Warframe Eidolon Hunting Weapons | All Types of Eidolon Hunting Weapons

Eidolons are huge opponent bosses that may be found at night roaming the Plains of Eidolon in Cetus. Because they are the finest source of Operator and Arcane focus, these creatures are greatly sought due to their rewards. In this guide, I will discuss warframe eidolon hunting weapons.

But be cautious. The Eidolon is likewise extremely tough to destroy. Only Void damage and Void mode may breach their barriers, and debuffs do not affect them.

The best thing you can do is complete The War Within and Saya’s Vigil quests first: This will let you access the Quills, which will serve as your major Syndicate Hub for the operation.

Hunting the bosses in the Plains of Eidolon is both enjoyable and rewarding, but it may also be difficult at first. The boss drops Arcanes, which will give your wireframes more strength, Sentient Cores, which may be sold for rank with The Quills in Cetus, and Eidolon Shards, which can be converted to a huge quantity of focus.

You should be aware that the bosses in Plains of Eidolon have a shield that your standard weapons cannot harm; to acquire access to your operator abilities, you must complete the quests The Second Dream and The War Within. You should also complete the mission Saya’s Vigil, which will bring you to The Quills, where you may purchase blueprints for Amps and Arcanes, which will speed up and simplify the combat.

Everything about Warframes

Warframe Eidolon Hunting Weapons

We recommend bringing Rhino (Prime) until you understand the battle since his Iron Skin will help you survive part of the crit damage and his Roar ability offers a DPS damage buff to close teammates. Strength and range may be increased.

Volt effectively delivers damage types to the Eidolon bosses since his Electric Shield increases and a significant critical damage bonus. It’s worth noting that firing through Volt’s shields gives both the Amp and conventional weapons a damage increase. So, teammates should also utilize the shields to enhance damage! Change the length and efficiency.

Chroma is the finest damage dealer and can almost one-shot the Teralyst’s limbs. However, you must first do selv damage with a weapon that ignores shields, such as a Cerata, to receive a nice DPS increase from your Vex Armor ability. You may adjust strength and duration.

Using the Bless ability, Trinity is excellent at keeping the Eidolon Lures alive during the fight. Modify for 150 percent strength, and then concentrate on duration and efficiency; the range is unimportant.

You may use Oberon’s Renewal ability to keep the Lures alive. Also, you can use the Hallowed Ground to make allies resistant to status ailments. Our advice is to use the Phoenix Renewal and Smite Infusion augment modifications.

After the boss loses a limb, Harrow uses his Covenant ability to defend teammates from AoE damage. Modify for 95-100 percent duration, and then concentrate on strength and efficiency.

Weapons and Equipment

It would help if you had a strong sniper rifle, such as the Lanka or Rubico Prime. Remember to zoom in and out to maximize your damage output. Vulkar Wraith and Vectis Prime are also viable options.

You should include Radiation Damage attack and Critical Damage/Critical Chance mods.

Do not waste on status chance, as Status damage does not affect the Eidolon bosses.

If you are slain during the fight, you should equip a powerful secondary so that you may continue to participate; the Euphona Prime is an excellent secondary for this.

The Game of Waiting

Now that you have your weapons and Warframes, wait until the Plains enter their ‘Night’ cycle. Go to navigation and hover over the Plains Node to find out.

It is Day if it says “Night in xx Minutes.” If it says ‘Day in xx Minutes,’ it is the best moment to hunt!

It is best to gather your hunting party a few minutes before sunset to maximize your hunting time, as the Eidolons vanish into the ground as soon as the sun rises.

Before the Hunt

Have one of your team members collect Eidolon Lures. You’ll need them to capture the Eidolon, which increases your chances of finding valuable loot!

You’ll need two Lures for the Teralyst and three for the Gauntalyst and Hydrolyst. To ensure a successful capture, keep them close to the Eidolon before it is defeated. Once the capture is complete, the required Lures are used, so you’ll need to collect a total of 8 Lures during the Hunt.

Tip: A member of your team can keep the Lures safe until the end of the fight to ensure that they remain intact. They are only required to be present during the final stage.


The Teralyst is the easiest Eidolon to defeat, but a new Eidolon Hunter should not underestimate it.

To begin, enter your Operator mode form and use your Amp to shoot the Teralyst. This is the only way to disable the shields and expose them to more traditional forms of damage.

Shoot the Synovia once its shields are down. They have the appearance of old radiators and can be found on their limbs. When you shoot them, the Eidolon will emit a series of pulses that inflict Magnetic procs, draining your energy regen and shields.

Until you destroy this enemy, rinse and repeat until you beat Synovias. The Eidolon will collapse to the ground and summon the Vomvalysts for assistance.

The Gauntalyst

Do you remember everything we did to Teralyst? Guess what, we’re doing it all over again with his older brother, the Gauntalyst!

First, gather all of your loot and proceed to the rock in the center of Gara Toht Lake. Remember to take the shard from the Teralyst as well as three lures to capture the new Eidolon. Place the shard you obtained, and the Gauntalyst will rise from the lake once the other three have done the same!

The fight is similar, but the Gauntalyst has more Synovias and tricks up its sleeve, such as a radial shield and radiant energy pillars erupt from the ground (RIP long-range fighting)!

After surviving the onslaught, capture the Gauntalyst, and you’ll be ready for the battle.

The Hydrolyst

Take the shard from the Gauntalyst and make your way to the center of Gara Toht Lake. When you sacrifice the shard, you can start destroying the Hydrolyst!

The fight is similar to the Gauntalyst one, but the ground around it can be extremely damaging. Destroy the Synovias, grab everything, and flee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eidolons weak to?

If you survive long enough to deplete an Eidolon Teralyst’s shields, it will become vulnerable to mundane weaponry—but only at the glowing blue weak points at its leg and arm joints. If your team is communicating, it is best to concentrate your efforts on one weak point at a time.

What is the highest damage weapon in Warframe?

When compared to other weapons in the game, Tigris Prime has the most serious base damage.

Is Buzlok a sniper?

We can’t use its skin because the Buzlok isn’t classified as a Sniper despite its appearance. The tag shot is just as difficult to land as a sniper shot, but a sniper rifle deals massive burst damage, whereas bulk does not.

Can eidolons use weapons?

Yes. When you combine manufactured and natural weapons, your natural weapons all become secondary. This means they deal 0.5x str damage and have a -5 hit chance. Weapon training is to avoid paying the penalty for not being proficient.

What is the best sniper in Warframe?

The Vectis Prime is one of the most recognizable sniper rifles in the game, and it is the prime variant of the Vectis, which is the sniper rifle of choice for many new players due to its great damage.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the Eidolons are weak to radiation but strong against Crits when designing your build. Consider the following sniper weapons to help you deal with the Eidolon:

Vectis Prime Rubico Rubico Prime Vectis Prime Rubico Prime Vectis Prime

These weapons have excellent Crit perks that make them unbeatable. Because of its high Crit stat, the Rubico Prime is easier to build and can excel with the right mod spread.

You will need a Prime Chamber and a riven with a Crit chance for the Vectis Prime. They also increase your shot multiplier after the second shot, causing you to bleed damage faster than before.

You can defeat Hydrolyst, the final boss, by inserting the Radiant Eidolon Shard. Yes, this one that you hold from the Gauntalyst into the altar on the large stone in the lake. He has the same abilities as the other two, but he has a few more that you should be aware of:

Ground Stomp creates not only a knockback wave but also several geysers with acid water – use your Amp to shoot at the green energy bobbles to avoid acid rain.

Ground smash also causes green bubbles to grow in size before detonating with a massive AoE – shot with your Amp.

Summoning Scream transforms nearby Vomvalysts into a red glowing variant that deals a lot of conventional damage; you should kill these as soon as you see them.

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