What is the Golden Rule of Disc Golf? | Learn the 27 Rules Of Disc Golf

A disc golfer I know recently was disqualified from an event two hours after he sank his last putt on the last hole. The fact that he won his section, and $1000, was canceled because, according to the tournament director and PDGA officials, he violated the rules of personal conduct we all agree to play. This is the reason you must have the best disc golf disc. In this guide, you will learn what is the golden rule of disc golf.

His reaction to ‘DQ-Ing’ resulted in a one-year ban from the PDGA competition, or if he did not recognize his violations and showed some remorse for his actions.

However, not everyone can bring the same attitude to the course. This is good. The diversity among the participants is admirable. However, there is an all-golden rule that is a part of our rounds.

This article’s point is that the essence of a win and $1000 is not to fix the fact or mistake taken from this player. Instead, it aims to shed some light on becoming an ideal partner in any disc golf competition.

If you were going to list the features you want to see the most with those who play disc golf round, what are they? How about the characteristics that define a person you don’t like to play with? Make your lists, and then make an honest assessment of yourself—good qualities in a disc golf-playing partner.

Good moods are contagious, and if others in the group enjoy themselves, we also have chances. No one likes to play with always angry people – with him or with others – especially if they display that anger in showy ways.

Groups are attentive and courteous to other groups, following proper etiquette such as giving groups the right path over many holes and throwing while in the player’s view.

The Golden Rule applies to most things in life, and golf is one of them. Try to see your actions as perceived by others and if adjustments need to be made, do them.

The Golden Rule of Disc Golf

what is the golden rule of disc golf

Rule-1: Respect other players

You have to respect other players, their property, and their disks. Remember the simple golden rule we all learned back in elementary school, “Treat others as you will want them to treat you.”

Rule-2: Always follow park rules

Please note the park rules and make sure you understand them all. So could you read it and stick to it?

Rule-3: Respect the course

You have to respect the course. If you like, 95% of the other players are playing on the free park course. It’s astonishing, and we can’t take those luxuries too seriously.

Rule-4: Clean all your alcohol bottles.

If your course also allows you to bring alcohol, take the time to throw away every bottle of alcohol or cans you drink. If you get liquor, clean it up!

Rule-5: Stop smoking weed in the course

I have absolutely nothing against weed smokers. But if you do not live in a place where it is legalized and allowed in public parks, you should save it for your home

Rule-6: Noise

This etiquette tip is vital and can affect someone’s throw if you are screaming or yelling. It may constitute a barrier to a player who is in the process of throwing.

Rule-7: Do not blare loud music

I love all kinds of music. Playing loud music on a disc golf course is not fair. It would help if you reduced the volume level of your music.

Rule-8: Do not distract people with your movements

Another thing to consider is your movement on the disc golf track. You need to make sure that you do not distract the person who is throwing by acting ridiculous.

Rule-9: Try not to be a slow disc golfer

No one likes to play with a slow person. You may be the most relaxed person in the tournament, but you will hold everyone back if you are slow.

Rule-10: Groups larger than four or five

If you have a team of seven or eight players, divide each one. Do not play with everyone in that one group. Divide the group into four or five players, and then go out and play.

Rule-11: Stay behind the person’s disk at a greater distance

If you are playing in a tournament, you have to stay behind most person’s discs and wait until they throw. Then you can move up.

Rule-12: Let fast player take the lead

If some players are approaching faster than your group, find out and kindly talk to your group to let them have their way.

Rule-13.: Jumping Holes- Do not jump right in front of each other

Try to jump over a hole that is not directly in front of someone else’s group. Otherwise, you have to be good to go.

Rule-14: Stop when others are throwing or holding

Usually, the best thing to do is stop what you are doing when someone else is throwing or having. As soon as they are done, move on.

Rule-15: Give requests from other disc golfers

It may seem trivial to you, but other golfers have routines that make them good players. You should do your part to grant these requests if you can.

Rule-16: Help others find their disk

If someone near you loses their disk, help them find it if you have time. Always do this if the person is at your party. If the person is not at your party, you do not need to do this. If you have time, help them.

Rule-17: Point to that disk

If they are in a hole near the one you threw and their disk went near you, try to show it to them or show them where it went as they approached.

Rule-18: Return lost disc golf discs

Always try to return the lost disk to its rightful owner whenever you find them. If there is a name, number, or email, makes a strong effort to replace the disk. It is the right thing to do.

Rule-19: If you give good manners tips, try to be nice

In these tough rounds, of course, it is elementary to notice inappropriate techniques. It would help if you always fixed this. When you do this, try to be as nice as possible. This is, of course, the best way to keep everything cool and calm.

Rule-20: Tips and advice

It is okay to give tips and advice, but never get tired of giving more advice. If you are giving advice, read the person to make sure they are not upset with you. Helpful advice is always good, but if another person does not want to take it, it will be up to them. It’s okay to give tips and advice to help improve them.

Rule-21: Don’t discuss another person’s game

Even if someone is playing worse than your first round, you should respect that they are trying hard to recover. Consider what you have to say, and don’t speak in a negative light about someone’s game. If you are trying to give them a piece of advice, keep it short and sweet, as we talked about in the last step.

Rule-22: Don’t brag

Try not to brag about your game, put your good throws in someone else’s face, or talk less about your game. As with the previous courtesy tip, use good judgment when you are not on course, and you feel like you are doing well

Rule-23: Try to limit cell phone use

When I say try to limit cell phone use, I’m not talking about taking some pictures or shooting some lessons. I’m talking about limiting your cell phone use by talking on the phone and keeping everyone standing.

Rule-24: Dogs

If your dogs are very aggressive or liable to chew discs, they should not come to the course. If your dogs do not behave correctly, it is a good idea to keep them indoors.

Rule-25: Support the sport

Whether donating a few bucks to your local disc golf charity, helping others by teaching them, or chipping in ideas to improve a local course, you should always do everything you can to support the sport of disc golf. If you like this game, try to find a way to extend it to friends, family, or anyone who displays an interest in the game, or anyone who wants to try something new.

Rule-26: Remember that you are referring to disc golf

When you are not on the course, remember that you are representing the sport of disc golf at each round. Those who represent Disc Golf make a mark on the sport and make the outside world think, “Oh, so this is what Disk Golfers look like. Wow, they’re a group of poorly behaved, sketchy people.”

The majority of players try to keep a very professional look or try to play in an organized, systematic manner.

Rule-27: Don’t forget about sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is a personal endeavor you make, treat others, and behave in a sport. It is easy to get frustrated and affect others with the kind of unfriendly disposition you pose in disc golf.

So it all comes down.

All of the use of reasonable judgment and a little common sense is what make Disc Golf worth playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rule of 2 meters in disc golf?

The two-meter rule refers to the provisions of 805.02. It will not be in force unless the Director declares it to be in force. The Director may declare that a two-meter rule is in force for the entire course, for memorable holes, and for personal items.

Is all disc golf holes part 3?

No, they don’t. The standard round of golf has 18 holes. Some share fairways or greens, and the subcommittee has nine holes, played twice per round. Par-3 courses have nine or 18 holes, all of which are equivalent to 3 strokes.

What are the four numbers on a disc golf disc?

The four numbers on the disc golf disc are the flight rating system, which indicates the disc golf disc’s true characteristics, which flies through the air, including the speed, glides, turns, and fades of the disc. In general, how a disk flies. Speed: How hard the disc should be thrown.

Final Words

You are a disc golf lover that is why you are here. If you love playing disc golf this guide had been a blessing for you I hope. We have mentioned each and every rule of playing disc golf and now you now what are the golden rule of disc golf.

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