Sea of Thieves Fishing Chart | Table, Locations, Tips, Colors & More

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is the most effective way to improve your reputation with Hunter’s Call, a fishing faction found all around the island. Although they also purchase chicken, pig, shark, and even Kraken, fishing is usually the safest and quickest method to improve your reputation. In your inventory, you’ll now discover a fishing rod that may be utilized virtually everywhere.

To utilize the fishing rod, go to your Item Radial, press “more” to access the second set of inventory, and then choose the fishing rod from the bottom. Next, we will learn more about this sea of thieves fishing chart.

Sea of Thieves Fishing Chart

In this Sea of thieves fishing chart guide, we will tell you more than the average info you find! Although fishing is an essential activity, there are many different sorts of fish and rarities to consider before heading up to get some bait and catch.

Before you go on your first fishing excursion, keep in mind that fishing alone in the Sea of Thieves puts you and your ship in grave danger. Fishing and cooking take a few minutes apiece, and you won’t be able to steer, repair, or fight if necessary during that period.

Other players, Megaldons, and even the Kraken are always concerned, but catching some of the rarest fish necessitates venturing into dangerous places. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you go fishing with a companion or two.

A fishing rod has been added to your inventory, and three varieties of bait may be found in barrels sprinkled throughout the islands. But, before you set out to start your new life as a peaceful ex-pirate with a tranquil fishing company, you should understand how the Sea of thieves fishing event works, as this is not covered in the game.

You can get your fishing rod and some open water to fish in the Sea of Thieves. Bait isn’t always required, although it is required to catch certain fish. At 6 o’clock in the second inventory wheel, you may discover and equip your fishing rod. First, hold Q (or the left bumper on a controller) to open the inventory wheel, then press F (or X on a controller) to switch to the second wheel.

Fishing Chart – Baits and Locations

In the Sea of Thieves, there are also sub-species of fish. The top 10 are only the tip of the iceberg. Each fish species has five variations, each of which has a prize version. This implies that there are 50 different varieties of fish to capture, excluding trophy variants.

Sea of Thieves Fishing Chart
| Table, Locations,
Tips, Colors & More

The trick is that each of the several variations may have a distinct region where they can be caught. For example, while an Islehopper is usually found near islands, the Moss and Honey variants can only be found in the Ancient Isles and the Shores of Plenty, respectively. So if you want to unlock all of the fishing rods, make sure you’re using the appropriate bait and throwing your line in the precise location.

Here is the Chart
Splashtail – No need for baitIn Sea of Thieves, the Splashtail is the most frequent fish. It can be caught without bait (it will eat any bait), can be found in all central locations, and even appears in ponds. Because the Splashtail constantly manages to make its way onto your hook when you don’t want it, you’re likely to be annoyed. The Seafoam is the only Splashtail variation that requires planning ahead of time because it is only available at night: Ruby Splashtail Sunny Splashtail Indigo Splashtail Umber Splashtail Seafoam Splashtail – Night
Leeches – AncientscaleThe Ancientscale can only be found in the Ancient Isles, as its name indicates. Leeches can be employed to catch this long flatfish (which is often mistaken with Splashtails). The Starshine is the only one of the five varieties that can only be caught at night.
Earthworms – WildsplashThe Wildsplash are indigenous to The Wilds, a murky and gloomy environment with a fish to match. Earthworms may be used to catch the Wildsplash fish, which has a mustache-like upper lip. The Coral Wildsplash, like the preceding fish species, is a night version.
Grubs – DevilfishThe devilfish sea of thieves, which can be found in Devil’s Roar, is an enraged tiny fish that enjoys devouring grubs. This one may be found all over the fiery location, but be wary of the eruptions. The Firelight variant of the Devilfish is the one you’ll be catching at night
StormfishStormfish are only active during storms. But it’s not just lightning and thunder that they enjoy. They like leeches as well. The storm fish sea of thieves, like the others, comes in five different variants. Twilight and Shadow are two of them. Ancient, Shore, and Wild are the other three designations, which refer to the three initial map sections. So far, it appears that they are found more frequently in their respective locations.

There is no need to use bait while fishing for Islehoppers.

Although the Iselhopper does not require any bait to be caught, it is not simple to capture. The Islehopper, as its name implies, can only be caught around islands, which means you could end yourself getting Splashtails. 

The key to this is to use no bait and rapidly bring the line in if the fish is long and flat. Four of the five Islehopper types require you to fish at a specific area or at a specific time, with the Raven variety being the only one that can be caught anywhere.

Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide: Locations, Tips, & Colors

All players have access to the fishing rod, which can be found on the radial item wheel. You may also require bait, depending on the sort of fish you’re after. Certain species are drawn to certain baits, while others very trusting fish don’t require any – their favorite meal appears to be a tiny, pierced bit of metal on a thread.

Earthworms, Grubs, and Leeches are the three varieties of bait in the Sea of Thieves. All of them and food and planks may be discovered in barrels spread around Sea of Thieves. When you bring up the item wheel a second time while holding the fishing rod, you’ll be able to add bait to your hook.

Types of Fish

In Sea of Thieves, there are ten distinct fish species, each with five different color variants that indicate varying rarities – a total of 50 fish. The four various hues are often associated with rarity, while the fifth is a midnight variant of the fish. Therefore, they can only be caught at night.

  • Splashtails: Bait = No Bait, Location = Everywhere (the Rattata of Sea of Thieves).
  • Plentifins: Bait = Earthworms, Location = Shores of Plenty
  • Ancient scales: Bait = Leeches, Location = Ancient Isles.
  • Wild splashes: Bait = Earthworms, Location = The Wilds.
  • Devilfishes: Devil’s Roar is the location, and the bait is grubs.
  • Islehoppers: Bait = No Bait, Location = Islands

In the Sea of Thieves, selling fish is a common occurrence.

What are you going to do with all these fish now that you’ve caught them? You could eat them, but given the effort you put in, it seems a bit wasteful. Selling them to the Hunter’s Guild in return for money and reputation is another option. Throughout the sea of thieves, the Hunter’s Guild may be located at Seaposts. Different fish have varied prices depending on rarity, with some species bringing in thousands of dollars if appropriately prepared.

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Huge Collection of Sea of thieves Fishing Chart

This sea of thieves fishing chart, created by Reddit user Rigack, explains what type of bait you’ll need to capture these unusual fish, as well as other essential details. Also, you can find your favorite Sea of thieves fishing rods.

This sea of thieves’ infographic, created by Reddit user Grizlo26, provides a fascinating look into these creatures.
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Complete the Fishing Maps

Speak with a representative from The Hunter’s Call when you arrive. They will provide you with further information on which fish to capture and how to catch them. They’ll also guide you in the direction of their maps, which they’ve placed on the shopkeeper’s counter.

You’ll discover four new things in your Quest Radial if you pick up the Fishing Maps: one-note and three Fishing Circle Map quests.

The Fishing Maps may be found on the table in front of the Seapost merchant. Have a step over to the table and take a look at the Fishing Maps. Like our dear buddy Sudds’, some shops’ counters are a little more cluttered than others. But, on the other hand, the Fishing Maps should be easy to detect because they’ll gleam like gold from afar.

The note you gather will serve as a reminder of the bait you’ll need to catch the fish you’re after. So, the Fishing Circle Map missions will lead you to a specific location where you must catch your fish. So, the circled location will be right off an island’s shore.

You can always use the interactive map to figure out which island you’re looking at if you’re not sure. To use the Island Finder, click on the symbol. For faster browsing or more extensive photos, you may change the thumbnail size at the top.

Sea of Thieves Fishing Tips

  • Go searching for the Sea, and you can’t fish on land (unless there is a pond, yes).
  • Equip your staff. You can find it on the second page of the radio menu of your equipment.
  • If you have baits to equip, this is your chance to use them. With the rod equipped, go to the team’s radial and press the appropriate button (Y on the Xbox One controller) to remove the bait. Select the type of bait you want to equip, and it will appear at the end of your line. You don’t need to bait to catch a fish, but you will need to use specific baits in some map regions to catch all species if you want to catch them all.
  • Throw the line into the Sea! The longer you hold down the button (RT on the Xbox One controller), the farther it will start when you release it.
  • Wait patiently for them to bite you.
  • While waiting, you will see unsuspecting fish circling the line before biting it. Once hooked, the fish will try to run away. Now it’s time to prepare to fight for the rod and fight for the fish.
  • You will have to tire the little guy by resisting his attempts to swim away to get the fish. If the fish swims to the right, pull to the left to resist. If the fish pulls forward, pull back. Keep doing this until the fish is tired, and when the line stops shooting, you will have a chance to catch it using the correct button (RT on the Xbox One controller).
There is more!

Continue with this method, tiring the fish and raising the line until you manage to catch your prey – pay close attention to how the different fish move to counter their escape tactics! Be very careful: if you spend too much time pulling the line while the fish are resisting, or if you pull the rod in the wrong direction, you will break the line and have to start from scratch. If you used bait to catch it, you would also lose it.

When you’ve caught a fish, think about what you’re going to do with it! Do you need to eat it to regenerate your health? Make sure you cook it first, as raw fish will only make your pirate vomit. Cooked fish gives you more health and pays you much better. However, don’t get distracted when cooking because burnt fish is worth much less. Take the fish out of the pan before it turns black or, worse, burns and starts a fire in your boat.

Different types of fish thrive in the waters of the Sea of Thieves, each with five varieties. Some are harder to catch than others, including scarce colored fish and light variants found at night. You can catch them in different areas of the map and at different times of the day using different types of bait. The fish also have an extraordinary version called trophy fish, which will resist any attempt to lure them even more aggressively.

Sea of Thieves Fishing Chart: FAQs

What’s the best fish to catch in the Sea of thieves?

Leeches were used to catch a bone Ancientscale in The Ancient Isles. They’re worth 4,500 each, with a trophy worth 11,250. Only earthworms were used to catch Bone dust Plentiful in The Shores of Plenty. They’re worth 4,500 each, with a trophy worth 11,250.

What is the most valuable fish in the Sea of thieves?

Among the most expensive fish in Sea of thieves are the Sand Battlegills, Shadow Stormfish, and Snow Wreckers. Each of these will be compensated $1,875. In addition, you’ll get 4,690 points if you play their Trophy variants. Bone Ancientscales, Bonedust Plentifins, Forsaken Devilfish, and Muddy Wildsplashes are the next biggest earners.

How do you catch the big fish in the Sea of thieves?

Once you’ve determined what kind of Common fish you want to catch, choose a suitable location and throw your line (by pressing LMB on PC, RT on Xbox One). Don’t be concerned about getting too close to any of the fish you observe swimming in the body of water; fish will emerge no matter where you aim. Prepare for your fishing adventure by securing a spot well away from other anglers.

If you can, get as far up the beach or on top of one of those wrecked ships! This will give you space to cast and reel in without worrying about that line getting tangled around someone else.

What is trophy Fish Sea of thieves?

There are two sizes of fish to catch: regular-sized fish and trophy-sized fish. These Trophy Fish are more challenging to capture, take longer to capture, and restless than their regular-sized counterparts. The Hunter’s Call Awards Trophy Fish with better prizes and reputation.

Where are the rarest fish in the Sea of thieves?

  • Splashtails collected in the water, umber.
  • Pondie, the bright one, has been trapped in the ponds.
  • Near big islands, a Raven Islehopper was captured.
  • Leeches were used to catch a bone Ancientscale in The Ancient Isles.
  • Some players love catching Watery Plentifin.

Does the Kraken drop loot?

The treasure will drop in the same area where the tentacles were killed, typically seen during the fight. However, Krakens now have a chance to drop an Ashen Chest, thanks to the Seabound Soul Update.

Is fishing worth it, Sea of thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, fishing is the most effective way to improve your reputation with Hunter’s Call, a fishing faction found all around the island. Even though they also purchase chicken, pig, shark, and even Kraken, fishing is usually the safest and quickest method to improve your reputation.

Who buys fish sea of thieves?

The Hunter’s Call is a company that buys fish and may be found in the following locations: Merrick is based in The Ancient Isles, near Stephen’s Spoils. Serik is a member of The North Star Seapost, which is located in The Shores of Plenty.

Where do I get bone Ancientscale?

The Bone Ancientscale is a fish that can only be found in The Ancient Isles. It is a type of edible food that may be prepared for medicinal purposes.

On islands, fish of various kinds can be cooked on the ship’s stove or over campfires. Fish can help you reclaim your health. Each fish can be consumed two times. When cooked fish is consumed, it provides a Health Regeneration benefit. Fish of any kind may be sold to The Hunter’s Call for Gold and Reputation at Seaposts (Half-eaten fish cannot be sold).

How do you remove fish from the line of sea thieves?

If you already have five fish/foods in your inventory, you won’t be able to remove the fish. It should inform you which button to press, but you won’t be able to pick it up if you have an entire inventory of food. It does, however, share spaces with bananas and other meals, limiting you to a maximum of 5.

Bottom Line

Sea of Thieves is home to more than one dangerous activity. Day after day, pirates have the opportunity to face forts, active skeleton forts, fleets, undead captains, megalodons, shipwrecks, and more. But did you know that you can spend the day at Sea with peace of mind, away from all the risks? In fact, since the anniversary update last April, pirates can feel comfortable and play fishers on the coast of Sea of Thieves. Mermaid’s Hideaway is just the beginning!

Fishing on these shores offers many advantages. First, there’s the advantage of fishing in the more conventional sense: if you’re low on energy and the bananas in your barrel are running low, you can throw the rod into the ocean and catch a snack. Then, when you’ve caught the unlucky fish, go for a walk, grab the frying pan you have onboard and sauté the fish until it’s ready to eat.

On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to curry favor with The Hunter’s Call, a trading company run by the wandering fisherman Merrick and his family clan. Go to the nearest maritime station. You can sell your catch, cooked or raw, to Merrick or other representatives of The Call of the Hunter, which is an excellent way to accumulate gold and gain reputation in The Call of the Hunter. It all depends on the type of fish you have.

Finally, suppose you like to complete everything in the ships of Sea of Thieves. In that case, you can unlock additional accolades and achievements based on the volume and variety of marine species you manage to catch, cook, and already know where to sell fish sea of thieves. If you want to be the most versatile pirate on the seas, mastering fishing is part of your ambition!

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