A Comprehensive Moving to Wyoming Checklist

Moving to Wyoming Checklist Overview

Anyone looking for a free-range lifestyle, rugged wilderness, and rustic ranches should move to Wyoming. Wyoming is the home of American Old West culture and the perfect environment for outdoorsy people and retirees.

It also has very low taxes, a relatively low cost of living, and a lot of natural beauty, making it ideal for families. Even better, it is home to the beautiful Yellowstone National Park. Are you planning to move to the Cowboy State? This moving to Wyoming checklist will help you prepare for the move so that it is as smooth as possible.

A lot of planning, scheduling, and packing goes into preparing for a move. To help you, we have narrowed down your need-to-do list to the following 10 activities:

1. Change Your Address

The first step when moving to any state is to officially update our address with the local USPS and forward your mail.

All you need to do for this step is to log onto the change-of-address website of your local USPS and provide your contact information and new address. Additionally, you will need to select a forwarding date from when your mail should be sent to your new address.

The date should be no more than 30 days before or 3 months after the application date. This is also a great time to update your address with all your subscriptions, including pet food and magazines.

2. Get A Wyoming Car Title and Registration

Residents moving to Wyoming are required to register their vehicles within 30 days of the move. For this step, you must visit your local DMV office and fill in an application for a new title and registration. You will be required to pay a registration fee and pass emission tests, vehicle safety inspections, and VIN inspections. Once the process is complete, you can trade-in your old plates for a Wyoming license plate.

3. Transfer Your Driver’s License

Next, you have 1 year after your move to Wyoming to apply for a driver’s license but it is best to get it done early. Transactions involving driver’s licenses in Wyoming are usually handled by the Driver Services Program of the DOT. You will not be required to take a road test but you must visit a local license office and complete an application. Remember to carry proof of citizenship.

4. Find a Great School

If you have school-going children, you should inform their school of the planned move. Request the school district for copies of their school transcripts and records, which you should then mail to the school district you have chosen in Wyoming. This is also the perfect time to talk to your kids about the move and prepare them for the changes it might bring.

5. Get a New Doctor

Moving to a new state means that you will need a new doctor and health insurance policy. Immediately after you move, you will be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period, during which you can update your plan outside of Open Enrollment. This is also the opportune time to get a new doctor, dentist, etc. in Wyoming and ask your current doctors to transfer your medical records there.

6. Transfer Your Utilities

Call your utilities provider and schedule for them to cancel your utilities the day after you move to Wyoming. You also need to pay all pending bills and request that they have the utilities running in your new home when you get there. Typically, utilities include:

Phone services



Trash services




7. Update Your Financial Information

Next, reach out to all your financial contacts and update your address with their offices. This includes your credit cards, investment companies, and bank. It is true that USPS will forward your mail from these institutions to your new address, but they will also need to update your records.

8. Update Your Insurance Policies

Take the time to call your insurance providers and update your policies. This might involve getting new policies in Wyoming or changing your resident address if your provider has an office in Wyoming. Generally, you want to update the following:

Renter’s insurance.

Health insurance

Auto insurance

Pet insurance. 

9. Register your Pet

If you own a furry friend, you should find out whether your new county or city requires that you register your pets and have a license. Collect all the documents you will need for this process, including proof of vaccinations and your pet’s previous medical records. The latter you can get from your veterinarian’s office in your current state. Learn more about Wyoming here.

10. Review Your Taxes

Lastly, you need to figure out your tax obligations. While Wyoming does not have a state income tax, residents that have just moved to a new state are usually required to file tax returns in their old state. You can consult a tax attorney about your current obligations.


The Cowboy State is famous for its natural beauty and wide-open spaces. Through this moving to Wyoming checklist, we wish to make your move there as easy as possible.

The activities on this list ensure that you secure insurance coverage, pack everything you need, transfer your mail and personal records, and enroll your kids in school. Happy moving! Read about moving to Indiana here.

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