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Planning to have an Ireland road trip? Read the article to know about some great tips to enjoy a wonderful road trip in Ireland.

A road trip is always enjoyable. You can feel relaxed and forget all the stresses when you are on your trip. Like every other great road trip, having one in Ireland can come with some great experience and give you immense pleasure. But, to enjoy it fully, you will need to make a good plan and get organized ahead of time. Check out the tips below that can help you to have the best road trip in Ireland.

Tips to Enjoy a Wonderful Road Trip in Ireland

Tips to Enjoy a Wonderful Road Trip in Ireland

Driving on the Left Side

As we know, most of the countries drive on the right side of the road. Few drive the opposite, and Ireland is one of those few countries. You will find the steering wheel, streetlights, fast lane, all on the right side. You will need some time to get acquainted with the adjustments. Keep these factors in mind while preparing for the Ireland road trip.

Sharing the Road

Sometimes you may have to drive down very narrow roads on your road trip in Ireland. Driving through the country might seem okay, as you can pull off into the grass and let the oncoming car drive by. But, while you are driving on narrow roads of the cliffs, the oncoming car will not have any place to slow down and let you pass. So, the only choice you will have is to be patient and follow the traffic flow. 

Renting Your Vehicle

To enjoy your road trip better, there are some points you need to keep in mind. The first factor is the rental car. Find out which company is reliable and offer the best deals. When renting your vehicle, make sure of the following matters:

  • Automatic or Manual: As stated above, driving in Ireland might seem difficult to some people. So, if you are one of them, you can choose to drive an automatic vehicle instead of a manual one. Though it will be an expensive option, you can be stress-free and enjoy the time there.
  • Knowing Your Vehicle: You will need to get familiarized with the vehicle you are choosing. Make sure to check out everything about the cars, such as air conditioner, headlights, radio, and other features, before you leave the rental facility. It will help you to avoid any mishaps you might face while driving.
  • Car Insurance: You need to get car insurance as necessary when renting your vehicle. To have a stress-free road trip in Ireland, ask the company to provide a written document affirming the car insurance agreement beforehand. 
  • Must-Have Car Features: USB compatibility, GPS, and cruise control are the three must-have features needed in your car when on a road trip. While driving in a foreign country, GPS is of extreme importance. If you are driving over 30 miles on a straight highway, you will need cruise control. A USB outlet is necessary to connect with your playlist, GPS for direction, and a charger to recharge electronic devices. 

Avoid Relying on the Internet All the Time

When on a road trip in Ireland, getting a sat nav for the vehicle can be a wonderful idea. But, keep in mind that you cannot rely on the internet all the time, as you might get little or no internet access in some places. So, it will be a good idea to plan where you are going beforehand. Take notes of the towns and postcodes not to have to rely on the internet only.

Making a Good Use of Ireland’s Many Airports

You will find quite a few airports in Ireland, though these are of small size. Avoid booking a flight into or from Dublin if you are not starting or ending your road trip there. You can drive there if you want. 

Kerry, Knock, Cork, and Shannon are some great airports to use on the western side while ending or starting the road trip in Ireland. These locations are close to some beautiful places you might enjoy. If you are on a road trip in Northern Ireland, try flying into Belfast and out of Derry. It will be a good option to save some time and money.

Having Change for Car Parks

Very few car parks are free in Ireland. You will need to pay for most of the car parks there, whether it’s near an attraction or in a city or town. So, make sure you always have enough euros on hand to avoid having any d dilemma with parking.

Using the Vehicle as a Wardrobe

In Ireland, you will find the weather constantly changing. So, having jackets, shoes, an umbrella, etc., on hand will be a wise decision. Make a packing list to be well prepared. Use the back of your car to keep all the items you might need to get along with any weather.

Pack Snacks

Don’t forget to pack snacks. They are essential to have on a road trip. Look for a grocery store or a gas station and stock up. You might love to buy some local potato chips sold in different flavours like cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, Smokey bacon, etc. Try buying some to make your trip more enjoyable.

Last Words

Ireland road trips are a great way to enjoy. But, be ready for all conditions; matters might go wrong also. You might find your driving route is not as you thought. Try to be patient and flexible with your plan. Booking refundable hotels will be a wise choice. Creating a driving route that allows for sightseeing can let you have a break and make you less tired.

You can enjoy exploring some beautiful castles, abbeys, ruins, and more while having a road trip there, plan and research more to have a safe and pleasurable road trip.

Best of luck!

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