Tibia Hunting Places | A Brief Guide With Hunting Spots Chart

Hunting Places are distributed across Tibians universe and for all level ranges, so whether you are level 20 or level 200, you’ll always be able to find one that fits your character. A knight is an expert in one-on-one combat. However, they will occasionally perform AoE (Area of Effect) spells to ward against large groups of enemies. Thus, knights’ combat styles can shift dramatically to huge AoE casters, especially at high levels. In this guide, I will talk about tibia hunting places.

Knights are always welcome in party hunts, and with the premium spell Challenge “Exeta Res,” they are among the most sought-after members of their friends’ VIP lists.

Moreover, a knight specializes in one-on-one combat. However, they will occasionally perform AoE (Area of Effect) spells to ward against large groups of enemies. Thus, knights’ combat styles can shift dramatically to huge AoE casters, especially at high levels.

So, let’s check out all these places.

Tibia Hunting: Hunting Spots Chart

Ab’Dendriel Elf CaveAb’Dendriel20
Ab’Dendriel Slimes CaveAb’Dendriel20
Abandoned SewersRathleton200
Al Dee Rat CaveRookgaard24
Alatar LakeThais20
Alchemist QuarterYalahar40
Amazon TowerCarlin15
The Ancient Ancestorial GroundsGray Beach300
Ancient Ruins TombAnkrahmun11
Ancient TempleThais8
Tne Ankrahmun Library TombAnkrahmun10
The antrum of the FallenKazordoon350
The Arena and Zoo QuarterYalahar20

Level 1 to level 8

When you first start the game, you’ll be on Tutorial Island. It is recommended that you complete the instructional quest for quick levelling since you will receive 150 free experience points (EXP) and several essential starting equipment. If you don’t want to do the tutorial, you may bypass it by telling Santiago, the first NPC you encounter on the island, “skip the tutorial.”

When you finish Tutorial Island, you should try first slaughter “pigs” and “sheep” to gather as much meat as possible. If you wish to start levelling sooner or already have a spare account on “Rookgaard” to fund your character, you can skip this section. When you’ve exhausted your capacity, sell them to the NPC to the national forests northwest of you.

If you become tired of this procedure, you can go hunting activity for rats in the sewer. But, first, buy a mace (or axe or sword, depending on your desire), a wooden shield, and a leather leg with this money (approximately 35 GP, 15 GP at the shop, and ten GP at a shop, respectively). Then, in the home north of Tom the Tanner, complete the Doublet Quest.

You now have the essential tools. If you have a Tibia bot, go to Al Dee’s rats and hunt there (remember to use the “nearly level 9” script). If you have a free account, Al Dee’s rats are also a fantastic spot to hunt. When you reach level 3, proceed to the north of town and cross the bridge.

Level 9 to level 20

You may now train endless hunting monsters in full defense to improve their skills.

Account Type: Free

You can head to Carlin or Venore, but make sure that you have purchased the “light healing spell” (Extra) and a Dwarven Shield before you begin auto hunting, both of which are highly useful and reasonably priced. We like Venore since it is a little safer (to an extent). If you don’t already have one, pick up a shovel and a rope since you’ll need them to visit the Venore Swamp Trolls or do some crossbow hunting at the Venore Rotworm Cave.

Account Type: Premium

Go to the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula since it is an excellent place to hunt for exp and money until you reach level 10. To go to the Edron Trolls and Goblin Peninsula, head south of DP, through the sewers, west, and then north after exiting the tunnel. It shouldn’t be too difficult to level there, and you can also collect tiny stones and sell them for a fair price (about 100 for 1k in my world).

After level 10, you can begin hunting rootworms at Edron Rotworms, Darashia Rotworms, or, if you’re higher level, the Port Hope Swamp north of DP (beware of slimes or terror birds), but carry some life and mana potions just in case.

From level 20 to level 35

As a level 20, you should have a minimum of 40/40 talents. If you don’t, it’s a good idea to go back and brush up on your abilities. Buy a plate set and a level 20 weapon using the money you earned from levels 9 to 20. If you can’t afford a level 20 weapon, buy a nice no-level weapon with a strong Attack/Cost ratio so that when you do have enough money, you can acquire a good weapon. Also, keep in mind that this level range is great for lower-level PKers (Player-Killers).

Account Type: Free

The undead first and second floors of Mount Sternum are arguably the greatest places in Tibia for knights of level 20 to 35. It has a high exp rate as well as a high gold loot rate. The main issue is that ghouls and skeletons do not drop food, so you’d have to carry some mushrooms. Plus, there can be a lot of PKers at times. Another method of obtaining food is to exit the cave on occasion to hunt and loot a few Cyclops. Remember to carry health and mana containers since there may be enticed crypt shamblers or beholders on the loose.

Account type: Premium

Premium account holders should hunt the Liberty Bay Rotworm at level 20. You will need a rope and a shovel, so bring these with you. If you have more than 50 talents, you can attempt travelling to Dworcs, located on the coast south of Port Hope. Their entrances are generally hidden behind trees, so simply walking around will take you to an extremely gloomy location. Never forget to carry healing or mana pots since they are extremely useful and will keep you alive many times. Ankrahmun’s larva/scarab cave and tombs are also worthwhile visits.

From level 36 t levels 50

You should always take more than one bag of healing and mana potions with you everywhere you go now. They have the potential to save lives. You should now have a reasonable quantity of money in your bank account. Complete the Noble Armor and Crusader Helmet Quests. Purchase a knight outfit by selling the noble armour and helmet (or a crown set if you can afford it). Don’t forget to obtain a good weapon and a shield, since these are also highly vital.

At levels 36 to 50, the finest places to earn experience points are Shadowthorn, Dark Cathedral, and Orc Fortress. Shadownthorn is an excellent hunting location. Even though travelling there may be tough and dull, the exp rate there would be high.

Account Premium

This level of premium account users may either stay in Ankrahmun for the tomb, larva/scarab cave, and the odd dragon’s lair or travel to the Laguna Islands or Chakoyas population.

To go to the Laguna Islands, you must complete the Eleonore Quest. The tortoises are the island’s strongest residents, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. It is private land.

You must travel to Inukaya to slay Chakoyas. Chakras aren’t difficult to kill, so killing them shouldn’t be either. They can provide valuable experience points. A great task you can execute

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I hunt druid?

  • Venore Rotworm caverns provide 7k13k exp per hour.
  • 6k9k exp/hour in Edron Goblin Cave.
  • Edron Rotworm Caves: 8-14k experience each hour.
  • Darashia Rotworm Caves: 815k experience per hour.
  • If money is not an issue, you can use a Stealth Ring to hunt Cyclopses at Edron (private property) (Cyclopolis) or the Thais’ Cyclops Camp.

Where can I hunt 250 RP?

  • Ormond West.
  • Glooth Bandits.
  • Growth Tower.
  • Grim Reapers (Drefia or Yalahar)
  • Werehyenas.
  • Werelions (very carefully – maybe?).
  • Asuras Palace (Carefully)
  • Drakens Walls (very carefully)

What is the best class in Tibia?

Paladin is the greatest way to get started in Tibia. However, on reasonable levels, Sorcerer is either the worst or second-worst in open warfare, depending on PVP type. Open PVP knight is a jerk, and the worst, vintage and retro HC sorcerer is the worst.

How do you get to Banuta tibia?

Access to Deeper Banuta is obtained through The Ape City Quest. This hunting area is ideal for experienced people with a significant level because the monsters are strong and appear in groups. To reach Banuta, you must complete Mission 9 of The Ape City Quest. You must enter the first floor of Banuta and use the teleport. When you enter this teleport, you will be sent to the next floor, where you can break the four Canopic Jars.

The position may be seen in the image below, which was acquired from TibiaWiki. We propose travelling clockwise and smashing each jar before entering the next teleport. You should also wear a Dwarven Ring when roaming around since some animals can get you intoxicated. To activate the next teleporter, you must shatter the Canopic Jars within a specified time restriction.

How do I choose my vocation, Tibia?

  • Sorcerers are the best at low levels (new servers) because Sudden Death deals a lot of damage.
  • Sorcerer is the best in open battles.
  • Druid is the greatest class for gaining bosses (such as Ferumbra’s).
  • But for bosses like Jaul, Paladin is the best.
  • Druid/Knight is the search team to find the best.
  • Knight is the greatest at luring the finest.
  • Paladin wants to make money (Solo).
  • Paladin is the greatest way to get started in Tibia.

Bottom Line

Knights are always welcome in party hunts, and with the premium spell Challenge “Exeta Res,” they are among the most sought-after members of their friends’ VIP lists. Swords, axes, and clubs are the essential archery hunting weapons of a Knight, and when combined with the proper equipment and a solid shield, Knights are nearly hard to kill.

It is your job as a Knight to be the first in combat groups to challenge your opponents. So get your hunting license now!

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