Moving to Washington Checklist

Moving to Washington checklist Overview

Are you considering moving to Evergreen State? You are not alone. Many people consider Washington State the most beautiful state in the Pacific Northwest thanks to its thriving economy, wide range of opportunities, high-quality life, and diverse nature.

If you feel overwhelmed about the big move, we have put together the ultimate Moving to Washington checklist to help.

2 to 3 Months Before the Move

The first thing to do when you decide to move to Washington – to any state, is to plan the move. Begin planning logistics and making schedules at least 8 to 12 weeks before you need to leave your current state. By doing this, you can ensure that your moving experience will be smooth and drama-free.

You also want to find, vet, and hire a moving company as early as possible.

Compare several options, check that they are fully insured and licensed, and pick the mover that most appeals to you.

This early hire will ensure the mover’s availability and give you better rates.

With a professional mover now hired, you can focus on the following tasks:

· Notifying your landlord and neighbors – Let everyone who needs to know about your move that you will be moving out of the state soon. If you rent, notify your landlord early to avoid losing your deposit.

· Declutter – Go through all your possessions and decide which ones you don’t need to ring with you to Washington. This step will save you a lot of money and space.

· Purge – Take the items you identified when decluttering and recycle, sell, or donate them.

Two to three months prior is also an excellent time to visit Washington and, if possible, your future neighborhood or home. Consider bringing your kids along after gently explaining the move to them.

1 Month to the Move

With one month left to move, you should start packing. You will need to acquire the necessary supplies, including tape, packing crates, Ziploc bags, and cardboard boxes.

Start by taping and labeling the cardboard boxes you will use for the move, then take care of the following:

· Update your current address – Log onto the USPS office in your state (or visit it) and change your address for all subscriptions, home deliveries, and online services.

· Transfer your utilities – Call your utilities provider and schedule for them to disconnect your gas, water, electricity, etc., the day after the move. It would help if you also planned to have your new Washington account activated by the time you move into your new house.

· Visit your doctor – Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider, refill all your prescriptions, and ask them for copies of your medical records. Your new Washington doctor will need them.

2 Weeks to the Move

Most of the work is done by this stage, but you still need to schedule transport. Suppose you take a flight to Washington, book and confirm your tickets. If you are driving there, visit your mechanic and inspect your car. Get a tire change, oil change – the works. You also need to arrange transport for anything that will need to be transported separately, such as pets and plants. Next:

· Hire cleaning services: Find someone reliable and affordable to clean your drapes, furniture, perform flooring, and paint, if necessary. Schedule them to come in after you, and the movers have cleared the house.

· Review your insurance policies – Update your car, health, and pet insurance policies, among others. It is also advisable to review the moving company’s insurance coverage.

Moving Week

The week of the move is the perfect time to finalize your packing. Put everything away that you are not using daily and create a separate box to help you pass your first night in Washington. Depending on your needs, this box could contain tools, snacks, toys, medication, snacks, and beddings. Now:

· Confirm your travel arrangements by double-checking reservations and reviewing your flying times.

· Call the moving company to confirm the details, including arrival time and contact details.

· Put your kids to bed early and get some rest. You will need to be well-rested for your move.

The Move

Finally, the day you have been planning for is here! It would help if you were ready and packed when the movers got there. Learn more about Washington here.

Answer any questions they may have and offer them bottled water and snacks for the trip. While this is unnecessary, it will foster a positive mood and motivate them.

Lastly, inspect every house room one last time to ensure that you do not forget anything and everything is in place.

What you need To Know Before Moving to Washington Checklist

In most cases, moving is a bit challenging without a supportive guide, especially when you are moving to big cities such as Washington DC. However, with knowledge and the right tools right at your hands, it becomes a little bit easier.
In today’s article, I am glad to take you a compiled checklist that will make your move seamless.

Whether you are basically moving to Washington for business or you just want to get a fresh start which comes with new surroundings, the below guide will significantly meet your needs and expectations.

  1. Update your address
    This is the first step in updating your address right with USPS, then forwarding your mail. What you need to do is visit the USPS official, enter correct contact information, and choose the date 30 days to 3 months to start forwarding mail.
    Further, provide your specific old address as well as the new one. In addition, provide the credit card 1.05 dollars fee for verifying your own identity. After you are all done, wait for a confirmation letter and email.
  2. Transfer your out-of-date driving license
    Now the next essential step is transferring the driving license to Washington and applying your new Washington license within 30 days. In this, you need the following.
  • A completely new application for a Washington driving license
  • Proof of your citizenship and identity
  • Proof of the residency and address in Washington, including ( pay stubs, utility bills, bank statements, mortgage statement)
  • Pass the eye exam
  • Pass driver’s license exam ( written one)
  • Take new photo
  • Pay your application fee
  1. Title and register your vehicle in Washington
    You are also require to transfer your car titles as well as registrations to Washington within the first 30 days. In this case, you need do as follows:
  • Visit the local DMV office
  • Complete the application of your new car title and registration
  • Provide the ownership proof documents
  • Pay your registration taxes and fees
  • Pass all needed VIN inspections, emissions test, and vehicle safety inspections online services, official information, and find the local office visit the official website.
  1. Update your vehicle insurance policy
    Generally, every state got slightly different needs when it comes to vehicle insurance. This means your old policy might not cover you or cut in in case you are involved in an accident here in Washington. Therefore, you need to hold a vehicle insurance policy under the Washington policy. Below are minimum vehicle insurance requirements in Washington:
  • 50,000 dollars for bodily injury liability for each accident
  • 25,000 dollars bodily injury liability each person
  • 10,000 dollars property damage liability for each accident
  1. Register as a Washington voter
    In most cases, someone got an option to do this in Washington. However, if this chance is not offered to you, register as an eligible voter in the upcoming election when moving to Virginia checklist; And to do so, visit the official Washington voter website at
  2. Update your healthcare insurance in Washington
    Of course, health care is an essential priority when moving to a stranger state, so you should update to find new doctors, optometrists, dentists, etc. Also, you might be needed to get copies of all your medical history to your new healthcare providers. It simple search and update your healthcare insurance of Washington official website at:
  3. Update any financial information, banking, loan, etc.
    Ensure all your financial information, including lenders, banks, credit cards, investment companies, etc., are updated when moving to the Washington checklist. Remember, your USPS mail will reveal all essential documents you have, so you should update all files.
  4. Update your other insurance policies
    Do you have more insurance policies? If yes, please ensure they are all updated. The other insurance policies may include motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, home insurance, RV coverage, boat insurance, pet insurance, etc.
  5. Find your kids Washington school and get them enrolled
    This step applies to people with learning kids; of course, they should continue with their education regardless of that you have moved. So, get copies from their previous school district, vaccine records, child transcripts, and any other child record to a new school.
  6. Be ready to typically file a tax.
    This are called state taxes, and they are essential when someone is moving; regardless of that is not what most people look forward to. Here in Washington, no state income. And for more information regarding filling return and paying taxes in Washington, visit state tax official website at:
  7. Register your pets, also find a veterinarian.
    Please don’t forget to take care of your fur babies as you move. First, you should ensure they will be comfortable during moving as well as in their fresh home. Secondly, check with Washington pets healthcare if you require registering and licensing your dogs, cat, and other animals.
    In this case, you should submit their proof of vaccinations as well as pay their licensing fee if required. In addition, look for a local vet and ensure you have your pet’s previous medical records to make every easier and detailed.
  8. Utilities
    The last thing but not least is ensuring that you have fully coordinated your utility services, including water trash services, electricity and gas, phone services, and cable. Besides, before moving, make sure your current utility providers are aware you no longer need the services. And before moving to Washington’s new house, contact your new local utility providers and set up to ensure you have comfortable services on arrival.
  9. So what should you expect during your move to Washington?
    Essentially, Washington is such a beautiful state that has a lot to offer for you. This state has natural beauty, such as mountains and rivers. Further, it offers exciting history in their museums. When it comes to this state’s weather, it never gets too cold. The only con might be rain.
    In addition, Washington has great outdoor activities for you, such as national parks, mountains, rivers, and lakes for fishing. The good news is that this state is rate under low crime rate, so you should not worry so much when moving to Washington.


Washington is a beautiful and great state with a lot to offer. You will be awed by the natural beauty, complete with mountains and rivers when you move there. Outdoor people will also enjoy the wide range of outdoor activities and parks.

Even better, the Evergreen state has a very low crime rate, so you can rest easy if you have kids. Follow this Moving to Washington checklist, and your move should be smooth and uneventful. You should be settled in Washington in no time! Read about moving Wesst Virginia here.

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