What to Wear Dirt Biking – Preparation You Should Take Before Dirt Biking

Today many people wonder what to wear dirt biking? Dirt biking belongs to the most rigorous outdoor sports in terms of fitness. It is a form of motorcycle racing that takes place on off-road circuits.

It derives its name from the expressions motorcycle and cross-country because it takes the specialty of dirt bike racing, but on a longer ride outside the stadium’s parameters. The essential protective gear that a motocross rider should use is a helmet, boots, goggles, MX set (pants, shirt, gloves), knee pads and elbow pads/straps, chest strap/bulletproof vest, and collar.

Keep in mind that all this dirt bike riding gear or dirt bikers.

Throughout motocross racing, a rider’s entire body is vulnerable to any injury resulting from unexpected accidents. It is essential to make sure that his whole body is protected to avoid death or irreparable damage. Let’s look at all the protective gear a cyclist must use now.

Riding without the right set can mean a tiresome day or, in the worst case, early retirement or a viable injury.

Using the right set for cross country bikes keeps you practical on the bike and well protected in an incident.

What to Wear Dirt Biking

You must wear the followings for dirt biking;

  • Practical Helmet
  • Breathable Jacket
  • Durable Riding Pants
  • Boots
  • Flexible Gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow Protectors
  • Neck Support
  • Chest Protectors
  • Hand Protectors
  • Strong Protective Gear

Practical Helmet

It is always an acceptable initiative to wear a helmet for dirt bikes, but it is essential on a dirt bike. When mud starts flying and potholes emerge from nowhere, it requires a way to protect yourself.

As a beginner, it is simple to lose control of your bike. Be sure to leave with nothing more severe than a few scratches and stories to tell.

According to the WHO, head injuries are among the leading reasons for death and disability among dirt bikers, and about 75% of these injuries result in death.

When purchasing a dirt bike helmet, look for one that integrates these essential components:

  • Ventilation
  • Durable housing
  • Practical and removable padding
  • Wide field of vision
  • Size range
  • Certified safety rating
Why are full-face helmets an essential kit for dirt bikes?

Dirt bike helmets use an integrated design for a reason.

If you crash off-road, it is feasible to ride over the handlebars or down from a height.

Without the chin bar guard, you can easily hit your teeth or break your jaw.

The integral design of a dirt bike helmet dramatically decreases the chances of such injuries. It reduces the event of a concussion, which is the most common form of head injury seen on the track.

However, nowadays, having a full-face helmet is not enough. With many technological advances and exotic materials such as carbon and shock-absorbing gels, the developers have improved their game.

A dirt bike helmet should be at least DOT-approved. ACU, SNELL, FIM.

If it has many certifications, it is better. If you have moved, you should check that the helmet meets the minimum standards required by the scrutinizers in the country you are competing in.

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Breathable Jacket

Beyond the fact that no suit is needed, serious dirt bikers wear jackets representing their favorite clothing brands.

A jacket is about looking and feeling good. These shirts absorb moisture and keep you cool on hot days.

The lightweight, elastic fabric is also a great initiative when passing through wooded surfaces. It secures your arms from scratches and scrapes, whether caused by branches or by losing control of your bike.

Some high-definition motocross jerseys offer complementary properties to make them more attractive for every day and confrontational cyclists.

The technical materials and the wick will improve the peace of mind by removing moisture from your body.

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Durable Riding Pants

Just like your shirt, you’re going to want a few motocross or ATV pants that provide a durable, breathable, and beautiful exterior. Don’t play around in baggy pants or pretty skinny ones. Sturdy pants offer abrasion resistance, elasticity, and long-lasting wear.

Whether you’re riding motocross or trail riding, a few jeans won’t cut it. Elasticity, comfort, and all-weather performance are the ultimate motocross kit’s vital properties, and pants are no exception.

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Why are motocross pants necessary?

Cross-country bike pants are essential for some cyclists because they were created to withstand tears and rips, but they also accept a wide selection of movements. Several motocross pants are manufactured with fewer seams to avoid uncomfortable rubbing.


Polyester has been consistently proven to be durable, breathable, and wash resistant.

You can find leather near the inside of the knees, where it grips the motocross bike. Leather resists well when rubbed against plastics. Leather and synthetic leathers also provide high grip and heat resistance.


It is a common mistake to assume that dirt bike pants should fit like regular pants.

The length of a motocross pant tends to be subjectively short so that it does not bunch up inside the motocross boots. So don’t worry if your pants are a little more prominent than you imagined.

Motocross pants have to feel loose near the knees because you may at some point wear knee pads underneath them. If the pants are tight enough near the knees, your ability to move will be blocked.


A few durable boots will keep your feet flexible, protected, and ready when things get tough.

Alpinestars is an excellent place to start, like the Alpinestars Tech 10 boots. Premium off-road boots must have the following features:

  • Shin guard plate
  • Reasonable ankle movement
  • Impact resistance
  • Durable sole
  • Breathable design
  • Light frame

A proper dirt bike boot or endure gives custody for the entire foot, ankle, and lower leg. Several developers propose an alternative motocross or endure interface, even within the same range.

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Flexible Gloves

Don’t forget your hands. Dirt bike gloves have the potential to look like a luxury, but you’ll be glad to have them the first chance your fists get covered with mud, or you open a path through a weed-covered trail. Thor Invert gloves offer simple storage and grip if you’re not trying to find anything expensive or extravagant.

Wearing dirt bike gloves will ensure you find peace of mind and grip throughout those long or intense trips. In contrast to road bike gloves, dirt bike gloves have considerably less armor. Motocross gloves are tighter and accept maximum bar feel and bike response. Enduro gloves are somewhat more robust.

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Why are motocross gloves necessary?

Wearing a few motocross gloves will protect against abrasions, burns, and blisters. They also offer padding to reduce vibration, which is a common cause of numbness when riding.

Cross-country motorcycle goggles: the essential cross-country motorcycle kit

After finding your favorite helmet, look for premium motocross goggles to secure your eyes from rain, mud, and dirt.

The lenses come in various lens colors, from light-sensitive configurations to blisters for incredible depth perception. One of the famous options is non-stick lenses, which help battle muddy breakage.

If you wear glasses, choose a few that are designed for viewing your glasses. 

Why are Cross Country Motorcycle Lenses so Important?

Motocross goggles are 100 percent necessary because they protect your eyes from just about all of the debris you will encounter while riding.

Motocross lenses are 100% essential because they protect your eyes from flying debris, including; hanger, dust, insects, branches, water, and rocks.

If something gets in your eye while you’re riding, it could cause an incident. You may even lose your vision.

Knee pads: fundamental set for cross country bikes

Knees tend to get pretty abused when you drive off the road.

Recurring groove bumps, uneven lot, and compression forces on arrival will damage your knees.

If you catch, drag or bend your leg, these forces are even more extreme. Knee pads help reduce this wear and tear and provide safety on the bike.

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Why do I need kneepads?

In this type of sport, knee injuries are common. Dirt biking is no different.

Hyperextension or hyperflexion of the knee can be costly.

These types of injuries have the potential to cause long-lasting problems. The use of knee braces is obvious.

Elbow Protectors

Elbow protectors are a much underrated set when it comes to dirt biking.

Your elbows are vital joints for keeping an eye on your bike and supporting your weight. It protects them makes a lot of sense, especially when competing.

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Why do elbow pads for dirt bikes matter, and I need them?

In the course of a dirt bike incident, a rider will often extend his arms in front of him as a natural opposition to lessen his body’s impact. Unfortunately, this means several scratches and has implications on the arms and elbows.

Neck Support

Cross-country bike collars became very common in previous years. With the most extensive custody they give, this is no surprise.

All the numerous brands have their say in the design of collars.

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Chest Protectors

Chest protectors are made of strong materials and tend to be somewhat uncomfortable at first (mainly if you’ve never used a chest protector before). But if you invest in a high-definition brand, you’ll be able to find one that provides added protection with the right amount of peace of mind and ventilation.

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Hand Protectors

The handguards are primarily on dirt bikes used for road rides, radical MX, and adventure riding.

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Why are handguards for dirt bikes essential?

There’s something we all agree on at TeamMA HQ; nature can be challenging and cutting.

Cross-country bike handguards are a must for off-road enduro and off-road trail riding. There’s always a chance that the elements will crush your figures, so a few handguards is a massive initiative.

They are not 100 percent necessary for a track like they are for trail riding.

Strong Protective Gear

If you take motocross seriously, accidents and injuries are likely to occur. 95% of all professional motocross riders get hurt sometimes. So, protective gear becomes necessary.

From extreme stunts to the everyday ups and downs of motocross, your knees have the potential to take a beating.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s damage to your knee. Since this is simply one of the frequent injury sources, it makes sense to rest your knees.

Avoid injury by grabbing a functional and secure knee brace.

Elbow pads, knee pads, hand protectors, and bulletproof vests are all accessible for protection when things go wrong. So whether you’re trying to find the maximum custody or the lowest proportion of attachments, to begin with, be sure to look for the dirt bike gear using these factors:

  • Lightweight material
  • The practical range of motion
  • Durable and impact tested

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What to Wear Dirt Biking: FAQ 

What muscles does dirt biking work?

Trail riding gear dirt bike uses the quadriceps, hamstrings, and other leg muscles while depending on uneven terrain. Using the leg muscles while riding will provide you with stability while you speed up and down hills and over jumps.

Do you wear anything under dirt bike pants?

Yes just long socks and knee pads with compression shorts under the pants.

How dangerous is dirt biking?

Riding a dirt bike is as risky as other motorcycles. Because the weight is fast and the agility is not as high, and if you can watch your skill, no incidents will occur. But we can’t avoid unwanted accidents; injuries will happen; it’s common for all rides. Learn to avoid biting the dust in dirt biking.

Falling off a dirt bike is normal, especially if you are riding on the official track. This reveals that official races that usually involve jumping are much more dangerous than riding on roads, which is caused by fatal falls that result in broken or dislocated bones.


At this point, you are dressed and ready to ride. All that remains is to build your dirt bike. The first chance you get to start your engine and get it off the beaten track; you won’t want to ride on a marked trail again.

When you’ve been covered in mud, you’re going to find that some equipment.

Find the best that fits your style. Have fun with everything your dirt bike has to offer. It is substantial to be cautious with dirt bike gears.

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