Warframe Norg Fishing Spot | Fishing Guide With Eidolon Fishing Map

To fish in Warframe, you will have special tools dedicated exclusively to fishing. You can find these tools among the different objects that the Hai-Luk Angler offers you. Among them, there are four that we can call “Essentials” or “Basics,” and these are the Fishing Harpoons and the Fishing Baits, both the Spicy and the Twilight and finally the Luminous Dye. The Tulok Fishing Harpoon is one of the “free” offerings we can choose from when we raise our reputation to the Outsider level. In this guide, I will discuss warframe norg fishing spot.

Fishing harpoons, like most tools in Warframe, will need to be equipped in your tool wheel through the arsenal. Once you are done, use the tool key (Q) on your plains raids to equip your favorite fishing spear.

Unlike Harpoons, the rest of the Fishing Tools (Baits, Dyes, etc.) will be auto-equipped on our wheel with specific fishing tools.

It can be a bit confusing at first, so for beginners, we will try to simplify it into a few steps:

  • Equip our Fishing speargun with tools wheel: Arsenal – Tools – Assign the speargun to one of the holes.
  • Use the fishing harpoon: On the plains, press (Q) – Select the harpoon.
  • Use fishing tools: When using the harpoon, press (Q) – Select the item.

Warframe Fishing Guide – Where to Find Rare Fish on the Plains of Eidolon

There usually seem to be some active hot spots in the ocean close below the Hillside Ruin. Look around for spots in the water where bubbles are rising to the surface; this is where you want to fish. Murkray may be caught at any time of day or night. Therefore, it makes no difference when you go fishing.

Now arm yourself with your Lanzo Spear, your dye, your Murkray bait, and wait for the nearby fish to appear. It should just take a few minutes to capture all of the fish you require at this location.


Murkray, Norg, Cuthol, and Glappid fish are all considered rare, but if you’ve been playing for a while and have the appropriate bait, you may capture any of these species for the Challenge.

There you have it, Tenno, a simple method for catching uncommon fish in the Plains of Eidolon. It appears like Konzu isn’t the only one who is eating his lunch early today. You might wish to pick up a Sepfahn and create a new Zaw while you’re near Cetus.

Plains of Eidolon Fishing Map

The player will meet several Fish meat species depending on the location and type of body of water.

  • Mawfish are found in Gara Toht Lake, a vast lake located just north of Cetus (common at day).
  • Eel Charc (common at night and day).
  • Norg N (rare at night, Norgx bait).
  • Yogwun is a landlocked body of water (pond) spread over the plains (typical at day sound).
  • Khut, khut, khut (common at day).
  • Lungfish Mortus (rare at day, common at night).
  • Cuthol is a word that comes to mind when (rare at night, Cuthol bait).
  • Ocean coastlines (from far left to right, up to Cetus gate): Goopolla (common at night and day).
  • Tralok Tralok Tralok Tralok Tra (uncommon at day).
  • Sharrac is a fictional character created by Sharrac (night and day, Twilight bait).
  • Karkina is a Russian actress (night and day, Twilight bait).
  • Glappid (rare during the day and night, Murkray bait) Murkray (rare during the day and night, Murkray bait) (rare at night, Glappid bait).

Fishing spears you can buy on Fortuna.

When you get to Fortuna, your fishing excursion becomes much more accessible. To catch Servofish, you need one fishing spear, and the only thing you have to worry about is having the right bait and the weather, as some fish only appear under specific weather circumstances.

First, let’s take a look at the spear. Head to The Business to get a shocking spear instead of the three spears you use in the Plains of Eidolon. This one operates a little differently than the others in that you’ll have to play a little mini-game to shock the fish into submission once it’s been struck by the spear. When the gauge is in the center, press the throw button again to unleash an intense shock that will stun you and allow you to escape.

Fishing spears you can buy on Cetus.

Fishing Spears may be bought with Standing from the Cetus dealer Fisher Hai-Luk. On the Plains of Eidolon, all Fishing Spears may be used on all sorts of fish. However, each variety of Fishing Spear is naturally more robust or weaker against specific species of fish.

Fishing Spears bought on Cetus may be used on Fortuna’s Orb Vallis, although this isn’t advised because they harm the Servofish, lowering the resources and prizes you receive for capturing them.

Types Of Fishing Spears

The Plains of Eidolon, the first of Warframe’s open-world zones, contains numerous fish to capture and numerous different spears and baits to catch them with. Each spear is ideally suited for specific sorts of fish, and each bait is frequently tailored to attract a certain kind of fish over all others. To capture every fish in the Plains of Eidolon, you’ll need to work your way through each spear and bait.

First, go to Fisher Hai-Luk and purchase one of the three spears available: Lanzo, Tulok, or Peram. Each spear is better suited for catching a specific species of fish by inflicting more significant harm. A fish gets caught when its health is lowered to zero.

If you use the proper spear, you should only need one or two hits, while if you use the wrong spear, you may need three or four hits, making capturing fish exceedingly challenging (especially since fish tend to swim away after getting poked by a spear).

Smooth-skinned fish are most suited for Lanzo spears, and because the low-level fish are all smooth-skinned, you’ll want to start there.

Fortuna Fishing Spears

LanzoThe Lanzo Fishing Spear delivers Impact damage,
 making it particularly effective against smooth-skinned fish.
PeramThe Peram Fishing Spear delivers Slash damage and is
 effective against scaly-hued fish.
TulokPuncture damage is dealt by the Tulok Fishing Spear,
which is efficient against armored fish.

Warframe Norg Fishing Spot: FAQs

Where do you fish for NORG in Warframe?

Norg Brain is a resource derived from the Norg, a freshwater fish that can only be discovered at night in a vast lake near Cetus.

Where can I use NORG bait?

Cutting up Norg collected by fishing yields org brains. To extract the components, go to Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus, pick the required amount of Norg, and then pick the “Cut Fish” option. Each Norg cut produces one Norg Brain.

During Operation: Plague Star, Norg Brain was also purchasable from Nakak in Cetus for ReputationBlackx64.png 750 Operational Supply Standing and Credits64.png 1,500, with each purchase granting one unit of Norg Brain.

You must first obtain the “norg bait” to locate the norg. After that, you’ll need to go to the lake (which is where they spawn). If you’re unfamiliar with the lake, it’s the massive body of water amid the plains. Then walk or sprint along the lake’s edge until you notice frothy white spots that emerge and fade in the water; this indicates that uncommon fish are spawning. 

Do you need NORG bait?

You’ll need 10 Karkinas and 10 Sharracs to produce Norg bait. They are nocturnal marine fish that only come out at night to feed on twilight bait.

Are NORG brains tradable?

The fish may be traded, but the mats cannot. Plague star is still available on consoles so that you could purchase them for a rep from the mask trader. Add eidolon poison to the mixer phase for enormous rep or like both poisons. The boss is a simple farm with ember and zenistar and the drops hunter gear.

Where can I farm NORG?

Norg is only available at night and needs the use of Norg bait. The bait must be tossed into a hot area identified by surface patches in the main lake, where it spawns. It’s worth noting that they CAN spawn there without, but the odds are slim.

Can you trade fish in Warframe?

Yes, you may exchange fish and jewels that can be crafted.

Can you catch rare fish without bait Warframe?

The ancient Plains of Eidolon, unlike the Vallis, will not produce the higher-tier fish kinds unless you put the proper bait on a fishing hotspot.

Is Warframes tradable?

Players may only exchange Prime Warframe Blueprints when it comes to Warframes. Parts that have previously been built using blueprints and wholly built Warframes are not tradeable.

What is the best fishing spear in Warframe?

Volt is the best one, according to players.

What are the rare fish in Plains of Eidolon?

Murkray, without a doubt! There usually seem to be some active hotspots in the ocean close below the Hillside Ruin. Look around for spots in the water where bubbles are rising to the surface; this is where you want to fish. Murkray may be caught at any time of day or night. Therefore it makes no difference when you go fishing menu.

Bottom Line

It’s not all about chopping and dicing your way through hordes of faceless thugs or checking in only to earn your Daily Tribute award in Warframe. 

Fishing is one of Warframe’s few non-combat hobbies, and the prizes you get from it are essential for crafting new weapons. It’s also one of the quickest methods to acquire Standing, so it’s always worthwhile to devote some free time to fishing.

You can only fish in the Plains of Eidolon on Cetus, and on Venus, you can only fish in the Orb Vallis. The fish at both places provide you Standing and prizes that you may use to create Warframe equipment.

Only specific bait can bring certain rare types of fish out of hiding. Bait can only attract fish near water’s hotspots. These hotspots are identified by circular white patterns on the water’s surface that fade in and out (Plain of Eidolon) or blazing greenish lights (Orb Vallis).

Throw bait at a hotspot as you approach it. The sort of bait you use impacts the likelihood of specific fish species showing up in and around that hotspot. Bait has a maximum impact of 3 minutes, during which time that fish kind is significantly more likely to spawn.

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