Moving to Tennessee Checklist

Moving to Tennessee Checklist POverview

Although Tennessee has a fairly low cost of living and plenty of employment opportunities, it is still important to carefully assess your situation before making such a major move. This article will cover some of the basic things you should consider before moving to Tennessee.

1. Find a home

First, find a permanent home for your family in a community that meets your needs. You should make sure to get a home that is in good condition and also meets the needs of your family. Also, be sure to get all of the current utility bills in your name before you move.

This will make it much easier when you become a Tennessee resident and need to add your utility accounts.

2. Driver’s license and vehicle registration

Next, get your driver’s license and car registration all in order. This is important for many reasons.

First, you can drive freely in Tennessee without having to worry about being pulled over because of an out-of-state driver’s license.

Second, you will need a car registration to get your Tennessee license plates.

Third, for your safety and that of other drivers on the road, it is important to make sure you have a valid Tennessee driver’s license and car registration.

3. Register your dependents at their school

If you have children, you should register them at their school. Be sure to carry all the correct documentation and paperwork with you when taking your children to school for the first time.

Also, find out what documentation and paperwork are needed to register your dependents at their new school. For example, you will need a birth certificate for each child.

4. Get your TennCare card

Tennessee offers its residents several benefits, including TennCare health insurance. TennCare is state-sponsored health insurance that can be used at no out-of-pocket cost to you if you are eligible for it.

This is a huge benefit that makes Tennessee even more attractive as a place to live. To apply for TennCare, go to the TennCare website and fill in and submit the application form. Be sure to do this as soon as possible, but no later than when you move into your Tennessee home.

5. Get your car insured

Before you drive any significant distance in Tennessee, be sure that your vehicle is properly insured. You should also get a Tennessee Insurance license plate sticker so you won’t have to worry about being pulled over by the police.

6. Register to vote

You should consider registering to vote. This is a very easy process and can be done at any local Library branch or County Clerk’s office in Tennessee.

7. Make friends and get to know your neighbors

If you want to feel welcome in your new Tennessee home, make some friends. Get out and meet your neighbors as well as members of your local community. Tennessee people are generally very friendly and eager to welcome newcomers into the community.

So, consider inviting some neighbors over for a meal or even organizing an activity so everyone can get to know each other better.

8. Get your children involved in extra-curricular activities

Tennessee has several great schools. Consider getting your children involved in school sports or other activities. Y

ou can even help out by coaching your child’s team or club. Not only will this contribute to the life of your local community, but it will also get your children involved in their school life.

9. Create a budget for your family

To get integrated into the Tennessee community, you should create a budget for your family. Be sure to include all of the costs involved with Tennessee life, such as utilities, transportation (including car insurance and gasoline), healthcare, education (including sports and other extracurricular activities for your children), and food.

Also, be sure to include some spending money for small treats and entertainment.

10. Check with your bank about Tennessee banking laws

Before you move, you should check with your bank as to whether you can transfer your accounts from your home country without incurring any significant extra charges. This is important as you will want to keep some of your money in your home country so you can access it easily and cheaply.


Moving to Tennessee is a great experience. As with any move, deciding in advance what you will need to do before moving can help you in the transition process.

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