Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent Review

The Ozark Trail 10-person instant tent sets up in just 60 seconds. This 14-foot by 10-foot instant tent requires no assembly since the poles are in the tent; unfold and expand. Innovative sleep-in-the-dark technology blocks sunlight, helping you stay cooler and sleep longer. Multiple skylights with roof panels allow you to customize the light interior and be rolled up for stargazing or additional interior lighting. In this guide, I will discuss the Ozark Trail 10-Person dark rest instant cabin tent review.

The cabin-style tent has eight large windows for an incredible view of the outdoors. The included removable divider allows you to create two separate spaces. It comfortably accommodates two big air beds or up to ten campers sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. With the integrated hanging gear organizer and special gear compartments, you can keep your stuff in order.

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What is My First impression about Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent?

The Black Rest design is the primary new element here; the entire fabric is dark, which produces a colder ambiance in the tent. The mesh, the panels under the mesh, and the fly above it make up the three-layer ceiling. The four panels have zippers that may be closed to create a very dark space. The fly comes with vinyl windows above these panels, allowing you to choose whether or not to have direct sunshine in.

The 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is another popular Ozark Trail tent. Not only does this tent have a quick setup time, but it also has ‘Dark Rest’ technology that lets you effortlessly change the inside lighting. As a consequence, you’ll get a better night’s sleep, and your tent will stay cooler for longer.

This Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent has a center height of 78″ and is 14′ x 10′ (168″ x 120″). A (removed) room divider is included with this cabin-style tent, allowing you to divide the interior area into two distinct chambers. This tent can accommodate up to ten adult-sized sleeping bags or two queen-sized airbeds.

Who the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is for?

This Dark Rest technology might be the solution to your prayers if you’re a light sleeper or want a tent that stays cooler for longer.

This awesome 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent also has inbuilt storage compartments and a hanging gear organizer to keep your camping stuff organized and off the ground.

An electrical cable access point, tent pegs, and a carry bag are included with the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tents. A 6-month product warranty is also included with this tent, which is always a benefit. Although the Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent isn’t the cheapest 10-person tent on the market, it’s unquestionably worth the money for campers who seek the greatest night’s sleep imaginably.

The Ozark Trail 10 Dark Rest Instant Cabin is an excellent tent for a big party or family, with a huge inside, room divider, and several windows.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent: Features

  • You will only invest less than 2 minutes in setting up.
  • There is no need to assemble the tent because the poles are already fastened.
  • This tent is for ten people!
  • Dark Rest is cutting-edge technology.
  • Ceiling panels with skylights.
  • People can accommodate two queen airbeds.
  • It comes with a 2-room tent with a retractable room divider.
  • A rainfly with factory-sealed seams is included.
  • Included are deluxe gear pockets and a hanging gear organizer.
  • Access to electrical cords.
  • Included is a carrying bag.
  • Fourteen steel tent stakes are supplied.
  • 14′ x 10′ in size.
  • Fabricated from polyester and steel.
  • 78″ tall at the center.
  • Limited 6-month warranty

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent: Pros and Cons


  • Setup is quick and easy.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Freestanding.
  • Dark Rest is a technology that allows you to sleep at night.
  • The tent has Dark Rest Technology, which filters around 70% of the sun’s rays, which is fantastic.
  • The tent’s floor is fairly spacious, and the ceiling height is adequate.


  • There are no awnings or vestibules.
  • It’s a little hefty.
  • For a group of ten individuals, this is a small space.
  • Be careful when using the zippers since they are not up to par.
  • The tent might not be able to withstand the strong gusts.

Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent: Buying Guide

The 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin on the Ozark Trail is a one-of-a-kind shelter for large parties and families. This two-room tent includes a retractable room divider to assist ensure optimum privacy throughout your camping experience. It can accommodate up to 10 people and two queen airbeds.

The Ozark Trail 10 also has a high-quality rainfly with factory-sealed seams for waterproofing and eight closable windows for ventilation. If that wasn’t enough, the Ozark Trail 10 comes with lots of gear compartments and a hanging gear organizer to keep everything clean and tidy.

Construction & materials

The tent fabric is polyester, with polyethylene on the floor, and the poles are steel. You won’t find the bathtub design here since the tent has a catenary cut. They don’t say anything about the waterproofing grade.

All of the windows and the door panels are made of the same black material as the ceiling panels.

When all panels are closed, you retain a significant amount of warmth, which is advantageous over traditional summer camping tents simply netting on the roof. Also, with such closed panels, you minimize the amount of dust that enters from the outside, which is useful if you’re using the tent in a dry, dusty environment.


Air circulation is decreased when the roof panels are closed. However, there are two triangular sections on the ceiling with mesh on both sides, indicating that not all of the ceiling is closed. There are also two-floor vents, which should provide ample vertical ventilation when combined with the ceiling apertures.

All of the windows and doors have mesh plus panels, allowing you to control airflow to a large extent, which should not be an issue with this tent.


  • 37-pound weight (16.8 kg).
  • The number of persons that can be accommodated is ten.
  • 14 x 10 ft. in size (4.27 x 3.05 m).
  • 140 ft2 (13 m2) of floor space
  • 14 square feet (1.3 square meters) per person
  • 78 in. is the highest point on the mountain (198 cm).
  • Size when packed: 43 x 8 x 8 in (109 x 20 x 20 cm).
  • Limited guarantee of six months.
  • Included is a carry bag.

What Real Customer Says About this Product?

What Real Customer Says About this Product

It is a huge tent. With room for gear, you can easily accommodate three queen-size mattresses. On a mild breeze day, set up and takedown takes around 10 to 15 minutes. The black on the interior resembles a vinyl finish. Approximately 70% of light is blocked, which is excellent.

I can now sleep till 8 a.m. because of the early 5 a.m. dawn. There is lots of ventilation, and it includes a room divider. Moreover, the tent stakes are of inferior quality and flex on firm ground. A pair of heavy-duty stakes would be my first purchase. Except for the top, where the rain fly is attached, all seams are taped.

When we received the tent, all of the seams had already been taped. We have five children in the tent, all under the age of nine, and when you entirely zipped up the tent, it made a huge difference in how well everyone slept—especially first thing in the morning. We tried sleeping with it open for a few nights, but it wasn’t nearly as comfy. My only issue is that one little hook for the hanging storage on the side was not sewed in, so we had to utilize one of the windows, but it still works. The doors are also a touch slack, making it difficult for tiny children to zip and unzip without catching the fabric.

Worth buying verdict

The Ozark Trail 10 also includes Ozark’s premium quick assembly, which allows it to set up in only two minutes and eliminates the hassle of pitching! Did we mention the Ozark Trail 10 includes “dark rest technology,” which helps minimize the brightness inside the tent for a better night’s sleep? What else could you ask for at Amazon?

The Ozark Trail Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is a big cabin-style tent with its DIY assembling structure. So, all you have to do is unfold it and stretch the poles. Instant tents are ideal for individuals who want to assemble their tent quickly and easily.

This tent also has a Dark Rest design, which means the tent’s color and mesh windows are dark, so you may sleep later in the morning and nap more easily during the day without the sun glaring through the tent.

Is it user-friendly?

Yes, in fact, in only 60 seconds, the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent is up and running! The poles link to the tent, so all you have to do is unfold and stretch this 14-by-10-foot fast tent. Dark Rest technology filters sunlight, allowing you to sleep longer and remain cooler. You may adjust the light with several skylights and internal ceiling panels that can be folded back for stargazing or extra indoor illumination.

How to Use Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent?

Eight big windows in the cabin-style tent provide excellent views of the outdoors. The integrated room divider divides the space into two distinct living areas, easily accommodating two queen airbeds or up to ten campers sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor. With the integrated hanging gear organizer and special gear compartments, you can keep your stuff organized.

How to maintain the Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent?


First and foremost, it has Ozark’s Dark Rest technology, which filters out sunlight to keep the inside cool even in hot weather – ideal if you want a few extra hours of sleep before the sun rises or desire an afternoon nap. But don’t worry if it starts to seem a little dreary in there; open the eight huge windows and take in the landscape.

The tent’s cabin-style design has near-vertical sides that optimize interior room when paired with the 6.5-foot center height (although ten people are pushing it). There’s also an optional room divider that divides the inside into two rooms, although it doesn’t have a porch.

The divider sits between the main doors and has twin zippers, allowing each room to access the outside world while the divider is in place. However, it would be good if there was a door opposite when the divider is not in use.

Why is it important to buy this product?

Because it has a great quality-price relationship moreover, you can assemble the Ozark Trail 10-Person Half Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent in two minutes! This ten-person tent comes with Innovative Dark Rest technology, which helps you stay cooler and sleep longer by blocking sunlight. On one side, the divider room allows you to enjoy the light, while on the other; it includes the Dark Rest technology.

The cabin-style tent has seven wide windows for wonderful views of the outdoors and can accommodate two queen air mattresses or up to 10 campers sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. With two compartments and access to an electrical cord, you can stay organized and connected.

List product alternatives

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Some Real Asked Questions about Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Do all the black panels inside make the tent hot?

No, much is the opposite is true. Even in bright sunshine, it keeps cooler with all panels zipped up and a completely dark interior. At night, on the other hand, if it’s chilly outside, it’ll stay warmer. However, its temperature ranges from 80 to 50 degrees throughout the day tonight.

Does this tent have a hook inside of it so a lantern can be hung in the center?

It has loops so that you may use D rings or anything similar, but no hooks.

Can you purchase an additional room divider?

Sure, but you don’t need it!

How many doors?

In the front of the tent, there is a double D-door.

Does this tent have a port to run an extension cord inside?

Yes, you will find it easily.

Will this fit 2 king-size air mattresses?

Yes, it has enough room for it.

What is the little half Moon-shaped thing under one of the windows?

It’s an excellent way to get a breeze.

What’s the floor size of each of the two rooms?

Half the product’s dimensions; the separating sheet doesn’t even touch the floor and is barely a tarp’s thickness if that, but it is pretty opaque, but for the gaps all along its edges, and when pinned up, it doesn’t entirely meet the walls.

How many tent stakes come with a tent?


Does it come with steaks?

Yes, it comes with 8

Will seam seal and silicone spray harm this tent?

Not at all

Where can I buy replacement poles?

There are no new poles available because the poles come into the tent.

Do the screens on the doors, windows, & ceiling keep out No-See-Um’s orbiting midges?

Yes, and they work fine!

Can this tent fit a king and full-size air mattress?

Yes, no problem.

Does this hold up in strong winds?

It doesn’t appear like any breeze will break it because it isn’t very powerful. It’s rather large and tall. There were holes all over it when the user opens it, so you will get some water inside if it rains.

Is it tall enough for a 6ft person to stand inside?

Yes, the peak measures around 6’6″.

What is the center roof piece made out of?

The roof is of the same material as the tent walls, with open screens on top that it may cover with a shade made of the same tent material.

What’s the warranty?

You may contact the manufacturer. However, it only covers faults like a ripped seam.

Will this zip-up entirely for a dusty environment?

Yes, everything closes with a zip.

Does this come in a 6 person version?

This product is for 12 people; however, if you have 6, you will have a bit more room.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Good Quality Tents?

Yes, they have a great price-quality relationship.

Are 10-person tents easy to put up?

They are the same.

Dark Rest? What does it mean?

Each of the shorter walls has a floor vent. Moreover, they are there to substitute than zipping. If you don’t stake them out taught, you can shut them.

What about Materials and Construction?

Great quality for the price.

What to Look For In an Ozark Tent

This is the one if you want to darken your tent with your family and friends.

How big is a 10 person tent?

This is a really big tent. With room for gear, you can easily accommodate three queen-size mattresses. On a mild breeze day, set up and takedown takes around 10 to 15 minutes.

Bottom Line

With this 10 man tent from Ozark, you can accommodate your complete team. The Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent has innovative setup technology that allows you to set it up in less than two minutes. This is one of the greatest 10 person tents on the market today. The tent’s interior is cool, thanks to Dark Rest technology. This one helps you to prevent the sun’s damaging rays.

The tent has eight windows that provide you with wonderful views of your surroundings as well as adequate ventilation to allow you to breathe. When you unpack the tent, you’ll see a room divider. It works to keep the communal area distinct but yet respecting each other’s privacy. This Ozark 10-man tent can hold up to 10 people and is easy to assemble.

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