Roc Inflatable Paddle Board Review | 5,526+ Ratings (In-depth Guide)

A high-end SUP for beginner’s paddleboarders, the ROC Scout inflatable paddleboard is affordable. The Scout Board package contains many accessories and, thanks to the fine quality of the board, is also available to younger or smaller paddlers. In this guide, I will discuss the roc inflatable paddle board review.

The ROC Scout paddle is a cost-effective and fun paddle for the whole family. The board is very stable, easy to use and keep your balance while you learn to use the board.

It is not one of the shortest and lightest models in our lineup reviews.

Therefore, it balances out reasonable stability and manoeuvrability. This makes it easier to inflate and move around with a smaller volume. It is a good value for newcomers looking to test the waters, thanks to its reasonable price tag.

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My Experiences about Roc Inflatable Paddle Board

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board Review

ROC Inflatable SUP is a lightweight, fun, and entertaining board ideal for customers interested in getting out for the first time on the water. The smaller design is easy for beginner paddlers to control, and for more experienced watermen and women, it is versatile and playful. This option is to be welcomed by families looking for a fun and affordable SUP.

The ROC is one of the lightest boards we tested, with a weight capacity of only 17.8 pounds. While this can decrease its overall stability, its small 10-foot length and generous 32″ width offset the lightweight design. Under most paddling conditions, the ROC is very stable and ideal for smaller and lighter passengers, with its minimal side-cut and generously rounding noses.

The classic three-fin design is supported by a big removable central fin and two smaller fixed side fins. Under windy or choppy conditions, it may become tossed more than other larger or louder boards due to a lack of size and mass.

Who the Roc Inflatable Paddle Board is for?

It is a basic board and package for beginners that we would recommend the paddleboard for ROC only. This table board is the way to start paddling with a decent board that includes a complete package without spending much money.

With the length of 10′′ long and 32′′ broad, the board is pretty stable. This is not an ideal size for speed, but it doesn’t suit most beginners. This board offers good quality, and you won’t be disappointed if it is your first time on a paddleboard.

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board: Features

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board Review


Because it is a cheaper entry-level SUP, most people who consider the Explorer 10′ will be newbies and seek secondary paddles. The main factor you want to take into account for beginners is stability. The board’s more stable, the easier it is to learn SUP and the total weight and cargo support.


The lightweight design and the rounded, rocky nose of the ROC work to its benefit in this performance field. The combination makes it sufficiently light and flexible for all paddler levels to control it, and its nose shape and profile turn and handle a little bit more expertise.


Flach nose, thickness 6″ and width 32′ keep stuff stable, and you’re gliding silently and smoothly over still water. The Explorer has two permanently attached side fins and a center fin that offers added stability and better tracking when used together. Turning is easy enough if you drift off course, but the 10′ Explorer shouldn’t force you to correct much when you find a spot and want to head there. However, you will certainly want to paddle in calm waters.


The ROC 10′ Explorer is made with, like other inflatable SUPs, the narrow drop-out point core, which is protected by military PVC layers. To go into more depth, ROC begins by connecting multiple fabric layers with thousands of small strings. When air is pumped between layers, it expands outside until a short chain is taught to form the Explorer, although it is inflatable rather than a round ball.

Although this drop stitch core is long-term, ROC uses military-grade PVC to form an outside shell using DuraWeld technologies. The result is a lightweight, long-lasting, and stable SUP in floating conditions.


Most paddlers do not want to care for their ends, so the tri-fin configuration of ROC 10′ Explorer is mostly satisfactory. The two side fins improve stability and are permanent, flexible, and resistant to most typical board damage. However, if they ever lose form, add some hot water over the side fins and let them dry for 10-15 minutes. Your side fins, once they’ve dried out, should look better than ever!


This lightweight paddle, with one of the lower price lists in our range ($324,95). It offers great value to newcomers or families who seek to practice paddleboarding without breaking the bank.

Other models have better performance all around, but most are available at a much higher cost. The package contains the equipment you need to get on the water and includes an additional waterproof dry bag.

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board: Pros and Cons


  • This package is very good value for money.
  • The package contains essential accessories.
  • You can choose from a variety of colors, and all look great.
  • One of the few side fins paddleboards that are available.
  • Solid construction with a military constrict and stitching drop
  • Light SUP is good for beginners in particular.
  • Stable for large and small paddlers, with experience of up to 300 lbs.
  • A complete paddle kit with a water-resistant bag, key, wallet, and phone.
  • Four color options are waiting for you.


  • It can be necessary to tighten the inflation valve with the application.
  • Basic, simple, not very durable backpack.
  • 1-year warranty, customer service limited assistance.
  • No kit included for repair.
  • Problems were raised when the air pump nozzle was connected to the valve when you inflated the paddleboard.

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board: Buying Guide

PVC Drop Stitch Construction DuraWeld Military Grade

Finally, you’ll drop your iSUP by accident or fall on the water. Fortunately, iSUPs have a durable design. Even the ROC 10′ Explorer should not be scratched for the common accidents on the water. 

Future Cargo Area

Once you’ve used to paddling, bring your Explorer with you a cooler or some other fun gear. Check down or fix it on one of the front 4 D-rings of the front cargo area. In addition, the Explorer has a waterproof pouch for small goods such as your phone, wallet, or keys.


Roc Scout includes a different accessory to the Scout paddleboard. All are included in the package and are provided with the Scout Board: a Roc 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle, safety leash, a pump, and a Roc travel bag. For your convenience Roc also has a waterproof bag. You can use this to store other accessories for paddles or small items of value like keys and wallets.

3-piece Aluminum Adjustable paddles

Adjustable paddles are great. All this because not only can you place them in seconds, but the height of the adjustable paddle is changed, and even on the water can trade with friends. On the heavier side of paddles, aluminium paddles also lower the price of the kit.

Center Carry Handle

The handle for the center carries you safely and comfortably from and into the water!

Dual-layer, Diamond Grooved Eva Deck Pad

Not many boards with EVA deck pads grooved in diamonds are available for $400. The diamond grooves will comfortably improve your feet’ grip due to EVA foam and keep you stable even in light chops.

Real Customer Reviews

Real Review
  • It’s stable once in the water and lots of fun. Several people asked me if turning etc. is easy. It’s for me. It’s not kayaking, so you must learn to maneuver it as something else, but it’s pretty simple once you take a few turns.
  • My six-year-old kayaks are next to me, and sometimes I tie my kayak to my board and paddle when he’s sitting, lying, or standing with me (with tons of extra room front & back). With my mom on it, I even boarded with me.
  • All gravitate towards it at the end of the day. Anyone I’ve got always wanted to try it. We’re all out on a paddleboard, sitting on the side, as a floating dock when their kayaks are parked on the beach.
  • You are a company, but you don’t. Felt robust, perhaps not as much as our Virginia Beach hardboard, but we also realize that we paid only 350 for an entry-level board exceeding our expectations.
  • The supplements are good as well. A lovely dry bag and a very convenient backpack. We also have an Ancheer, and it’s a waste pack in comparison with the ROC. There are many straps and padding to make packaging easy.
  • The pump functions as a field. It has a battery of 12V. I walked all around the city and realized that I could finally use my Doh car! (Car keeps on, batteries dead = no fun).
  • It took about 8-10 minutes to swell when I was afraid the machine slackened at the preset 12 PSI because it was swelling (this board is rock hard).

Worth Buying Verdict

A high-end SUP for beginner’s paddleboarders, the ROC Scout inflatable paddleboard is affordable. The Scout Board package contains many accessories and, thanks to the fine quality of the board, is also available to younger or smaller paddlers.

Is it user-friendly?

Yes! I fact, it has these advantages:

  • The EVA traction pad on the board deck is non-slip, double layer, providing the driver with grip and comfort.
  • Tri-fin configuration or increased stability with a top removable fin.
  • 6-point system for the fitting of equipment and equipment at the front of the paddleboard.
  • UV-resistant external coating protecting the Board from UV damage.
  • For secure connection from the board to the leash, D-ring leash attachment.

How to use Roc Inflatable Paddle Board?

The ROC 10′ Explorer SUPS for less than $400. You can adapt it for new and recreational paddleboarders. It provides good stability, manoeuvrability, tracking, glide, and overall performance.

The diamond groove pad makes it possible, like an all-functional kit, to separate the entrance level board from the box for water. The inflation valve problems, less than a stellar backpack, and a short guarantee window have brought down some notches from the 10′ Explorer.

The ROC 10′ Explorer comes with a traditional security leash that keeps your board off or hits you if you fall off. Due to the lightness of the Explorer, it can drift in seconds, particularly when the wind is moderate to severe. But while a leash keeps your SUP close, it won’t keep you afloat if you tumble. Always go out with your flotation device for maximum security even if your local authorities require no one.

How to Maintain the Roc Inflatable Paddle Board?

  • Paddle: The 3-piece Roc adjustable paddle is made of aluminum and is lightweight in design, making handling on the water easy. The paddle floats for some time but not forever, as once flooded with water, the paddle sinks. The paddle itself won’t impress things on the performance side, but it is ideally suited for leisure purposes.
  • Leash: Roc provides a relatively convenient basic safety leash for the rider.
  • Pumps: The Roc manual pump has no output with only one chamber, and pumping the board by hand takes along. It takes up to 15 minutes to inflate the board completely. It’s a pretty standard pump, however, which will finally get the job done.
  • Backpack: The Roc travel bag is a standard paddleboard, large and easy to fit into the board and its accessories. Due to the high-quality materials used in the construction of the bag, it is robust and comfortable.

Why is it important to buy this product?

This board is light as a feather and can be used by younger and younger riders at 17.5 pounds. It provides a good degree of control and manoeuvrability, making it perfect for beginners. The accessories included are of excellent quality, and you can use the paddle to explore various environments.

The Roc Scout is a great starting paddleboard package that makes drivers feel at home and allows them to practice their journey on the water without having to balance too much experience.

Roc Inflatable Paddle Board Alternatives

Soopotay Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board, Inflatable SUP Board.

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DRIFT Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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FB SPORT Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick)

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Some Real People Questions

What is the weight of the ROC Paddle Board?

Weight of delivery: 27,981 pounds

What is the maximum carrying capacity of the ROC Paddle Board?

We’d say that it’s less than 7 kg, not easy to carry.

What is included when purchasing the ROC Paddle Board?

The Board, collapsible aluminium paddle, removable fin, safety leash for buckets, a hand pump, a waterproof bag for basic items such as cell phones or keys, and a reworked backpack.

How many D-rings does the ROC Paddle Board have?

The great bag on the sea kayak bow is attached to the 4 D-rings. The additional D-ring on the bag’s side to the bottom is helpful.

Why Should You Buy this Stand-Up Paddle Board?

The great bag, on the sea kayak bow, is there with the D-ring. It was surfing and beating. Well made, rigid, and long-lasting. The extra D-ring on the side of the sac is a useful added feature. Although it will not be the best in any unique SUP activity, the Explorer will still be good enough to enjoy its typical SUP water sports thoroughly.

How many fins does the ROC Paddle Board have?

Two fins and one removable fin are attached to the board.

What is the size of the ROC Paddle Board?

Box sizes are 10′ by 33″ wideness and 6″ by 350 pounds of thickness.

Is ROC inflatable sup good?

This is an excellent product that you can easily carry and takes less than 10 minutes to inflate. And it’s sufficiently stable for you to fight it with tough waters.

How do you inflate a ROC paddleboard?

Use an electric pump, including a hand pump. It takes approximately 7 minutes.

Are inflatable paddle boards worth the money?

The Roc Scout is a very affordable paddleboard and, for a good reason. You can consider it a lower-budget board. Building materials and the table, as well as supplies, provide a complete package of paddleboards. But this board could be called competitively priced based on its quality.

Is it OK to leave the inflatable sup inflated?

Yes, it is!

Is Roc a good inflatable paddleboard?

Of course! It worth’s all the money, my friend!

Are inflatable paddle boards good for beginners?

Yes, this one is great to learn. It suits all kinds of places.

How long do inflatable paddle boards last?

It lasts a lot of time! The finest quality military grade material is the Roc’s premium paddleboard for the inflatable. We supply the most durable lightweight boards on the market with twice as much material as boards. All boards come with all you need to head out immediately and take advantage of the water.

Why are these so much cheaper on Amazon than the actual ROC website?

Because they have an agreement! 

Is this the Scout?

It has seat hook fixtures for Roc Scout.

Does fin screw in?

Fun isn’t screwing in. It’s gliding into it. It’s not hard, and it stays secure.

Does the model have the seat attachment option?

Series Explorer and no seat attachments for this kind of board. Roccomes with another line of scouts with 4 D ring fittings surrounding the pad, offering seating choices. On their website, you may also view all the required information.

Does this come with 2 paddles?

Nope. It includes one!

I need a new center fin, where can I get one?

If you’re in shallower water, you may pull the middle fin off. The two sides are not off, but approximately one and a half centimetres.

What is stability like for larger people?

5’10 and 200 lbs., and it works for these people.

Does it have a free return policy?

YES. These products are FREE qualified by Amazon. More details are available in the link below the pricing.

How does the leash attached to the board?

On both ends of the leash should be Velcro. Display the Velcro, connect the string on the D ring, and attach the leash to the string again. 

Bottom Line

The ROC Inflatable SUP is one of the shortest and lightest panels in our lineup and on the market. Its simple design with a rounded nose makes this the fastest model, but this board gives beginner paddlers a lot of fun to surf or splashes around or to more experienced paddlers.

You can throw its lightweight, the flexible building can be into the red water, and made for more shy paddlers, playful and versatile. We would recommend this model to families or beginner paddlers looking for a low-cost, lightweight, high-performance board that is more playful and fast manoeuvring than straightforward speed.

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