Moving to West Virginia Checklist

Moving to West Virginia checklist Overview

Moving to a new home is a huge event for everyone in the family, particularly when the family is moving across the country to West Virginia instead of a new community in the current vicinity.

From deciding how an entire house of furniture will be transported to a different city and state to determining how to ship the cars ahead of the moving van, there is more than enough for everyone to think about to make a smooth transition.

Thankfully, there is a wealth of information about moving to a new state and city online. Based on the site that makes the publication, professionals in this industry have already designed a checklist that can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

For instance, there is a checklist on that provides you with an 8-week checklist that encompasses a wide range of things that must be done.

With that said, here are 5 things that you need to know before moving to the state of West Virginia.

1. To Arrive on Schedule: Add Extra Time To Your Driving Schedule

A smooth moving trip depends on a number of essential things. One of the most important is arriving at your destination on time. Since the landscapes in West Virginia is made up of narrow lanes, winding curves, steep hills, and deers that can wander across the road, you cannot really speed. Therefore, if you think you are going to make up for lost time on the road when you arrive in West Virginia, you may be really disappointed if all of your plans begin to fail.

2. Winter Time Moves – Take the Appropriate Precautionary Measures

The time of the year that you move to West Virginia can make a huge difference in the plans that you make. Since a winter move to West Virginia requires traveling with the right types of winter snow tire on your vehicle, all of these arrangements must be made well in advance.

Because the roads in the winter may be layered with large amounts of snow, you need to drive to your new destinations in a vehicle that has snow tires on them. Snow tires help to manage the slush and snow better because they provide better traction when driving.

3. Research Internet Providers Before Moving to West Virginia

Before you move to your new home in West Virginia, you need to do a thorough job of researching your needs, and preferences. In specifics, as it relates to the internet company and plans that you select. Because families across the country are using their internet connections for school, remote work, and work from home jobs, the internet providers’ plan can make a huge difference between having everything that’s needed and lacking essential tools needed for your new job and the kid’s schools.

4. Understand the Differences in Pricing for Moves to West Virginia

A short-distance move is vastly different from a long-distance move in a number of different ways. When plans are made for a long-distance move the cost can also be a lot higher than the short-term options that many moving companies offer.

For instance, if you are moving from Tennessee, Kentucky, or any other state to West Virginia, you need to know the moving cost according to the state that you are leaving as well as the state that you are going to move to.

This is because Interstate moves are a lot more expensive, especially because the associated charges are determined by the following factors:

The cost is determined by the number of items that the moving company will be required to move for the customer.
The distance between the movers original starting point and the new intended destination
Total weight of the items that will be transported during the move.

The amount of fuel used to drive to West Virginia is added to the cost
Movers are paid based on two different states based on their present labor laws. And, wages for these moves can vary greatly from one state to another.

As a result of all these factors, everyone who makes a move to West Virginia needs to do a thorough job on the cost and what items will be needed to transport everything safely. Learn more about West Virginia here.

5. How to Use Your Moving to West Virginia Checklist

Since people do not make a long-distance move every day, they need the help to make their move seamlessly without a lot of unnecessary hassles. Today, creating an exhaustive checklist is one of the best ways that everything goes like clockwork.

For instance, you may want to start taking the necessary steps at least 8 weeks before the day that you are scheduled to move into your new home. A checklist will serve as a tool to make sure that the following occurs on time.

Everything in the home is packed up in boxes ready to go
Family vehicles are shipped ahead of time to the new destination
Cost of the Move is Ready to be paid for
Moving Boxes on are onsite to be packed
And much much more. Read about moving to Wyoming here.

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