Skateboards for Beginners | Facts to Consider To Buy Skateboard

There are many great skateboards for beginners to choose from, with different shapes, sizes, etc. So what do you need to know before buying one? Let’s find out.     

Skateboards for Beginners

If you are a beginner who is just getting started at skateboarding, then you may be wondering where you can get a skateboard.

While there are many good skateboards for beginners, it can be overwhelming to choose the right skateboard for yourself. Each board with slightly different shapes, sizes, etc., is ideal for a certain group of people.

Suppose you want to choose the best beginner skateboard that suits you. You will need to know what to look for when buying a skateboard. Let’s take a look below so that you can decide what to buy.

Parts of a Skateboard

Before purchasing a skateboard, you should have some ideas about how a skateboard comes together. A skateboard consists of:

  • Deck: It’s where you stand with your feet, and it is usually made from wood.
  • Truck: It enables the board to turn and provides axles for the wheels.
  • Wheel: It allows the board to roll and move around.
  • Bearing: It reduces friction and lets the wheels spin freely.
  • Grip Tape: It’s a layer applied on top of the deck to give your feel more grip.
  • Hardware: Nuts and bolts to keep all of the parts together.

Types of Skateboards

Standard Skateboard

This type of skateboard works best for beginners since it works well for most skateboarding styles, such as street skating, skate parks, etc. Have a look at skateboards for street skating.

It usually features hard wheels and resembles a popsicle stick’s shape since the nose and the tail have symmetrical or similar shapes. 

Cruiser Skateboard

Cruiser skateboards are suitable for you if transportation is what you want from the board. Cruiser skateboards are usually similar to standard skateboards in length, but the shape can vary.

With transportation as a goal, cruisers typically have soft wheels to roll faster and smoother on rough surfaces. You can easily weave through many obstacles with cruiser skateboards. Check these skateboard wheels for street skating.


Longboards are heavier compared to cruiser skateboards. If you have trouble balancing on a skateboard, then longboards are what you are looking for.

Longboards are also ideal for traveling long distances and skating down hills at high speeds.

Skateboard Sizes

When choosing a skateboard based on size, we recommend you pick skateboards with the deck’s width proportional to your shoes’ size.

Here are some examples: If your shoes’ size is from 6.5 to 9, pick a skateboard with a deck width of 7.5 to 8.0 inches. If your shoes’ size is equal to greater than 9.5, pick the deck size from 8.0 and 8.5 inches.

For those who like to learn flip kicks, ledges, manual, flat bars, and other techniques, a skateboard with the size of 7.75 to 8.25 inches is usually more preferred.

For some skateboarding skills like handrails, big bowls, or jumping down a significant distance and stairs, people are typically more comfortable with a large-deck skateboard, with the size of 8.25 to 9 inches.

If you are more into transportation, try to pick a skateboard with a large deck since it provides better stability and more room for your feet.

If you are unsure about the size that suits you the most, try out all possible deck sizes. Maybe only through personal experience can you find the right size to skate.

Pre-built and Custom Complete Skateboard

Pre-built complete skateboard

Pre-built complete skateboards are great for beginners who are buying their first skateboard ever. It should come with every necessary part and is usually more affordable. Lots of skateboards are built with beginners in mind.

Custom complete skateboard

It is not the ideal item for beginners. But once you know a bit about skating, if you want to upgrade and personalize your skateboard for your skating style, you build or upgrade your skateboard.


By now, you should fully understand what to look for when buying skateboards for beginners.

In summary, get pre-built skateboards with the proper purpose and size to be comfortable when learning skating.

Thank you for reading.

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