What is Travel Accident Insurance – Expert Tips on Travel Accident Insurance

Traveling, either alone or with friends and family is an enjoyable getaway to see and experience something new that you don’t normally experience daily. A lot of people find traveling a stress-reliever and gratifying experience that everyone needs.

And because traveling is now made more convenient and effortless, there is no wonder why a lot of people are traveling.

However, with traveling, you are also putting yourself or your companions at risk to get into an accident. No one could predict when accidents will happen. It will just happen without any warnings or signals.

Therefore, to still feel safe even when traveling, you must get a travel accident insurance.

This will not only make you feel safe but it will also give you peace of mind during your travels. Let us get to know more about travel accident insurance with this article below.

What is the travel accident insurance?

It offers coverage for accidents such as dismemberment, death, or other life-changing injuries or incidents you have incurred during travel.

The insurance benefits differ and are covered, depending on the seriousness of the injury, illness, trauma, or loss.

This insurance is also designed to provide for those coverage gaps and give high limit coverage for risks that are not covered with other disability policies do not cover.

Without an insurance policy, travelers injured, dismembered, or killed in an accident while traveling and their families may be faced with a possible lifelong financial burden.

It includes such devastating and distressing incidents and provides financial help and support for the injured or killed traveler and their families.

In addition, this insurance may propose optional benefits and may exclude particular countries and accidents that are caused by pre-existing conditions.

It controls their coverage to the following:

  • 24/7 Travel Assistance Services
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Coverage for Repatriation
  • Coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation

Some of these plans include minimum coverage for emergency medical expenses. Meanwhile, other travel accident insurance plans offer the traveler maximum benefits range to select from and even add non-medical emergency evacuation coverage.

Who should buy travel accident insurances?

It is a type of insurance used to cover a specific need like the loss of a limb or loss of life. As accident statistics say travel insurance is vital. Therefore, these types of travelers should not disregard or forget to buy this kind of insurance:

War correspondents

Sometimes, soldiers, police, or other war correspondents are asked to travel abroad for peace talks, war threats, and the like.

Thus, it is important that these types of travelers have a travel accident insurance readily available in case matters go to worst.


Journalists like war correspondents may be tasked to cover chaos, war, or turmoil, making it more practical and safe if they have a this type of insurance ready.

Government employees

Government employees may be asked to travel a lot due to the nature of work. Thus, to keep the frequent traveler and his or her family at peace, having a travel accident insurance is important.

Frequent business travelers

People who are always tasked to go on business trips should also have travel accident insurance in case if accidents happen in one of the business tours.

Missionary and aid workers

Missionaries often travel to different places for their mission. And with these, they are putting their lives at stake. Hence, having a travel accident insurance will somehow give them peace of mind while doing their mission.

Frequent flyer

People who love to travel should also avail of travel accident insurance. This is because with frequent traveling they are also exposing themselves to more risks.

What are the exclusions of Travel Accident Insurance?

Not all travel accident insurance will cover a broad range of benefits. Some insurance covers death benefits for flight accidents only.

Other travel accident plan agencies also have a specified place where travelers can only go to like specific countries or places.

However, almost all travel accident insurance plans oblige the traveler to travel at least 100 miles from the home place before the coverage can take effect.

Other Extra Benefits Offered with Travel Accident Insurance

Some travel accident insurance plans offer little extra options and package-like benefits which includes

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Baggage loss and delay
  • Coverage for terrorist acts or war
  • Security evacuations.

Why you should buy a Travel Accident Insurance?

Here are some of the reasons you need to have it during your travels:

  • To keep your family or children financially sustained, especially if you get badly injured in one of your frequent travels.
  • You suddenly become very ill while traveling abroad and need to be sent back home to get the proper medical attention.
  • You are going to a very risky place and want to make sure that you leave your family safe in case if something happens to you.

How much does Travel Accident Insurance Costs?

The cost of this insurance varies depending on the company and other factors like:

Age of the traveler

There is a difference in the rate of travel accident insurance if the traveler is on his or her prime or middle-age years from a traveler on his or her senior years.

That is because as people grow old, that person becomes more prone to get into accidents or illnesses and even death.

The length of the trip

The duration of the trip also has a say when it comes to the price of travel accident insurance. This is because as the length of the trip extends, the trip has more chances of incurring accidents.

Optional coverages

Some travel accident insurance plans only limit the benefits they cover. Therefore, it is expected that they come at a much lower price as compared to plans that offer additional coverage for travelers.

AD&D limit

This also plays a major factor in the price of it. If the AD&D has a broader coverage limit, then it is anticipated that it is more on the higher price range as compared to plans with limited AD&D coverage.

Where to buy Travel Accident Insurance plans?

There are two options on where to buy travel accident insurance plans – either online or through a travel agency or insurance companies’ offices. To choose the best option, you must compare the plans offered from all companies, acquire estimated quotes, and then make a purchase.

All travel insurance companies allow a free look period with a refund that allows you to thoroughly review all the coverages included in the plan.

If you decide to make some necessary changes with the policy, you can talk with the one in-charge or have it canceled for a refund minus a small charge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Accident Insurance

If the traveler forgot to declare his/her designated beneficiary, who will be entitled to receive the proceeds from the insurance in case of death?

If in case there is no named beneficiary, the beneficiary will go to his or her spouse, children, or other blood-related family relatives.

Is it okay for a traveler to have more than one travel insurance?

If the traveler is somehow dissatisfied with the policy of his or her travel accident insurance, he or she has the option to avail of another policy as long as they are from different travel insurance providers.

This can also be beneficial for travelers especially if the other policy benefits have already been exhausted.

Can a traveler still get travel accident insurance even if that person has a pre-existing condition?

If you have a pre-existing health problem, availing a travel accident insurance can save your vacation and even your life, especially when worse goes to worst.

However, you have to take note that not all insurance providers offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. It is best to choose a provider that offers these privileges.

Can a traveler still avail of a travel accident insurance plan even while awaiting a diagnosis?

Yes, travelers can still avail of a travel accident insurance plan even when waiting for a final diagnosis. However, the traveler has to choose an insurance provider that offers coverage for pre-existing conditions.

He or she must also declare the condition as a pre-existing health problem even if the final diagnosis hasn’t been made.


As they say, you should invest in experience as it is the best teacher. Thus, traveling not only lets you relax but also allows you to experience new things which you’ve never had before. However, there is no denying that with traveling you are also putting yourself at the risk of danger due to accidents.

Thus, you must have a travel accident insurance readily available if unforeseen circumstances or situations may arise.

This will not only provide coverage for travel accidents, but it will also give you and your loved ones peace of mind during your travels.

What is Travel Accident Insurance – Expert Tips on Travel Accident Insurance

Accidents may strike when you are caught off-guard and a good travel accident insurance will be you and your family’s helping hand in case of accidental loss, dismemberment, or death.

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