4 Most Popular Hunting Types in the World | An Expert Guide

If you have ever been into the wild to hunt, you know exactly how exciting it can get. You are walking into the wild holding your gun or bow and looking for your prey; imagine! 4 Most Popular Hunting Types in the World keep reading to find out.

Adrenaline starts to rush in your body, your heartbeat rises, and you feel more present and alive. Overall, this is a next-level adventure.

Hunting is a necessary and popular activity since humans came into the earth. And by the sands of time, it has evolved to different types and levels. In today’s article, we will look into the most popular hunting types. So, no more delay, let’s get started. 

4 Popular Hunting Types

You will find different types of hunting based on different purposes, areas, and targets. In this section, we will discuss the 4 most popular hunting types prevalent right now. 

1. Bow Hunting

Bowhunting could be one of the most enjoyable hunting experiences if you know how to operate it. In most countries, There are many bows in the market, such as Recurve Bows, Takedown Bow, Longbows, Compound Bows, Yumi Bows, Crossbow, Reflex Bows, etc.

They are the compound, longbow, and re-curve bow. Most international sportspeople use the compound bow. You need to generate at least 50lbs weight in plains game hunting. However, some experts recommend 50-80lbs, to be exact.

South Africa is one of the best places to go for bow hunting, as this country is full of wooded savanna. You will find it truly exciting to go bow hunting in SA. The terrain favors the hunter to ambush for their prey. 

If you go to the open grassland area in the central part of SA, the mountainous terrain will make the adventure more difficult and exciting. The best time for bow hunting is late May to early September.

2. Luxury Hunting

If you are looking for a royal experience of hunting, then Luxury hunting is for you. This could be a moment to remember with your family and friends hunting together and spending good times at the lavish lodge. They offer all the royalty you can get, such as the bar area, infinity pool, games room and spa, barbell, etc. Also, as a guest, you will be able to fish for black bass, tilapia, and carp.

You will enjoy the game drive and bush also, the walks and clay pigeon shooting. Suppose you want a lodge with a swimming pool to get refreshment on the hot summer day that’s also available. Some of the lodges have a stylish glass-walled dining area. I can say for sure that you will fell in love with the view.

3. Disabled Hunting

If you have any physical disability or you may have a friend or family member like that, there’s also an exciting hunting facility for them. These camps are equipped with all the necessary props a disabled person needs to go hunting. Their camps are designed to be wheelchair friendly and have the proper bathroom facility. 

No worries about moving freely here and there during hunting. They will provide you a modified chair which you can swivel in any direction you like. They will increase your mobility and, as a result, your success rate will rise. If you want, you can bring your rifle even if you can do bow hunting.

4. Rifle Hunting

One of the most popular methods of hunting out there in the wild is rifle hunting. You need to have a rifle that you know how to operate and are well-experienced with. Hunters generally use 0.375 H&H and 9.3 X 62, and, in many countries, these rifles are legal to use for hunting. And undoubtedly, Africa is the best place to go for rifle hunting. Zimbabwe is one of the most popular destinations for the hunter in the African region.

Before going hunting, make sure your gun is properly functioning, and the ammunition is good to use. Also, make sure you are taking enough bullets to fulfill your target. If money is not an issue, it would be great to manage to get premium bullets. Well, what matters most is not what you shoot with but where you shoot.

If you are not that well experienced in hunting with rifles, then it would be wise to keep a guide with you in the beginning stage. The hunting rifle is not a toy. If you are not careful enough, you could get yourself seriously injured anytime.

Final Words

Our ancestors survived by hunting animals, and, in many cases, they had to defend themselves from large and dangerous predators. So, they had to constantly think and work on different ways to deal with those animals, and that’s how hunting methods have been evolving.

We have discussed the 4-most popular hunting types in this article. Choose the one that suits your passion and budget. But again, we would like to remind you to “always put your safety first.” Take the basic training of hunting if you are a beginner, or go hunting with experienced and skilled hunters. 

Happy hunting! That all for today! 

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