklahoma is your dream place to live in, then your fall experience won’t be the same. Every fall in Oklahoma marks the beginning of football. You get to watch high school games battle each other in tournaments. Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma aren’t left out, either, when it comes to football.

2. Don’t expect heavy snow

During winter, you’d expect snow to come in drones. However, Oklahoma only experiences heavy snow once every two years. But when it does, expect some schools or workplaces to close.

3. Friendly locals

Ever been to a place where everyone knows everyone? Oklahoma is the place that portrays this logic. The locals are friendly. So, even if you’re introverted, it will take you a year after relocating to Oklahoma to blend in.

4. Oklahoma has a rich history

Imagine being in a place where a fire is shot, and the only thing you can do is to race to the land you desire and claim it as yours. You don’t need to make an upfront payment or sign any contract. It seems too good to be true, but Oklahoma is the one place that conducted a Land Run on April 22, 1889.

At the time, Oklahoma residents were required to race to places they wanted to live in. Today, school-going kids are taught about this great race, and some towns relive this event on their anniversary.

5. Oklahoma ranks fourth in farming practices

Did you know that more than 78,000 farms cover about 34 million acres of land in Oklahoma? That alone should tell you that people in this state love farming. Imagine watching canola crops blooming in the spring. Doesn’t it sound like the most breathtaking experience you’ll ever get? So, if you enjoy farming or touring farms and ranches, you will enjoy your stay in Oklahoma.

Are you ready to relocate to Oklahoma?

Oklahoma may have its fair share of pitfalls, but overall, it is one of the best states to live, work or play in. As long as you obtain the right documentation and avoid anything that may put you on the wrong side of the law, you won’t have a problem relocating there.

While at it, ensure you follow the weather channels because it is one of the places that gets affected by tornadoes. Read about Pennsylvania moving here.

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