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RV traveling has been increasing from time to time. Nowadays, people prefer to travel with an RV other than public transports or other modes of transport. This is because of the open roads, freedom of living, freedom of driving, and the chances to explore new things or national parks or the country’s wealth. In this article, I will discuss traveling with RV and some tips and advantages.

All these advantages cannot be seen in other modes of transport like public transport. If you are moving on public transport, you need to sit calmly and step out when the bus or car stops. You have no freedom to enjoy yourself. Also, you cannot stop where you want. 

But if you are traveling with an RV, you have the freedom to stop anywhere you want. If you find a suitable location, you can stop there, relax and enjoy the scene. If you have some urgent work like suddenly you got a call from your boss to attend a meeting, you can go back home, or if you brought your laptop with you, you can stop your RV anywhere and attend your meetings. 

These are just a sample of advantages you have if you travel with your RV. Now let’s dive deep into more advantages you have by traveling with your RV. 

8 Advantages of Traveling with an RV

Traveling with an RV

These are the advantages you get if you choose to travel with your RV. Let’s check them out. 

Traveling with an RV is Cheaper

Yes, what you heard is correct. Many people prefer traveling with an RV because it is very cheap. 

You don’t have to pay your hotel bills, or if you want to travel to other countries, you will save a lot of air fees, or you can save money by not eating restaurant foods as you have the chance to prepare your food in your RV. 

Especially if you have some equipment for cooking, something as simple as a portable grill for RV does a great job at cooking great food. 

Don’t think that if you have an RV, there is no need to pay for anything. 

However, you need to pay some money for your gas, or if you want to stay in an RV park or RV campgrounds, you need to pay them. 

The average cost to rent an RV will be around $55 to $125, depending on your renting RV. If you want to spend your night in a campground or an RV park, the cost will be around $35 to $50. The higher the price, the higher the demand as they have a lot of desirable spots. 

You may now fall into the thinking process of saving money with this RV travel if we are spending money on gas and RV parks. You will save a lot because you are not staying in a hotel, as staying in a hotel costs you around $100 to $200 depending on what hotel you are staying in. Also, you are not eating food in a restaurant as you can prepare your meals. This will also save you some money. By comparing all these, you can note that traveling in an RV is cheaper. 

Traveling with an RV Gives you Total Flexibility

Traveling with an RV is an excellent option if you want to enjoy your vacation more flexibly with complete freedom. If you notice a great scene, you can stop there and enjoy the scene. If you get an emergency call from your relatives, you can change your direction within a few seconds. 

You can also spend more time in RV parks. If you spend more time in an RV park, they will discount your total cost. This will also save you money. Before staying in an RV park, you need to check whether you have proper access to water, electricity, internet, etc. 

You Can Carry Anything if you are traveling in an RV

Yes, you can carry anything with you. You can carry a pile of books if you want to spend your leisure time reading, also carry board games and video games if you are taking children with you. You can fill one shelf with the snacks you want.

But it would be best if you made sure how much stuff you are packing in your RV because every RV comes with a cargo-carrying capacity. If you fill up your RV beyond the limit, then it will be hazardous for you. 

So you need to check the cargo-carrying capacity of your RV. You can find this on a label that is present on one of your shelves. 

The cargo-carrying capacity is the weight of the actual stuff you can carry, including the people’s weight traveling in that RV. Exceeding this limit is very dangerous because it will create more pressure on your brakes and axles, which eventually leads to accidents. 

You Can Connect with Nature

You can fall asleep by watching the stars present in the night sky or listening to the sounds made by crickets or listening to the hooting of owls. It is a unique way to connect with nature. So staying in an RV will increase your chances to connect with nature and helps to relax. It will make you fall asleep soon. You can choose the best RV park near you, and you can park your RV under large palm trees and spend your whole night there.

But if the RV parks are full, don’t worry. You can try boondocking. You need to get permission where you want to park your RV and leave the place as it is without disturbing anything. That’s all. You can comfortably spend a night there. Also, many websites and parks offer to boondock. So you can search for a site near your location. 

You can better understand and get closer to your loved ones.

Traveling in an RV with your family will create a lot of memories for you. You can better understand your loved ones, what they are fond of and what they do not like. You can also better understand your pets. If you brought board games or video games with you, you could try playing with your children. 

This will create excellent communication between you and your children. This will make your children express their feelings without any fear. You can also help your wife or your love while cooking. This will also increase communication and also increase you are against one another. All these things will lead to a happy life. 

You can maintain social distancing.

As these are global pandemic situations, it is mandatory to stay away from strangers and maintain social distancing. Traveling in an RV will avoid chances to meet a crowd. Also, your RV comes with a restroom so you can avoid public toilets, which are not safe during these pandemic times. 

To stay even safe, you need to clean your RV periodically. But before cleaning your RV, you need to make sure that you are using the proper disinfectants that do not scratch your RV or cause any stains on them. 

You can try to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Traveling with an RV will make you try different types of lifestyles. In that one is a minimalist lifestyle. In this kind of lifestyle, you need to decide what is important to you and what is unimportant. 

The unimportant things can be left behind. All these things will make you live a great life and adjust to the things that are not with you. 

Traveling with an RV will increase your driving skills.

RV Traveling will surely increase your driving skills as you need to reverse your vehicle in a limited space or park your vehicle only in a bit of space. 

By traveling in an RV means you need to travel to small towns and cities with very narrow roads. Driving with all these challenges will surely increase your driving skills. So with this experience, you can drive any vehicle at any place, and you can face any challenges on the road. 

Tips for Traveling with an RV

Traveling with an RV

If you are fresh to this RV traveling, then for sure you need to know these tips.

Decide to buy or rent your RV

This is one of the significant problems that a newbie feels. But this is not a problem because it has a straightforward solution. If you are a regular traveler, you can buy your RV. If you don’t travel that much, then you can rent your RV. Buying an RV needs a one-time investment. 

Once you buy your RV, you can save a lot of money because you cannot pay every time for renting an RV. Your RV is available 24 x 7. Also, you can earn some money by renting your RV when not in use. But if you rent an RV, you need to pay every time. So you can decide according to your preferences. 

You need to know your RV

As you are a newbie, you have little or no experience with an RV. So before buying an RV, you need to know complete details about that RV, like how many persons can travel in this RV, the cargo capacity, how many tanks are there to store water, or the capacity of the tank. 

Take a test drive

Before purchasing an RV, you need to test drive that vehicle as comfortably for you and your family. This will also build your confidence when you are driving your RV. 

Bring tools and spare parts.

It is always suggested to bring tools and spare parts to your RV because you don’t know when your RV gives you trouble. If you put all these tools and spares with you, there is no need to worry about anything. You, yourself, can repair all the stuff like changing the tires, adjusting the switchboards, etc. 

Other tips

  • l Decide whether to eat outside or you will cook in your RV.
  • l Allocate the budget for your food, staying in parks, etc.
  • l Also, it would be best if you prepared a route map before starting your RV as this will give you a perfect idea about where gas stations and other stuff like hotels are.
  • l Always pre-register for a campground or parks as they will be filled up fast. 
  • These are our tips for a successful vacation with an RV. We hope you have a great time and make sure to have fun.

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