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John F. Kennedy once said that nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike, and any cycling enthusiast can agree.

But if you’re starting your cycling journey and you have no idea how to prepare for a ride, it might not be as pleasurable as you hoped it would be.

The most common novice cycling mistakes are going for a ride completely unprepared or taking half of the house on a journey. In this guide, I will discuss the must-have giant bike accessories for serious riders.

Have you ever set out on a long bike ride without anything but your phone in your pocket? If so, you must know that the proverbial “easy as riding a bike” is complete nonsense when it comes to actual cycling. And have you ever over-packed your backpack with “just in case items” as if you were cycling to Mordor with Frodo and the gang? The truth is, we all have. 

However, both of these scenarios can take all the fun out of biking, no matter if it’s a daily commute to work or a big adventure in the mountains. That’s why it’s a good idea to gear up with only the essential bike accessories that’ll help you make the most out of your cycling experience. And what’s a better place to find all the biking must-haves than Giant – the brand that strives to unleash each rider’s full potential.

Meet the World’s Leading Brand of Top-Quality Bikes & Gear

It all started way back in 1972 when King Liu founded the Giant Manufacturing Company in Taiwan. Thanks to his high manufacturing expertise, the company started producing high-quality bicycles for the greatest cycling brands at the time. Then, in 1981 the Giant brand was born, and it wasn’t long until their bicycles conquered the markets in Europe, North America and other nations.

Fast forward today, Giant has a plethora of international awards under its belt as recognition for the cutting-edge innovative designs. If you’re wondering whether Giant is a good bike brand, you should know that the company has won the Eurobike Award for 4 consecutive years. Moreover, giant racers have also won many prestigious awards, such as the overall title at the Giro d’Italia, the Polka Dot Climber’s Jersey and The Green Sprinter’s Jersey at Tour de France, 2017.

Apart from award-winning bicycles, Giant has an extensive range of biking equipment as well. Their line of products includes activewear, backpacks, protective gear, seat post, saddles, and much more. So, even if you have a mid-range bike, you can elevate your riding experience with Giant bike accessories. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the attention-worthy Giant bicycle accessories that’ll bring out the most of your biking adventures.

High-Performance Bike Saddle Designed for Comfort 

When shopping for Giant bike accessories Australia wide, you should get your hands (and derriere) on the Sylvia saddle. It doesn’t matter if you use your bike for commuting, casual cycling or extreme mountain biking adventures; you’ll need a suitable saddle for the job. And that’s what Liv’s Sylvia saddle was created for.

Tried and tested by pro racers, the Sylvia saddle rises to challenge for top performance, no matter if you’re a novice or an experienced rider. The Sylvia saddle is designed to relieve pressure and provide you with adequate support to nail all those jumps and descents with confidence. Thanks to the strategically placed soft foam and the high-elastic particle technology, you’ll experience comfort like never before.

Comfy & Breathable Activewear to Unleash Your Full Potential

Those who think that activewear is overrated have either never broke a sweat, or they’re missing out a lot. The right piece of activewear can boost your performance and give you support when and where you need it the most. That’s why Giant offers a comprehensive selection of premium quality sportswear that’ll make you look good and feel good as you conquer new distances.

For instance, the Giant All-Weather Short Sleeve Jersey will shield you from the elements of nature when the weather turns ugly. Whether it’s raining or scorching hot outside, the innovative cycling-specific design will ensure you stay comfortable no matter what nature throws at you. This jersey also features reflective elements, which will improve your visibility in low light conditions. 

Reliable Helmet for Superior Protection

Some say its essential others say it’s not, but it can never hurt to wear a cycling helmet for an added level of protection. Giant’s helmets come in a wide array of colours and sizes, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs, style and budget. Plus, they’re jam-packed with advanced features such as cooling vents, LiteForm strap webbing, TransTextura Plus anti-microbial padding and Cinch Pro-Fit Systems to ensure both a perfect fit and flawless look.

Lightweight & Compact Hand Pump for Unpleasant Surprises

An unexpected flat can ruin a perfectly planned cycling adventure, so make sure to gear up a convenient and easy to carry hand pump such as Giant’s Control Mini Pro Pocket Hand Pump. This bad boy may be small but inflates up to 120 psi and easily switches between Presta and Schrader valves. An absolute must-have for quick repairs, this high-pressure pump will get you back on your bike before you know it.

These few Giant cycle accessories are just a small fraction of their ever-growing gear range, so make sure to check out the full line of products to find what you need. After all, no two bikers are the same, and if you want to gear up from head to toes, Giant will surely have your back. Read about how to clean bike here.

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