What is a Good Magnification for a Hunting Scope? – An Expert Guide

Do you know what is a good magnification for a hunting scope? It is the level that guarantees a good image of the target when hunting. Keep reading for more.

When hunting, your scope’s magnification level should be considered because it determines how accurate the shot you will take will be. What is a good magnification for a hunting scope? This is the right level of magnification that allows you to have a more precise target. With that, you will always have your target on sight, making you take a clear shot. 

For a distance of up to 300 yards, opt for a magnification of 4x ideal for big-game hunting. A higher magnification leads to a smaller field of view since too much magnification prevents you from finding the target. It is better to work with a magnification that enables you to locate the target fast. 

What is a Good Magnification for a Hunting Scope?

The question “what is a good magnification for a hunting scope?” may pop up to know the right scope to find your target fast. The wrong magnification shrinks the field of view, making you not find your target fast enough. Good scope for 17 caliber wsm should bring out a more transparent, brighter image to make your hunting easier and enjoyable. As a hunter, you should bear in mind that the magnification of scope depends on how the lenses are shaped.

As you go hunting, you need your hunting scope to give you brighter images to have a successful hunt. If you use a 4× magnification scope, the image created will appear four times larger and closer. This means if your target is 400 yards away, it will appear to be so more transparent like it’s 100 yards away, making it an easy target. This is why the lower the magnification level, the faster you can lock in on your target. A lower magnification level works excellently, talking of 4x – 6x, making it ideal for a hunting scope.

What is a Good Magnification for a Hunting Scope

Why Should you Avoid High Magnification?

Most hunters usually believe that they will have an advantage for a hunting scope with high magnification. This is not true because high magnification doesn’t necessarily mean good quality. A scope with high magnification can let you down compared to scopes having smaller embellishments that deliver a bright and clear image with a range of 3-9x.

4 power scope for deer hunting

Reason to Avoid High Magnification

Compromises View

You will have a low aim if your scope has a high magnification level, making it difficult to have a good view. Such a magnification level can throw you off your aim, mostly if your target happens to make movements. Don’t compromise your view; instead, work with a scope with a large lens that ensures your view’s brightness is maintained. 

Heavy scope

The thumb rule states that the higher the magnification level, the heavier the scope will turn to be. That is not good because it will affect your hunting game and probably make you go home empty-handed. A heavy scope makes you drag while in the field because the weight overwhelms you, which is not appropriate.


You may have the wrong image of your target because the image will appear highly magnified, which may not be the case. The heat emitted by the environment can distort your view by making you think that your target is moving while, in truth, it’s not. That is where you end up missing your shot because you are not sure about your target.

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A Good Magnification for a Hunting Scope is Determined By


Size of the Target

When hunting, your target’s size determines the magnification for a hunting scope. For instance, if you hunt an elk, the magnification will not be similar to chasing a rabbit. A variable magnification scope may come in handy because it gives you zooming options depending on your target’s size. Small hunting game will work with a range of 6× or 8×, while a big hunting game needs a scope of 3× or 4×. This means small targets require high magnification compared to large ones.

Low Magnification

It works best for moving targets because they usually require a lower magnification, unlike stationary ones. If you are hunting a moving target, bear in mind the field of view to understand that a low magnification works best. If the view is too narrow, you will lose a moving target, making you go back home empty-handed because the hunt will be unsuccessful.


If you are hunting a 400 yards away target, you need a 4x magnification scope to quickly hit the target. However, if your target is only 200 yards away, work with a scope of 4x. This will make the target seem nearer, especially the 400 yards one enabling you to hunt without any challenges. 

Light Conditions

When working with high magnification, less light will reach your eyes, meaning the images you will see will be dim. This will affect your hunting game. A narrow field of view means less light is being reflected in the scope.

The magnification that will work best depends on the light conditions you are hunting on. If you are hunting in low light, work with a lower magnification, and vice versa, to enable you to aim at your target quickly.

Final Thought

What is a good magnification for a hunting scope? A magnification that offers a clear image of your target is the best one for a hunting scope. 4x rifle scopes magnification is perfect for big targets when hunting to cover a distance of up to 300 yards while a higher magnification is required when hitting small targets.

Don’t often go for a higher magnification because it hinders you from having a precise shot. Some scopes come with high magnification levels, which affects your shot; avoid such. Good magnification will provide adequate light, which will make you achieve a great shot.

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