Moving to Vermont Checklist

Moving to Vermont Checklist Overview

Vermont is a peaceful state to visit and even relocate to. Today, many people are choosing to move there because of its beauty and other great things available to enjoy.

The State is known for its iconic Ben and Jerry factories, the exquisite wineries, delicious cheese, breweries, and maple syrup. However, it is best to know about several things and prepare well before moving to Vermont. Here are some of the things to check on your list. These include things to know before moving and when arriving.

1. Hire a moving company

The first thing you need to have in your checklist is a name of a reliable moving company, moving container, or truck rental. This means that you will have to hire a reliable moving company or move on your own. You can find the best moving companies in Vermont online; look at the reviews, the professionalism of the company, and the years of experience.

2. Forward mail

If one is moving to this State permanently and happens to receive a lot of mail, the best thing to do is sign up with USPS’s mail forwarding service to ensure that all your emails reach you easily. You will only pay a little over a dollar for the first six months.

3. Change your address

This goes along with the mail forwarding sign-up. To update their address, one will have to reach out to the concerned authorities within Vermont, such as The DMV. This includes the address of the employer, doctor, bank, insurer, and other service providers to avoid any future complications.

4. Acquire a driver’s license and register your vehicle

Once one gets to this State, they have 60 days to get their driver’s license.

There is an application form to fill and submit to the local DMV office. Also, for the vehicle registration, one has a period of 15 days to complete the process at the licensed inspection station

5. Update the car insurance policy

This is a must-do thing when you are moving to another state. Every state has different requirements when it comes to car insurance. This means that the old policy from another state might not cover you when you get into accidents in Vermont.

You will need to acquire a new car insurance policy for Vermont state where you live and drive the vehicle. Once you have decided to move to Vermont, try and look around for quotes from different car insurance providers and pick the one that offers the best rates.

6. Register as a voter in Vermont

You will be required to vote in the next elections, but you can only do this if you have registered as a voter in Vermont state.

Sometimes, you can have the option to do voter registration when applying for the Vermont driver’s license or when updating the address. Alternatively, get a voter registration form and find information about the local polling places, districts, representatives, and visit the Vermont voter website to get more information.

7. Consider getting health insurance

Health insurance is essential to have, but this is not necessary with Vermont. However, if the property you will be living in is mortgaged with a lender, some lending companies can obligate one to purchase insurance on contract terms. This serves as a security to the outstanding loan. The Vermont state frequently experiences storms and floods, which means that health insurance can help protect individuals from damages caused by natural disasters. It is one way to maintain your peace of mind when it comes to your home.

8. Update other insurance policies

Some insurance policies that people might think are unnecessary, but they wish they had it when they need it. Along with the car insurance policy, you will have to compare quotes and update other vital policies you will need, including;
• Boat insurance
• Home insurance
• RV coverage
• Pet insurance
• Renters insurance
• Motorcycle insurance

9. File a tax return

State taxes are not something anyone looks forward to, but they are essential to prepare for when moving. The State has an official state tax website to get all the information on taxes. If you are unsure what to do, talk to a tax professional to get all the information before filing a tax return.


In a nutshell, Vermont State is a beautiful state. The State has a small population, but it offers an epic wilderness regardless.

It has a unique vibe and is often thought to be a world of its own. However, before moving into this State, it is crucial to ensure that everything mentioned above is on your checklist. Read about moving to Washington here.

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