GPS Running Watch vs Fitness Tracker vs Smartwatch : Which One Should i Get?

GPS Running Watch vs Fitness Tracker vs Smartwatch: Which One Should i Get?

GPS Running Watch vs Fitness Tracker vs Smartwatch

All come with almost similar functionality, making it hard for you to choose the right one to get. No wonder many people ask, should you get a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or smartwatch? It may be a tricky choosing one out of the three, but obviously, one must come out stronger. 

These three devices can help you achieve your fitness goals. A GPS running watch can help navigate navigation while a fitness tracker monitors your day-to-day activity and measures your distances in the running. On the other hand, a smartwatch keeps you notified when you have phone calls or messages to respond to.

GPS Running Watch vs Fitness Tracker vs Smartwatch

should you get a GPS running watch fitness tracker or smartwatch

Generally speaking, a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, and smartwatch keep you on track of your daily fitness activities. However, the three come with their pros and cons, meaning there is one that stands out more. Therefore, the question, “should you get a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or smartwatch?” can only be answered if you understand what each of the three offers.

GPS Running Watch

A GPS watch is an ideal wearing device for individuals who are involved in running, whether on a professional level or to keep fit. It delivers accuracy for every pace and distance covered within no time. Don’t run using your smartwatch or fitness tracker because they can’t offer the accuracy a GPS running watch delivers. Get to know the distance you have covered and how fast you are running. 

With a GPS running watch, you are offered a secure synchronization through the satellite’s signals, unlike the other two devices. In case this watch loses its GPS connection, it notifies you so that you can wait for the signal before increasing your running pace once more. A GPS running watch can work for other sports, making it unique. Cycling, hiking, and swimming are some of the activities you can indulge in your GPS running watch to do, for it shows the distance covered, which is paramount in any sports activity.

Fitness Trackers

should you get a GPS running watch fitness tracker or smartwatch

Their primary focus is on health-related activities and monitoring. They don’t offer notifications like a smartwatch or navigate like a GPS running watch. If you are a fitness fanatic, aim to get a fitness tracker because it provides many sensors for the exercise enthusiast. It offers advanced smart features to track any fitness-related activity. Even though the other two devices can follow, fitness trackers stand out as being excellent at tracking.

Fitness trackers can take in a full work week, keeping records of each activity for future reference. You can wear this tracker to bed to monitor your sleep and take it with you in the shower because it comes fully waterproof. That way, you will not have any gaps in your data, meaning you will have a comprehensive picture of your fitness level daily. When you get hold of the best fitness trackers installed with software and social media connections, you can push your fitness level to attain your goals within a specified time.


should you get a GPS running watch fitness tracker or smartwatch

This wrist device is generally targeted at fashion-conscious individuals and wants to keep up with the latest technology. Apple Watch for iPhone is one of the best smartwatches available, or you can choose an Android option that also works excellently. While some watches can track steps, they cannot do that competently like having a fitness tracker. With a smartwatch, notifications will be within your reach, and you will be able to interact with it by responding promptly. A smartwatch helps you customize interactions once you receive them.

Some smartwatches come with fitness features like the Apple Watch that comes with inbuilt running-related features. But obviously, they can’t work as excellently as a fitness tracker. Although a smartwatch aids in showing notifications, it’s not as good at tracking like a fitness tracker. 

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A GPS Running Watch, Fitness Tracker, and Smartwatch

These three devices can offer almost the same functionalities, but not entirely. The line between the three is becoming blurred because they are designed to perform better in their capacity. That is why shoppers perceive the three differently because of the specific functionalities they require in each of them. Therefore, it all comes to your needs. 

What exactly do you need so that you can choose the wearable device that delivers precisely that? That is the question that should linger in your mind before deciding whether to get a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or smartwatch. To pick the right type of wearable device, get online, and explore the features each comes with. That way, you will know if your needs will be met; that is why you need to make the right decision before making a choice.


You will realize that since a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, and smartwatch seem to work the same, there are notable differences. It would be best to get these devices because they don’t offer the same functionalities. If you want to focus on attaining specific bodyweight goals, a fitness tracker will work out better. A smartwatch will help you stay informed because none of the notifications will pass you by. On the other hand, a GPS running watch will aid as a hiker or running fanatic, for it will keep a record of steps in a given day. 

Final thought

When thinking of going shopping, you may ask, should you get a GPS running watch, fitness tracker, or smartwatch? This is not an easy question to answer because the answer lies solely on you. To get a wearable device among the three will depend on your needs because the three come with their specific tasks.

If you run often, go for a GPS running watch, but if you want to instantly keep receiving notifications, a smartwatch will be convenient. If you have fitness goals outlined, get a fitness tracker because it will save you disciplined. Though these three wearable devices seem similar, they are designed for different needs.

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