Samsung led TV Vertical lines on Screen (Solutions)

Samsung LED TV Problems – Vertical Lines on Screen

You may be seeing vertical or horizontal lines on your Samsung LED television. The lines can be color-coded or they can be black. These lines can also appear as double or multiple exposures. If the problem persists, you need to contact a service center. However, if you are having this issue on an older model, you should first try to resolve the problem yourself. You may need to contact a technician if the problem does not go away after you follow the steps mentioned above.

What causes vertical lines on LED TV?

Sometimes, the problem is caused by a bad input cable. This is a common cause of the problem. The cables connect the television to the cable box or gaming console. If the cables are loose or broken, they cannot deliver the output from the source to the television. This will result in impurities on the screen. Moreover, the graphic system will fail and you will not be able to view the image properly.

If you are experiencing this issue on your Samsung LED TV, you can perform a self-test. This is available on newer models of the Samsung Smart TV. Make sure you test the TV first to confirm whether or not it has this problem. If it fails, you can contact the manufacturer of the television. You can also perform a factory reset. To fix this issue, you should follow the steps mentioned above. You should try to find a service center that can fix the problem for you.

How Do I Fix Vertical Lines on My Samsung Solution?

The first step to fix vertical lines on your Samsung TV is to remove the flat ribbon and replace it. This step is not difficult and should be done by someone with a good eye and hands-on experience. If you can’t do it yourself, you can also contact a repair shop for assistance. Some people recommend reseating the internal connections, but this can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Another possible cause of these lines on your Samsung TV is improper processing. A loose cable or an antennae issue could be the culprit. It is best to contact a repair technician who can help you resolve this issue. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can download a free trial version of Android Repair software and try it out yourself. Using the program, you can easily fix your TV’s problem.

If you can’t find the source of the problem, check the wire harness. Sometimes, this problem is the fault of third-party apps. If you suspect that your phone is suffering from the same problem, try uninstalling or updating these apps. In case of a damaged processing board, you can try to replace it. Then, you can clean the TV’s screen and reconnect the cables. The next step is to check the T-Con board.

Samsung led TV Vertical lines on Screen Overview

The reason for the appearance of vertical lines on the screen may be due to a fault in one of the screen components. There is no need to worry because this fault can be detected and rectified by a qualified service engineer.

To do this job, you will need:

A screwdriver usually comes with your Samsung TV. Most service centers will also provide you with one when they come to fix your TV, but it is always best not to assume anything and just have your own screwdriver ready before they arrive if possible.


An accurate diagram of what is happening on the screen will be useful, as well as a correct understanding of why this is happening. If your Samsung TV has been working fine, it is wise not to perform any repairs without first finding out why the fault has occurred. In most cases, if a screen has been vertical lines appearing before, you will find that vertical lines are actually soldered together and then covered over by a layer of transparent plastic film. Check out best Samsung tv on Amazon here


A TV that has vertical lines on the screen is an indication of an issue with your circuit board. This article provides you with a guide to help repair the issue yourself, or alternatively gives you the knowledge required to ask Samsung for a replacement circuit board. Read about smart TV and firestick here.

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